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"The state of Israel must invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the methods of provocation and revenge... And above all, let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space." -- From the diary of Moshe Sharett, Israeli's first Foreign Minister from 1948-1956, and Prime Minister from 1954-1956.



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Israeli Human Rights Journalist is imprisoned for just 30 seconds of free speech.

By Mirianne Azizi

Israelis may complain and appear confident to the outside world, but the reality inside is completely different.

Moti Leybel, one of the leading activists in Israel and the most vocal independent journalist was taken by police last night after only 30 seconds of public free speech and thrown into prison. The authorities are trying everything to stop the truth being told.

He is an advocate for the many parents in Israel who lose their children to the Social Services. It is usually a one way ticket, and with little hope of children ever being returned to their natural parents, due to the antiquated system and levels of corruption in the country. He was in particular showing images of a particular social worker who had been instrumental in removing a baby from a disabled mother. He has been campaigning for her for most of the year.

The authorities have been trying to gag him intensively for months, with no success, but achieved a first last night by putting him in prison. This video shows how quickly police charged on him.!/marianne.paryenteazizi/videos/vb.1054119319/10205112167457855/?type=2&theater¬if_t=like

I am following Moti to gath evidence and material for my new book highlighting the welfare state and divorce laws causing No Exit Orders and lost children. He acts within the law, though the police on this occasion did not. He was held for 3 hours of questioning, then process moved to 'investigation', and he was finally arrested after several more hours last night. His lawyer Benny Dekel was persistently ignored and refused access to his client. As Moti was taken to prison, his lawyer was waking up the most senior judge in the District and at 2am she ordered his immediate release. Moti Leybel was cuffed hand and feet and taken to the Russian Compound in Israel facing a night with a mixture of people who were inside for petty to hard crimes.

"I was strip searched on arrival." Moti says. "Then put in a cell of approximately 4m x 6m." "Alone?" I ask. "No, there were 10 of us. There was no window, just a fluorescent light. Everyone smoked so it was tough to breathe. We were given a nylon bag containing a cucumber, cream cheese, jam and a few slices of bread. This is the daily ration, which I was told never varies. I was in a room with mostly criminals. But I had prepared myself mentally and refused to feel humiliated."

Throughout the night, every attempt to film from outside was thwarted by police in this 'democratic' country. Despite the order from court, the police attempted to have him held for at least another 72 hours.

This morning an order was provided for a 9am court hearing. Moti was brought to the small open court room chained and escorted by two police officers. The condition of his freedom was to accept a ban for 6 months to enter the small town outside Jerusalem in which he had spoken publicly for only 30 seconds.

It was to take a further 3 hours for him to be 'processed' for release, during which time I filmed the outside of the compound. Police were trying to prevent me from doing this, and several times I had to stop filming.

Moti continues to win every charge of harassment made against him, and endures constant police investigations and attempts to gag his right to speak out against the brutal systems in Israel.

Taking aside any political views which might exist outside the country regarding the behaviour of the government, it cannot be stressed enough that freedom of speech and protests are prevented, with thousands of people facing corrupt police, lawyers and welfare officials. If the rights of independent journalists worldwide are honored, why are the people inside Israel not supported? Any cries of Anti Semitism cannot be accepted if Jewish Israelis are asking for help.

Only a few weeks ago two leading attorneys and a police official have been indicted on charges of corruption, and Moti Leybel will continue in his effort to expose the social workers who cherry pick children from fit parents, placing them in private institutions at great profits to the organizations concerned.

It is imperative the truth must get out from Israel to the outside world and everyone learns how much oppression their citizens face. All attempts to get this story into Israel's news channels or press were ignored. The official police spokesman also declined to comment.

Moti Leybel continues to say he is prepared to sacrifice his life for the truth to be told to the world. I continue to support his efforts with the forthcoming book about the difficulties in modern Israel. It continues to disappoint Israelis that their politicians have abandoned their social and civil rights, and the world has no sympathy.

More information and videos can be found on my Facebook page and You Tube where you can find more testimonies of people suffering from false imprisonment and abuse.