What Really Happened


Having burned out the pejorative phrase "anti-Semite" though overuse and endless misapplication, Israel's defenders of late have been resorting to their last and most powerful rhetorical weapon of mass distraction, "Holocaust Denier", to silence critics or at the very least to deprive them of an objective audience ready to give the critic a fair hearing.

"Holocaust Denier" is being hurled hither and yon, and the reality is that hardly anybody being labeled a "holocaust denier" denies anything. They just want to ask a few specific questionsabout specific historical events, or simply defend the right of all people in this post "Saddam has nookular bombs" era to re-examine everything we have ever been taught by the state-operated schools and media. Nobody is denying that war crimes took place. But that there have been hoaxes and false claims made in the aftermath of WW2 is beyond question.

However, 'sauce for the goose' etc. and I have decided that from here on out, I will identify all defenders of Israel's actions in Palestine and all those who are fighting to block the bringing of war crimes charges against Israel for Operation CAST LEAD as "Goldstone Deniers".

I feel that this is perfectly appropriate because the "Holocaust Denier" label is used to claim that the denier is trying to conceal NAZI Germany's atrocities. Therefore, those who are trying to conceal Israel's atrocities should be accorded the same treatment. After all, they are indeed trying to deny the atrocities which took place inside Palestine.

So, that is it. They are all "Goldstone Deniers" from here on out!

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