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9/11: A "Godsend" for Bush

News stories immediately preceding 9/11:

Pentagon "not capable" of tracking 2.6 Trillion dollars in transactions

Bush rejects 1972 Biowarfare Treaty

Bush blocks release of fatherís records (including Iran-Contra records) under the Presidential Records Act for the third time

Regarding Bush budget and saving the surplus

Poll shows majority want to roll back Bush tax cuts to save surplus

Bush as "mathemagician" for economy figures

Fears of threats to Social Security due to Bush economic policies grow

New York Times characterizes Bush White House economic policies in "panic"

Popular Bush tax "rebates" exposed as a "shill"

Bush increasingly recognized as friend to big business

Federal Appeals Courts prepare to strike down laws preventing media conglomeration

The People becoming increasingly aware of election fraud 2000

2000 "election:" Souter says Kennedy would have changed vote in Bush vs Gore

"But all in all, it's been a fabulous year for Laura and me."

G.W. Bush - December 21, 2001 [whitehouse.gov]

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