Early allegations of White House drug usage.

Doctor fired for asking to see Clinton's records.

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Doc: I Was Fired After Requesting Prez's Files

New York Post 9/23/96

DAYS before Bill Clinton became president,
world-renowned physician Dr. Burton Lee,
who was overseeing the transition of the
White House medical unit, was abruptly
ordered to pack up and leave.

His crime?

Lee maintains he was shown the door after a
series of events sparked by
his refusal to inject a poorly marked serum
into the president, a charge the
White House denies.

But more than three years later, the
president's refusal to divulge his
medical history to the American people is an
issue of national concern. Lee believes his
own shoddy treatment seems related to
official skittishness over the president's

"I don't think anyone has ever reported this
story accurately," Lee told me.

In several conversations last week, Lee, 66,
discussed in vivid detail his final
days in Washington: Lee said his refusal to
inject the mystery serum -- which he
was told was for allergies -- did not lead
directly to his firing. Rather, Lee
believes, he was bounced because he
demanded access to his patient's
medical history before agreeing to treat him.

The ouster came "not because necessarily I
wouldn't give him the shot, but
because I was asking for his medical
records," Lee said. Within an hour after the
matter was referred to the First Lady, Lee was
told to clear out of the White House within
two hours.

"There isn't any question in my mind that the
person who fired me was Hillary," Lee said.


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