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A 9/11 Challenge/Experiment

Email from a reader:

* This might make a great science project for a high school science class.

This is just is a rough idea for an interesting but educational science project, a demonstration or maybe a challenge experiment - perhaps with real money involved - to prove a small but significant point about 9/11.

1. Take an ordinary kerosene burning lamp like the kind our grandparents used to light their homes. Fill it with kerosene - or jet fuel if you can get some, but what's the diff.?

2. Then place a piece of steel -- perhaps a short length of 'rebar' would be appropriate -- suspended above the flame and perpendicular to it. Be sure to get it in the 'hot spot'.

3. Place a clock in the background.

4. Mount your camera on a tripod & aim it at the lamp and the rebar and take regular periodic exposures or time-lapse video if you are so inclined to DOCUMENT the activity of the flame & steel.

5. Light the wick and go get a sandwich... This may take a while.

6. When your steel melts (yeah right!) send us the video or images and we will put your name on the check. Simple!

GOOD LUCK! You'll need it.

NOTE: This challenge is even open to cave dwelling Islamic fundamentalists and Pentagon Black Ops teams.

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