Danny Williams

Little Danny

This is the story of Danny, thought by many to be Chelsea Clinton's half brother.

Bobbie Ann Williams was a prostitute in Little Rock who claims she became pregnant by Bill Clinton. Unlike Suzanne Coleman, whose 7 month pregnancy ended wth a gunshot to the back of her head, Bobbie finished her pregnancy, certain that it was Bill's child since he had been her only white customer that month!

Both Bobbie and her sister passed polygraph tests regarding Bobbie' relationship to Clinton and their belief that Danny is his child. The British press, amazingly enough, got Buddy Young, then a trooper, now #2 at FEMA, to admit he had driven Bill Clinton and Bobbie Ann Williams to one of their "sex orgies".

Danny is the result.

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Bill had many black mistresses, including Lencola Sullivan, "Miss Arkansas" of 1981.

UPDATE: The Star Magazine has paid for Danny Williams to have a DNA tst which matches the DNA sample Bill Clinton gave to compare with the stains on Monica Lewinsky's blue dress. Early reports were that the match was better than 99.9%, but suddenly, Star reported that the test came back negative and the story was killed. Subsequent investigation suggests that Star magazine may have been the victim of shenanigans with the DNA data coming from Starr's office.

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