Saudi flight engineer no longer part of investigation

By Associated Press

(Miami-AP) -- A Saudi neighbor of a Vero Beach man whose name is on a list of hijackers in the World Trade Center attack is no longer part of the investigation.

Sources close to the investigation say 41-year-old Adnan Bukhari (AHD'-nahn boo-KAHR'-ee) cooperated with the F-B-I Wednesday and Thursday.

The Saudi flight engineer and Flight Safety Academy student lived next to Abdul Alomari. His name reportedly appears on the American Airlines Flight Eleven manifest. Alomari has not been located since the attacks.

Bukhari's attorney says he voluntarily took an F-B-I polygraph as part of his interviews. He consented to a search of his house without a warrant, and his passport has been returned to him.

Updated: September 14, 2001 12:49 PM

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