911 theory
Ryan Dawson

Some 911 was an inside job camps like to lay out 4 scenarios. Briefly they go as follows.

1 Is the official story.
We got caught with our pants down and terrorists did 911. And the wars in the Middle East are part of the greater war on terrorism.

2 The incompetence excuse
There was information available about the coming attacks but because of our incompetence we failed to see it. Terrorists attacked the US. And the wars in the Middle East were based on mistakes (more incompetence) but now we got to stay.

3 They let it happen
They knew full well about the coming 911 attacks but allowed it to happen in order to use it as a pretext to go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan as it was in military and corporate interests (particularly oil) to do so.

4 They made it happen. (They meaning just vaguely the Bush Admin)
The Bush government either helped protect the terrorists or simply used them as patsies, and assisted the plane crashes effects with bombs placed inside the towers prior to 911. The wars in the Middle East were about oil.

The 911 was an inside job camps then say the evidence must land you somewhere between 3 and 4 with more research dropping you firmly on 4.

Let me now throw in a 5th scenario

5 The Neocons Made it happen with the assistance of a foreign government, the same government where PNAC was first written, and who we have caught spies from who have been stealing secrets from us about Iran, and who made up the shadow government of the OSP which is who cherry picked and fabricated the lies told about Iraq in order to start the war. The Wars in the middle east were for separate reasons, Afghanistan was about a few pipelines as noted but more so about controlling large quantities of un-tapped uranium (a reason for both the Russian and US invasions) and secondly for controlling opium as the CIA uses drug money to fund it's off the book black operations such as the now known massive secret prison systems, (torture camps and human medical/scientific testing). Location-wise Afghanistan is coupled with other color coded revolutions to circle China and Russia with US bases and puppets, (add to that the lesser known negotiations with Japan to allow nuclear subs into the Japanese Sea [pointed at China] in exchange for moving troops from Okinawa to Guam). The main goal however, which the PNAC think tank states, is to keep the eye on the pie: Iran, which Afghanistan and Iraq both boarder. The invasion of Iraq was to solve Israel's oil crisis and stop the threat of a secular Middle East which would become a true economic player and was a threat to the aggressive state of Israel.

The evidence if it was ALL being stated, especially pertaining to the war in Iraq, would land you somewhere between scenario 4 and 5 and more research would land you firmly in 5.

A lot of people have written about and shown the problems with official 911 story. There is the demolition of building number 7, which the 911 commission didn't even address, there are the firemen's reports that the fires were almost out, there are numerous reports of secondary explosions etc. Because it has been said on radio and more so because people have made films about it, many people can recite the arguments for the inside job in their sleep. But what has been hidden from you and the dots which have not been connected in any 911 films is the Israeli connection. 911 was an inside job which was part of a larger plan for perpetual war hatched in Israel. 911 and the wars in the Middle East were carefully planned attacks carried out by a faction of Zionist Neocons and the Israeli Mossad. I would like to focus more on who did it rather than just that it was done. We will start with PNAC and then jump and work backwards from the Iraq War to 911.

A lot of people know about PNAC, but very few people have taken a hard look at its origins. People have also gotten confused between the actual authors and people who just signed their letters. Rumsfeld for example is not part of the special in-group as its chairman William Kristol revealed, irronically on the Colbert report. PNAC was co-authored by the same people who have been caught lying about the Iraq War's pre-invasion intelligence. We are talking about only around 25 people who helped fabricate evidence and pass it off to the president and journalists. PNAC's ideas and statements stem from Israeli policy papers. In fact, PNAC's papers were written by the very same people who wrote Israeli policy papers and hold dual citizenship with Israel. The war in Iraq and control over energy resources ect is all lined out in Israel's A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm" which was written by Richard Perle and Douglas Feith. That is just one of many papers this little blood for money cabal cranked out. The IASPS (Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Science) also wrote a paper called the ]Afghan Vortex a year before the invasion. Note also that the US had ships already in place set to invade before 911. In 1992 Paul Wolfowitz wrote the Defense Planning Guidance, with his former Student Lewis Libby:

The foreign strategy of the US must be "unapologetic, idealistic, assertive and well funded. America must not only be the world's policeman or its sheriff, it must be its beacon and guide…Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power. These regions include Western Europe, East Asia, the territory of the former Soviet Union, and Southwest Asia…There are three additional aspects to this objective: First the U.S must show the leadership necessary to establish and protect a new order that holds the promise of convincing potential competitors that they need not aspire to a greater role or pursue a more aggressive posture to protect their legitimate interests. Second, in the non-defense areas, we must account sufficiently for the interests of the advanced industrial nations to discourage them from challenging our leadership or seeking to overturn the established political and economic order. Finally, we must maintain the mechanisms for deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger regional or global role."

Paul Wolfowitz, who is now the head of the WTO, (appointed by Bush) was formerly the Director of Policy Planning in the Defense Department. Like Perle, he was also a "Scoop" Jackson Democrat and worked for Jackson in the 70s. Paul was a principle PNAC author and he openly admitted in Vanity Fair magazine that they settled on WMD as the excuse to use to get a war with Iraq.

For bureaucratic reasons, we settled on one issue, weapons of mass destruction, because it was the one reason everyone could agree on
-May 2003 Vanity Fair

"we" Settled on WMDs.... who is "we" could it be the Zionist cabal that had been writing about the desire for a war with Iraq and who set up the OSP? he is also admitting that they were just inventing reasons for war to present to the public.

The Weapons of Mass Destruction claim is important because it was the legal reason for the invasion. If they were complying with UN resolution 1441 then the US did not have grounds to invade. please go here and listen to my Feb 10th radio interview which outlines more background on that as well as the sanctions which helped starve half a million people. Allow that statistic to sink in. 500,000 people mostly children starved to death. Can you comprehend the horror of that? It gets worse, but that is an extra tangent for now.

Paul Wolfowitz presented an open letter to Bill Clinton on January 26, 1998 where the opening lines clearly state the desire to go to war with Iraq. "Wolfowitz urged Clinton to recognize a provisional [Iraqi] government headed by the Iraqi National Congress under Chalabi." Wow sound familiar? This would is what would later become PNAC's doctrine and US foreign policy.

Later in 2000 PNAC released what is normally referred to the document more of you are familiar with which is commonly but mistakenly just called "PNAC" and that was PNAC's magnum opus, the paper, "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces and Resources for a New Century" This is the paper stating the infamous lines about the need for a New Pearl Harbor... P63 The bulk of the document however is about going to war with Iraq. It reiterates what this same dirty cabal had written for Israel's Prime Minister (at that time in 1996) Benjamin Netanyahu.

Now Wolfowitz did not do this on his own, Lewis Libby, Douglas Feith and Richard Perle and others who have recently resigned and or are or have been caught up in criminal activity in the past, all took part. PNAC's authors Interestingly

Richard Perle and Wolfowitz both worked as aides to senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson. In 1970 while working for Jackson (A Democrat!) Perle was charged with two heinous acts, spying for the state of Israel and leaking information about the CIA in regards to its nuclear deterrent program, to Russia. Now keep that in mind because it is very important. It's the very same things that have happening with AIPAC and the Plame Affair from under Perle and Feith's offices. Perle is even part of the tax-exempt Henry Jackson Society

Perle is the nastiest of the nasty. In my mind he is The worst Neocon of them all. He has appropriately earned the nickname "The Prince of Darkness." Perle along with Douglas Feith and David Wurmser,(all three of them got jobs in the US defense department, Perle and Fieth have had to resign) authored the Israel's "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm." While speaking to Wolf Blitzer from CNN, a former AIPAC employee, Perle said of Semour Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who exposed the My Lai massacre of Vietnam and later with the help of Joe Darby, broke the story about the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, "Sy Hersh is the closest thing American journalism has to a terrorist, frankly." And Perle is the author of at least 4 different IASPS papers.

Israel can shape its strategic environment, in cooperation with Turkey and Jordan, by weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria. This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq — an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right — as a means of foiling Syria’s regional ambitions.
-Israel's A Clean Break:A New Strategy for Securing the Realm by Richard Perle and Douglas Feith. Now all of us that pay attention to facts, know that Iraq had nothing to do with 911, so just why were we invading them and who cooked up the intellignce to justify it? And who openly wrote about it before we did it? And who was in the US Department of Defense creating groups like the OSP? The Zionist Israeli Firsters that is who. And we have plenty of irrefutable evidnce to prove it. But that's not all, it goes even deeper and gets even more obvious.

Perle helped create The Trireme firm has tens of millions dollars worth of investments from Boeing whose board of directors comprises people like John Biggs, John E. Bryson, Linda Z. Cook, and William M. Daley who also sit on the BOD of major banks and mass media conglomerates. For more on that mess see this.

In the run up to the war in Iraq, there was a lot of disinformation. Once again most people know what the lies were concerning the WMDs, the Al Qaeda accusations, the mushroom cloud scare tactics, liberating the Kurds, and lastly the joke of democracy building, which have all been shown to be falsehoods or failures.

What people do not seem to know is who made these fabrications. They assume it was just "Bush" and the vague term "the administration". Well yes it was people in the administration, but who? Well let's break it down.

The second most important scandal in the administration which is currently on trial with it's second trial date set for Jan 07, is the Plame outing and Niger forgeries. The Plame Affair involves Lewis Libby, Wolfowitz former student and PNAC author. Libby got his orders from hirer up.

Lewis "Scooter" Libby was Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff (now resigned after his indictment {which I predicted long before it happened}) and also a presidential advisor. Libby's was a lawyer for 15 years for the billionaire "commodities trader" Marc Rich, a fugitive that Bill Clinton gave a pardon to the last hour he was in Office as President. Libby is also among the Republican pervert crowd writing fictional books about underage Japanese girls getting forcefully raped by a bear in a cage, among other disgusting things I see no point in repeating. This kind of work actually fit perfectly with his client Marc Rich if you know about him. That story is rather interesting and it's in my book, but that's too big a tanget for now. Seriously, there is something deeply wrong with these people.

UPDATE (we now have the Mark Foleywhich is set to widen enormously not in the MSM but on sites like this one). This Abramoff the Zionist criminal lobbiest was paying for congressmen's trips to visit the sex slavery market. We know other high ranking Republicans knew about Mark Foley for months yet they did nothing. I smell something Much deeper at work here. I remember when a man with the same last name, Mick Foley, gave a speech on RAW where he made a play on the smelt-it-delt-it thing, saying often those who are yelling the loudest about something are guilty of it, like Rush Limbaugh ranting about drug use when he was a pill popper and dealer himself. And how the Chicken Hawks call for war. Well, this can include Mark Foley (not Mick) as he was the congressman incharge of writing the laws against pedophiles and missing children! Before someone points it out, yes, Mick Foley was a professional wrestler, so what, so was Jesse Ventura. Like comedy channels Wrestling has actually been a good covert criticsim about politics. Note the NWO in the wrestling world, or the WWE Debates. People can scoff at this but I would argue that in today's world of Faux News that entertainment programs deliver more accurate information than the new networks most notably Comedy Central's Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. (Note that I am not saying any of these entertainers agree or disagree with me on 911) However when a celebrity speaks out like Charlie Sheen has, they have their opinion judged based on that their profession rather than on its merits.

Andreas von Bulow the former German Defense Minister said on the Alex Jones show April 21, 2006 that this false flag operation [911] had to be carried out by a very small group of people. Alex asked him 100? 40? He said less than that. Right after the second break (which on the QuickTime bar would be right in line with Andreas vo Bulow's right ear) Alex talks about the picture getting more clear as the truth about the wars come out. He then talks about the 25 Neocons who wrote PNAC were in high positions in the DOD and white house and Andreas von Bulow says "sure and part of them wrote the government program for Benjamin Netanyahu... “(Former Prime Minister of Israel). Alex goes on to say who could have done this? Bulow says it was not the CIA and Alex jumps in saying your talking about black ops. Then Alex says we know only a MAJOR STATE could have carried this out? Andreas says it must have been done from high up and it had to be done by a few people. Alex says would you say 100-200, AVB says less, Alex askes 50 people? And AVB says less. Maybe Alex can not say it was the Zionists on the air.

Well I have just been telling who the Neocons who wrote PNAC and were embeded in the DOD were. They are the Zionist cabal.

Bush and his merry band of sadistic Zionists would like to blame shift the responsibility of the WMDs myths to the CIA. Well as evil and corrupt as the CIA is, it is not that sloppy. Bush did not just get "mistaken intelligence" or make "miscalculations" he explicitly asked for fabrications.

Here is the concrete proof that they lied. One of Bush's claims about Iraq was that Saddam was trying to acquire yellow-cake uranium from Africa. This rhetoric was further laced in fear by Neo-condelsleeza Rice saying we could not let the smoking gun be a mushroom cloud. What outrageous audacity, (they are even re-using the same fear-mongering excuses to attack Iran) they were dead wrong as Tenet would later have to admit.

Well the document that Bush based this claim on was a fake! How do we know? Because the signature on it was forged. How do we know? Because the forgers put down the wrong person's name. The Foreign minister from Niger, the country they were claiming Saddam was gathering uranium from, who supposedly signed it had been out of power since 1989. Allele Elhadj Habibou was not in power at the time of the supposed signature. Look here I have the primary documents and a summary.

In a letter from the President of Niger a reference is made to the constitution of May 12, 1965 -- but the constitution is dated August 9, 1999;

Another letter purports to be signed by Niger's foreign minister, but bears the signature of Allele Elhadj Habibou, the minister between 1988-89;

An obsolete letterhead is used, including the wrong symbol for the presidency, and references to state bodies such as the Supreme Military Council and the Council for National Reconciliation are incompatible with the letter's date;

It wasn't until just before the war began that Mohamed El Baradei, IAEA director-general, told the UN Security Council on March 7 that his team and 'outside experts', had worked out that ' these documents ... are in fact not authentic'.

Now that must be embarrassing. Be nice if the mainstream media would report that. Now are you ready to get pulled out of the rabbit hole some more? I will come back to just who forged these documents. (Ahmad Chalabi , Francis Brookes, Dewey Clarridge, and Michael Ledeen. ) First let’s see how they got into the president's hands. Bush said, these well known false claims, as if they were true in his State of the Union Address. It has now been called is infamous 16 words, which he could be impeached for if we had an actual opposition party.

The disinformation was stove piped straight to Cheney/Bush by a little known shadow government called the OSP the Office of Special Plans, headed under Cheney and Rumsfeld and a pack of Zionists underlings, yes the same ones who co-authored PNAC and the Clean Break for Israel.

In an attempt to shut up people who tried to tell the public that the uranium claim was a lie, and as a means to prevent the CIA from catching who forged the documents, and as means to once again undermine the US's ability to track nuclear weapons thus creating wiggle room to lie about Iran, a clandestine CIA agent and her front company BJA was uncovered when journalists from the NY Times and CNN were purposely slipped information by Cheney's Chief of Staff, Lewis Libby and Presidential advisor Karl Rove. To unravel all of this please go

We now have Libby admitting that Bush and Cheney authorized him to leak the information, yet another offense they could both be impeached for were we to have a functional Republic. Remember that Libby was also a co-author of PNAC and worked with Wolfowitz under Cheney in Bush the first's presidency. Interesting isn't it?

Don't worry it gets worse. Notice that this is something that Richard Perle got in trouble for in the past. Perle has resigned from his position in the Department of Defense. He did so just after AIPAC's headquarters was physically raided by the FBI, how coincidental. What is AIPAC? Well AIPAC would be Israel's largest lobby. (In reality it is a Zionist lobby and it does not benefit Israel per-se, it benefits the MIC). A man working for Perle in the DOD named Larry Franklin has gotten sentenced to 12 years in jail for passing off top secret documents to AIPAC who in turn gave them to the Israeli government through the Israeli embassy in DC. Go read about that scandal here

So Israel has been caught spying on the US again what is new other than the fact that a foreign government can get caught spying in the US in a time of war and the Media will not report it. Just imagine if it had been Korean spies instead of Jews, and how big this story would be. Also imagine that were attacking Korea's enemies and were following a war plan written off of Korean policy papers and a disproportionate number of the authors were all Korean Americans who were still in government and had dual citizenship to North Korea. Ha ha not a chance but you see Israel can get away with it because Israel is a cash cow for the Military-Industrial-Complex.

Corporations have obviously profiteered from the wars, that should be clear to captain obvious. But did they write, implement, and use deception, to start this war or was that the Zionists? Who got caught spying on the US, Halliburton or Israel? Israel that is who. The profiteering is a by product of the war as in any war. They are all in bed together because of overlapping interests between the military related corporations and the Zionists. Zionism which allows a standing army to invade Palestine in order to protect illegal racil colonies of religious fanatic who think GOD gave them the land they bulldozed and shot children for in order to steal it...

However, just how the Hell do they get away with it? Well they are free from any and all criticism because they play the two cards which an over-socialized liberal can not see through. They play the race card and the religion card, a double whammy. If you say the J word it is over, even if Israel has an illegal military occupation and sets up racially segregated colonies into Palestine, kills kids, knocks down homes of civilians and attacks them with a military and runs a brutal police state which is causing a backlash of terrorism on Israeli people (racist or not that is not a reason to kill someone). The Zionists are the real racist, engaging in ethnic cleansing in the name of defense and calling any opposition terrorists. They are creating terrorism by engaging in it themselves. Video link Israel can do ANYTHING and the press will not mention. But then again just who owns our press and our banks?...

This site has this video up in the best of section, I highly recommend seeing "Peace Propaganda and the Promised Land"to learn more about the relationships between Israel and the US media. Visit our video section and watch all those films.

The first proposed oil pipeline to be opened in Iraq was set to go to Tel Aviv Israel. Here is where they planned it ten days before the end of the war. And here is where they planned setting up another oil pipeline to Israel, this one going to Haifa. And they now pump oil from Mosul to Hiafa Golly gee, that is interesting why was all the oil planned to go to Israel?
Oh it gets worse. The US sends oil to Israel from Iraq then buys it from Israel.

One of Israel's largest oil marketing firms has won a multi-million dollar tender to supply fuel to US troops in Iraq. According to a report, the tender awarded to Sonol gasoline company, along with its foreign partner Morgantown International, is valued at $70-80 million. The company is expected to supply the US forces with 25 million litres of fuel each month. The tender was issued by the US-based KDR Company, a subsidiary of Halliburton, which has been entrusted with the majority of US military contracts in Iraq

Israel takes US aid and buys oil from Iraq at 20% less than the cost it gets it from Russia and then sells it to the US and is also awarded contracts by the US government.

Well Israel did have an oil problem.
According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), a statistical agency of the US Department of Energy, Israel produces almost no oil and imports nearly all its oil needs (around 237,000 barrels a day in 2002). Traditionally, major oil import sources have included Egypt, the North Sea, West Africa and Mexico
Information provided by the EIA states that in April 2003, there was some discussion of "reopening" the old oil pipeline from Mosul in Northern Iraq to the Israeli port of Haifa on its northern Mediterranean coast.

The line, which was built in the 1930s, carried 100,000 barrels a day at its peak, but has been closed since Israel's establishment in 1948.

The reopening of this pipeline is, on the other hand, reported as being able to "solve Israel's energy crisis at a stroke".

But that is not all. They took oil from Kirkuk where 40% of Iraq's oil is and Hafar al Batin, Al Basrah (Basara) and Mosul too. Here is a map of where Iraq's oil is going.

It's a war for oil the left shouts. "No blood for oil" they say. Yeh that's true, 'no blood for oil' going to Israel, while our own gas prices rise.

If PNAC was written by Zionist who rewrote what they wrote in Israel and presented it in the US then what exactly did the UK get out of it? Come back to that later.

Now 911. Back in Feb 2001 the US and UK attacked Iraq with much public Backlash. Bush bombed Baghdad just two weeks after being sworn in to office. He tried to start PNAC's plan then but the public was not having it. They needed that New Pearl Harbor event that PNAC said would be necessary.

They rigged it with the Mossad's help on 911.
here is how we know

Note the 5 dancing Israelis who had bomb sniffing dogs reacting to their van and who worked for a Mossad front, a fake moving company in NJ whose owner skipped town right after 911 and fled to Israel. Note that they all failed polygraph tests and were all x-military and oh geee explosive experts.

Note the following bogus Anthrax attacks which said "DEATH TO AMERICA DEATH TO ISRAEL" This was a huge story for a few day, long enough to pass the PATRIOT Act and then simultaneously it disappeared from all the News Networks over night. What a media coincidence huh? Putting it all together is easy. If 911 was an inside job and not the work of Al Qaeda (but patsies) then the anthrax didn't come from Al Qaeda either. I wonder who sent it? I wonder where it came from? They basically named themselves in the classic Owellian double speak. America and Israel.

These things are not mentioned in 911 video alt radio and of course not on TV. Zionism is THE most sacred subject in the US. One mention of it and you are automatically and Anti-Semite. Well it is time to grow some balls and start talking about the Elephant in the room. Neocons from Israel and America started these wars and carried out 911. That's the real 911 Truth.

New Information 100% proof Atta had a double
Red this summation of the how Atta was framed by the Mossad.

New Information Press caugh in t huge lie about another Hijacker. Ziad Al Jarrah was recently (October 2006) shown in a video tape dated 2000-2001 with a full beard yet we have pictures of him all through out the same year clean shaven.

The MIC overlaps with the Zionism as half the CFRs are PNAC authors and all Jewish Zionist. The reason being Jewish matters is that for some kooky reason just by having that religion (which is really an ethnicity in disguise, as you have to prove you are "Jewish" by ancestry to pass, allows one to have dual citizenship with another country and government, Israel. Thus they put the interests of a foreign government above the US.) I would throw the UN in there, they are puppets to the Banks which are also Zionist run and owned and have been since the days of the Rothchilds. The Veto Power rest with the colonial powers. However the "third" world is rising up.

The ugly 'Mega' Zionist Ricahrd Perle (PNAC founder) buddied up with the Super Zionist, wormy five foot two Henry Kissinger who was the first choice to head up the 911 commission whose credibility is so poor that he had to decline the offer and gave it to another Zionist Jew Michael Chertoff, whose cousin is the editor of Popular Mechanics a BS publication that tries to debate 911 with the likes of the 'Loose Change' folks who don't even mention Zionism and spout off class C arguments like the pentagon was hit by amissile and cell phones could not work on the planes. My advice is stick to Class A arguements, Building 7, Bush saw the first plane hit, and follow the money. (In their defense they were never trying to lay blame on anyone, but just stating what was fishy about 911.) Perle and Kissinger (Satan and Beelzebub) set up something called the Trireme Partners company. They raise venture capital from wealthy individuals and invest it into weapon companies, who they bet will get lucrative government contracts and thus raise their stock prices. But they know who getting the contracts, it's insider trading. The defense industries and the companies under that massive umbrella corporation normally have ties to government employees. Kissinger didn't call it insider trading, he called it 'guaranteed speculation'. -Video

This is how the Zionist feed into the MIC. And the conflict in Israel with basically the entire Middle East is a cash cow for the military investments. It creates the demand.

These companies are not simply just American companies, most of them are multi-national with no loyalties to anyone aside from whichever government is the current medium they can use to pipe them money. And the money awarded to the companies by the State issued (aka communism, yes welcome to the USSA) contracts is not just the allocation of our tax money, the government is speanding way more than that (even when military spending consist of over half our tax money!). They are borrowing money by buying bonds from the Federal Reserve, which they have to pay interest on, in order to pay for the MIC pork projects and blood for oil and ethnic cleansing campaigns. We have created a 21 trillion dollar national debt. The Central banks as you know are rooted back to the same Zionists who wrote the plans for foreign policy (PNAC and ISCB) and collect from the investors. The largest investor of them all is not the wealthy individuals; it's the multi billion dollar tax free institutions more popularly known as Protestant Churches.

Here is where it gets nasty. Religion has been perverted. The Christian-crazies are the kind of Christians who get to be on TV because they promote what is profitable for the government and themselves, are bankrolling the Zionist occupation and the yummy military related conflicts/projects it creates. Sane Christians don't get to have a TV show like Pat Robertson. Obviously the corrupt churches who pocket money are the ones who are going to rise in voice and power that is a no-brainer.

These people then promote the bigotry behind the "Settlements" and their racist attitudes. They can manipulate their flocks to vote for people like G.W. as they did in 2004 largely based on prejudice towards homosexuals. Christian Zionist have a happy alliance with the Jewish Zionists. They are not just using this to make money either. They are actually backwards enough that they believe all that "temple on the mount" rhetoric.

Tied to all of this is the corporate media and the banks. See the links. Wanna know what really happened on 911 go follow the Zionist like Larry Silverstein. And no it was not satanic groups, the Vatican, or the "illuminati." It was real people with real names. This blog is just the surface of it. But believe me it is rooted in Zionism.

You can watch vidoes I made about the things I have been saying


It is also all in here as well as a lot more about the media, Iraq, torture (I predicted they would legalize it, I also predicted the Lebanon invasion which was not hard when its written in their own policy papers. More importantly I have outelines what I believe are some Realistic SOLUTIONS for this and how to disolve Apathy.

PART II The Disinformation

I am so sick of having to explain away the utter nonsense that is attached to the truth about 911. Everything from Space aliens and reptilian fish people, to neo-Nazi groups have attached themselves to the 911 conspiracy. It is a classic tactic of deceivers to purposely leak disinformation which will mix truth with lies in order to discredit the truth. Don't fall for disinformation. And don't just follow every word someone says, people like Chomsky, Jones, Ruppert, Raimondo, Rivero and others are not always right, everyone makes goofs now and then. Help these people don't just parrot them.

The 911 movement is splintered and factionalized. Different camps passionately hold to their theories. (but a large piece is missing, a large body of evidence is being ignore) Let me give some credit where credit is due before I try to merge these theories based on the strongest information from different thinkers. I would like to merge the 911 theories and hopefully you guys will check this out yourselves and see how this accounts for the most inclusive picture. (constructive criticism welcome)

We have a lot of half truths floating around about the NWO. So I thought I would clear some things up. Most of you seem to know the facts that there is a video for, but the whole picture still has not been said. So for those of you who read, let me just drop a few facts on you and you can look it up yourself.

First off 911 was an inside job, bombs were in the towers, and most of you can recite the arguments for that in your sleep. Building number seven is the smoking gun on that one. The 911 commission did not even address it and the steel from the towers was quickly carted off by trucks and sold to China through Metal Managment Inc owned by the Zionist Jew Alan Ratner. Alex Jones has done a great job on covering that side of the 911 story. (The Building 7 side of the story but not the Israeli connection) This guy is a trail blazer, hell he predicted the 911 strike back in July 25th of 2001. He did not say when it would happen, but he said they would use Osama Bin Laden as a patsy and they would run air planes into the WTC. He was also the first to make a video documentary about 911.

Michael Rupert of From The Wilderness had the information about the put-options and economic anomalies posted as soon as September 12th one day after the event.

The question arises, “Who did it and when” was it just a faction of Neocons in our government? Or was their assistance from a foreign government? Whose interests did they have in mind? Sites like WRH and ICH have been the best in addressing this side of the story.

Let’s look at the History of PNAC and combine that knowledge with the recent trials of AIPAC the Niger Gate (the Libby trial) and the pulled Fox News Report of the Israeli spy ring and the infamous 5 dancing Israelis. One pioneer who has been all over this angle from the beginning and has had up to date information on the ensuing trial is this guy, Justin Raimondo of See the Israeli Art Students section.

Justin wrote a book Terror Enigma: 9/11 And the Israeli Connection that will tell you more than you want to know about it. It is a short book but well worth the buy.

I propose that 911 was an inside job carried out by Neocons moles in the US government who work for the interest a foreign government(Israel) or rather what that government serves which is the international bankers and the military industrial complex. And it is not in the interests of Israel or America. Israel is a cashcow for the MIC. 911 and the resulting wars were done in the interest of the Israeli Lobby which is backed by the age old method of profiteering by Christian fanatics and Straussian globalists. Israel is waist deep in 911 and Evagelism is waist deep in Israel. Ask yourself, if it was an inside job, then where did the anthrax letters come from after 911 if not from the same cabal that orchestrated it? And why did the letters read “DEATH TO AMERICA DEATH TO ISRAEL”? Was this an attempt to link America's enemies with Israel's? Israel was caugh in a false flag opperations before where they tried to blame Arab patsies. Check out the Lavon Affair.

When were the bombs put in the towers? Ask yourself that. Then who was caught working for a fake moving company (a front for the Mossad)in New Jersey after they were spotted dancing and taking pictures of themselves smiling with the backdrop of the burning towers? What same moving company was in the WTC towers when the power was cut off for days prior to 911? Oh yes the power to the WTC was cut off prior to 911 and the security cameras were down. (think Al Qaeda did that?)

According to Scott Forbes, a senior database administrator for Fiduciary Trust, Inc. – a high-net investment bank which was later acquired by Franklin Templeton – this is precisely what took place. Forbes, who was hired by Fiduciary in 1999 and is now stationed at a U.K. branch office, was working on the weekend of September 8-9, 2001, and said that his company was given three weeks advance notice that New York’s Port Authority would take out power in the South Tower from the 48th floor up. The reason: the Port Authority was performing a cabling upgrade to increase the WTC’s computer bandwidth

Did you know PNAC flowered from the Israeli Clean Break papers out of Tel Aviv? Why are the co-authors Zionists Jews who have histories of spying for Israel such as Richard Perle and Doug Feith? How come AIPAC can be caught spying on the US and there is NO mention of it in the media including Alex Jones ect (as far as I know). They have never even brought it up! It would ruin the theories that "Bush did it" from the films. And Bush did do it, but he was a puppet of his Zionist handlers because Bush is a Christian bigot.

DISIFO BY OMISSION (probably due to fear)

When Alex Jones was asked by Allen Colmes of Fox, Who did it and how did they get away with it in the media? Alex stumbled over himself saying well you have to look at who authored PNAC and then went on to list high profile figures who have spoken out pretty much avoiding the question. Maybe he was just excited to name the people he wanted to say in a rare short interview on the mainstream. Well, n a way Alex did answer the question, because it was planned by the authors of PNAC as was the Iraq war. But it is a deathnail to plainly state that PNAC came out of Israel and stems from Israeli policy papers and was pushed for by a crowd that is overwhelmingly disproportionately Jewish-Zionists some of whom have histories of spying for Israel or are currently caught up on charges (like Lewis Libby) for using the OSP to lie to push PNAC's stated goals. And of course the Mossad story, the spy ring, and Niger forgeries, are simply dropped from the picture. Jones knows who the real power is and to stay on the air he will not directly mention them.

This is huge. Can you imagine if any other government was caught spying on the US in a time of War? Imagine what would happen if Iran was caught doing the same thing.

Ever wonder how the bombs were put in the towers? Did you know the President's brother had a moving company in the towers and building 7 in the weeks prior to 911? Did you know that that moving company was Israeli (Urban Moving systems) and Israelis were caught on 911 taking pictures of themselves to the backdrop of the burning towers and laughing? They were arrested and the address for their moving company (yes the same one) turned up a front for the Mossad, it was an abandoned warehouse in New Jersey. (They were released by the FBI when Ashcroft put a lid on it, and they went back to Israel). Their van had traced of explosives in it, box cutters, thousands in cash, and hilighted maps of New York. When tested they failed polyagraph tests which are 98% accurate. WRH has been on the frontlines with this story.

It was clearly a Mossad opperation.

1. The Israeli "movers" cheered the 9-11 attacks to celebrate the successful accomplishment of the greatest spy operation ever pulled off in history.
2. One of them, or an accomplice, then calls a 9-1-1 police dispatcher to report Palestinian bomb-makers in a white van headed for the Holland Tunnel.

3. Having thus pre-framed the Palestinians with this phone call, the Israeli bombers then head for the George Washington Bridge instead, where they will drop off their time-bomb van and escape with Urban Moving accomplices.

4. But the police react very wisely and proactively by closing off ALL bridges and tunnels instead of just the Holland Tunnel. This move inadvertently foils the Israelis' misdirection play and leads to their own capture and 40 day torture.

5. To cover up this story, the U.S. Justice Department rounds up over 1000 Arabs for minor immigration violations and places them in New York area jails. The Israelis therefore become less conspicuous as the government and media can now claim that the Israelis were just immigration violators caught in the same dragnet as many other Arabs.

6. After several months, FBI and Justice Department "higher-ups" are able to gradually push aside the local FBI agents and free the Israelis quietly.
source Go and read all of it.

Look 911 was not carried out by Devil Worshipers or the Queen of England. 911 was the work of the Israeli Mossad and its Neocon moles in the US government. The back bone of Zionism is organized religion, it is fanatical Jews and Christians. More money goes to fund the Israeli occupation from Evangelical Christian churches than from the government even. (One church (Presbyterians) actually divested more money from Israel than what our government gives them in two years worth of foreign aid.) If we could only get other churches to follow...

I know people will say that Pat Robertson is not a *real* Christian. News flash Yes he is. Is he a BAD Christian? Absolutely! But to say he does not hold the minimal believes in a savior, a god, the creation story, and all that other biblical mess is not true, because he and his millions of brain-dead followers DO believe in all that crap. In fact it is one of the main motivations help Zionism because they think they must create conditions to fulfill Biblical prophecies. (making Jerusalem Jewish being one of those.)

Now if you just want to say that they do not follow some of the teachings of Christ then you are absolutely right. But then again basically no one does. Face it, All of Bush's support comes from the 30 or so percent of the country that are Christian fanatics. Religion breeds authoritarianism. What would Israel do without the tens of billions it receives from Christian churches? It would fall apart. I am not saying that Christianity is to blame for what these evil idiots do. I am saying that a Religion is not intrinsically good or bad. Religion is more like a car, and the behavior of the car depends on the driver. It seems like Moderate Christians are psychologically unable to face up to the fact that their own religion is being used to stuff the war-mongers pockets and finance aggression all over the world [as it has since its invention]. So they invent groups like a secretly atheist illuminati and even alien invasion etc, anything, to create a blame shift.

It was the Zionists. Here is the other thing Alex NEVER talks about, Israel being involved. And they were the ones who fricking did it. look here.


I think the likes of those like Jeff Rense (a radio host who admits 911 was an inside job and has quite a following) is possibly a Real Patriot (or possibly a disinfo agent) but certainly not a critical thinker when it comes to ghosts and space aliens. That stuff HURTS the credibility. It is goofier than Zodiac signs. The site is still OK and you can pick out the real information from the entertainment (aka making money) stuff.

I am not saying that secret societies do not exist or that non-secret organizations (like the CIA) don’t carry out secret actions for the government. They do happen, and they have been around for a long time. Ranging from the Black Hand, to the America’s Know Nothings nations have always had groups of secrecy and privilege. The Bilderbergs is a great example.

One can not say that conspiracies simply don’t exist or can not happen. Hell the `19 hijackers theory` (where the BBC reports that some of the same hijackers turned up alive) of 911 is a conspiracy theory, so one is forced to believe in one conspiracy theory or another. People will ask how could something so big be kept a secret? How could the press not uncover it? Conspiracies happen all the time,. I'll give you a recent example. Just look the Iran Contra affair was a secret government and CIA operation that included thousands of people, involved multiple countries, and used up billions of dollars. This conspiracy happened in your life time (unless you are under 15). This scandal involved some of the very same neocons that are in office today. Familiar readers of anti-neocons are aware of the Libby/Rich/Clinton connections. (listen to it on the radio)

Guilt by association
Don't attach 911 to falsehoods like we never landed on the moon. First of all if any of you are so stupid as to think we were never on the moon then just don't even bother reading the rest of this. The 911 evidence stands on its own, attaching it to silly things, just hurts the credibility and supports the tinfoil hat conclusions.


Thanks in large part to a music video called Pentagon Strike, We now have a `no plane hit the pentagon` crowd. Plently of people saw a plane fly towards the building and no one saw one leave. Look if a plane did hit the pentagon and they show that then it will debunk the entire 911 story. Did you ever think the FBI might have taken the tapes away in order to create such a story? Here are some arguments against the no plane theory. I have to agree. But this is a mute point. Let’s stick with the more damning evidence and that is the WTC 1,2, and 7 attacks/detonations.
911 is undeniably tied to the war in Iraq. It is obvious to any thinking person how the 911 tragedy was used to justify by deception the war in Iraq. We know that the WMDs claims were lies not just mistaken intelligence. Now the question arises, who lied? Who set up and makes up the OSP? All roads lead to Israel.


But this brings me to the disinformation wave. A couple of stinkers have come up. One is the Bohemian Grove tie in, which has been attributed to worshipers of Moloch and the Christian Devil. Did you ever think about the Grove connections worshipping Moloch could be related to the Bavli Talmud: the Jewish text from Babylon? It's not the devil they follow it’s the Bavli Talmud; these people are Hardcore Zionists. (Guess who else was a Mizrahi Jew?...Mayer Amschel Rothschild) That is why they enjoy billions of dollars from Christian fanatics like Pat Robertson. This argument takes some time so go here if you need that to be cleared up. Is there a Satanic (or atheist) illuminati? NOPE It is the very opposite, the illuminati (as you guys think of it, the term is being used incorrectly) is the Zionist, not a German death cult. It is just a bunch of greedy, but god fearing, Christians and Jews at the Grove. Simply put, a religion is not what makes people good or bad; people are what make a religion good or bad.

Half Truth disinfo

We have the Chomsky ‘this war is all for oil crowd’. And also Rupert's Peak Oil crowd. Oil was A reason for the wars but not THE reason. Chomsky and the like are very good at pointing out the big oil interests of the Iraq war and the petro-dollar interests with Iran. We get two camps, the ‘it’s about oil' and the ‘it’s about Israel’s safety’ crowd. Look, the corporatists and the Zionists overlap. The thing is, THIS war party is so clearly made up of Zionists. But no one seems to catch the overlapping interests of the corporations (namely the largest one the MIC) and the Zionists.

As I pointed out on KUCI they don't give a damn about Jews or any of that, nor does the Lobby. They just care about money, but what safe guards them from criticism IS the religious angle. Corporations could not get away with it if they didn't have their all powerful anti-Semitism shield of protection around them and they would not have the hundreds of billions of dollars in extra backing from Christian religious factions without the religion/race card played by the Zionists. So it is multi-layered. The fact that Zionists wrote, planned for the war in Iraq as far back as 1992, and then actively played a part in spewing the pre-invasion disinformation makes it rather obvious to me who is in the front seat and who is cheering from the back seat between the Zionist and the energy companies.

If you want to know how the Libby/Niger-gate tie into the warmonger’s plans for Iran then listen to my radio interview. 911 and the resulting wars were planned in PNAC. I have gone through each Zionist player in the administration at one point or another on this board on on the radio, and tied their actions back to Israel.

Just ask yourself this question, what do Richard Perle, Lewis Libby, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, David Frum, David Wurmser, Irving Kristol, Bill Kristol, Steven Rosen, and Keith Weissman, all have in common?

It is a war for Israel primarily and a war for profit, as is any war, secondarily. I wrote in my book how they all connect, the MIC, the Evangelical churches, the lobby, and the Zionists neocons who make up the OSP and wrote PNAC. That is why I wrote Welcome to the USSA, to explain how no-bid contract work in communism and how we create state assisted monopolies through everything from agribusiness subsidies to earmarked foreign aid.

If we are to keep moving forward then we need to be aware of disinformation. It is my opinion, and I know I will get accused of in-fighting, but it is my opinion that we should drop the extreme end of the spectrum, the alien believers-who must admit that pragmatically, even if they sincerely believe in all that junk, they know that tactically it does not help us one bit. No one is ready to believe in reptilian fish people. So shut up you guys. Please do the rest of us a favor and just talk amongst yourselves.

People don’t let these shanky hands, Nostradamus-type, fold up the twenty dollar bill and look at the towers, retards pollute our real efforts of journalism and research into 911. Please stop saying it was the illuminati (a vague term) if you don’t really know anything about the illuminati other than a 5 minute history and you can’t immediately back up your claims with convincing arguments. (It is not a secret who did this, PNAC spells it out and shows it off.) I care about this country and the people we exploit, oppress, and kill. I want it to stop. Damn it! I really deeply need it to stop. The Occupation of Iraq and Palestine and Afghanistan have to end. We have killed hundred of thousands of innocent people. We are torturing people. The real people who demonstratively wrote, planned, signed, lied, and carried out this war are ZIONISTS NEOCONS. (Just for the record the Brits need to get out of Ireland). Don' blame it on a mysterious group of people when we already have the names and the physical evidence of who did this.

We seem to have about half a story floating around about 911. The Israeli connections have to made or refuted. I have not heard of any valid refutations. The anti-Semite card is all I have ever hear as an attempted rebuttal. The reply I usually get is, "wow god damn I didn’t know about that, how interesting." I know you guys are smart, look into it yourselves.

We have to band together to stop the NWO but you need to know who is really behind the wizard’s curtain. NO MORE WAR FOR ISRAEL!

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Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran are next. They say it in their own policy papers.
It is no more anti-Semitic to speak out against the Israeli government than it is anti-American to speak out against the American government. The charge of anti-Semitism is a desperate defense for the Zionist warmongers.
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