The Death of Peace Activist Rachel Corrie

3/17/03 Israelis run over American woman with bulldozer Greg Schnabel, 28, from Chicago, said the protesters were in the house of Dr. Samir Masri. "Rachel was alone in front of the house as we were trying to get them to stop," he said. "She waved for bulldozer to stop and waved. She fell down and the bulldozer kept going. We yelled 'stop, stop', and the bulldozer didn't stop at all. It had completely run over her and then it reversed and ran back over her," he said.

Rachel before the bulldozer

Rachel after the bulldozer

Rachel facing down a bulldozer



Yesterday, in the Azores, Tony Blair and George Bush went on at great length about the poor, suffering, people of Iraq, and why it was necessary to risk the lives of our husbands, fathers, and sons, to deal with the cruel tyrant in charge of that nation. Yet over the last few weeks, the Israeli forces running amok in Gaza and the West Bank have been killing not only Palestinians, but never careful of their targets, killed Israeli settlers, some of their own troops, and yesterday, ran over an American woman with a bulldozer, twice.

And so far, not a word of protest from the US Government which only seems to find concern for cruelty against humans in regions that have a great deal of oil. Not only has the US Government failed in its self-proclaimed task of punishing those who kill Americans, the US Government continues to send billions and billions of your tax dollars to pay for the guns, bullets helicopters, rockets, flechette rounds, and yes, the bulldozers.

This non-reaction to the death of Rachel Corrie only underscores that concern for human rights is just a mask worn by the US Government in their lust for conquest and oil, and that the US Government would just as easily approve of killing the people of Iraq to attain their real objective.

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