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There has been talk of war with Iran going back several years now, mostly with Israel initiating and various AIPAC-supported US politicians nodding sagely in agreement. But the fly in the ointment has always been Russia, which is not only actually building Iran's power station but has a mutual defense contract with its 7th largest trading partner. Putin has made it very clear that in the event of war, Russia will support Iran at least logistically.

In November of 2007, both American and Israeli support and training to Georgia increased significantly, along with pressuer for Georgia to clamp down on the breakaway regions. This led to the thankfully brief war between Russia and Georgia in August of 2008.

In hindsight, it appears the strategic thinking had been to create a prolonged border conflict along the Caucasus Mountains, in order to limit Russia's ability to supply Iran by convoy thruogh the tunnels under the mountains. If that was the plan, it failed miserably as Russia blew through the Goergian forces as if they were wet kleenex. More than likely Putin realized the real issuer and decided to send a message.

In any event, no sooner had it bome obvious that the passes throough Georgia would remain open then talk of an attack on Iran began to fade from the media, and talk of going into Pakistan began to appear, even ahead of November's convenient "terrorist" attack in Mumbai.

As we approached the anniversary of September 11th, there was concern that there might be another attack of some kimd possibly false-flag to spur the nation onto yet another war. And it now appears that there may have indeed been one after all!

On January 27th, 2009, Representive Paul Kanjorski (D-PA), Chairman of the Capitol Markets Subcommitee, was answering questions on C-SPAN. At 2:20 the big ugly secret came out. There had been an electronic run on the banks in Mid-September. Within an hour, some $550 billion was electronically withdrawn from the money market accounts. The claim is that had the government not blocked further withdrawals and stared offering guarantees, the US and World economies would have been collapsed. Kanjorski gives the date as "Around" September 15th, then mentions that the activity took place on Thursday.

The Thursday before the 15th was September 11th.

Now, had our enemies in wealthy Arab nations brought our banking system to the edge of collapse, we would have heard about it the day that it happened. But prior to Kanjorski's admission on C-Span, from September 11th 2008 to Januray 27th, 2009, not a word of the intentional attack on the US economy appeared in the corporate media. Even after Kanjorski's admission, ABCNNBBCBS remains ominously silent. Just two weeks after this financial attack, any reporters that might have been looking into it were distracted as Israel attacked Gaza and kicked off a very news-worthy invasion.

Meanwhile, rather than aknowledge the attack, the US Government threatened Congress into looting the taxpayers to make up the lost funds.

And now we are seeing a ramping up of the pressure to invade Iran again.

So, from here it looks like we may have dodged another false-flag attack on September 11th. But with that attack came a warning that whoever was behind it would try it again if certain foreign policy demands were not met.

Which would explain why the Obama administration is promoting the already-discredited claims of an Iranian threat put forward by his predecessor, and why his staff is dominated by strong supporters of Israel.

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