Video Shows Voting Firm
Thwarting Voting Recount

A video shot by a documentary filmmaker suggests that an Ohio voting firm sought to thwart the recount of actual paper ballots, a source who has seen the tape tells RAW STORY....The film was made Dec. 20 when observers sought to recreate and explain what actually took place after a local election official signed an affidavit saying the company had tampered with the machines and posted a “cheat sheet” to allow those recounting the vote to bypass paper ballots. In the film, Triad says the purpose of the “cheat sheet” was so the counters would know if they missed an overvote.

“Triad pretty much admits that the purpose of the cheat sheet is to foreclose the possibility of the county finding a discrepancy between the hand count and machine count,” the source, who asked not to be named because of their employment, told RAW STORY. “If mid-count they figure out some undervotes are real votes, they can go back and try again.

“This makes a mockery of Ohio law,” the source asserted. “Under Ohio law, if a hand recount of three percent randomly selected comes out different from the machines, you hand count every single ballot.

“You don’t get to re-re-count until you can rig the recount to come out the same as the machine count,” the source added.

The source noted that Triad has made no effort to deny that they are sending representatives to encourage other counties to use similar procedures. The New York Times noted Dec. 15 that Triad said they had engaged in similar practices in the past.

“Triad admits it has done this other counties,” the source noted. “Basically, this is a conspiracy on the part of county boards of elections and Triad to thwart an accurate tally of the ballots. I suspect the counties are doing it because the recount is a lot of work and Triad is doing it so their machines aren’t shown to be flawed.”

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