Crashed into WTC 2

1. Marwan Al-Shehhi: Date of birth used: May 9, 1978. Possible residence: Hollywood, Fla. Believed to be a pilot. Aliases: Marwan Yusif Muhammad Rashid Al-Shehi; Marwan Yusif Muhammad Rashid Lakrab Al-Shihhi; Abu Abdullah.

Reported passport stolen in 1999 []

2. Fayez Rashid Ahmed Hassan Al Qadi Banihammad: Possible residence: Delray Beach, Fla. Aliases: Fayez Ahmad; Banihammad Fayez Abu Dhabi Banihammad; Fayez Rashid Ahmed; Banihammad Fayez; Rasid Ahmed Hassen Alqadi; Abu Dhabi Banihammad Ahmed Fayez; Faez Ahmed.

3. Ahmed Alghamdi: Alias: Ahmed Salah Alghamdi

4. Hamza Alghamdi: Possible residence: Delray Beach, Fla. Aliases: Hamza Al-Ghamdi; Hamza Ghamdi; Hamzah Alghamdi; Hamza Alghamdi Saleh.

Alghamdi FBI photo

09/07/2006 video

The father of Alghamdi told Al Watan that the picture provided by the FBI was not that of his son. "It has no resemblance to him at all," he said. [Washington Post]

Alghamdi had booked future flight to San Fransisco...

...and a September 20, 2001 flight from Casablanca to Riyadh &
a September 29 flight from Riyadh to Damman:

Alghamdi should have known of his 9/11 suicide mission, so why did he book flights subsequent to this date? [Details]

5. Mohand Alshehri: Possible residence: Delray Beach, Fla. Aliases: Mohammed Alshehhi; Mohamd Alshehri; Mohald Alshehri.


Saudi Embassy has named Alshehri as a victim of mistaken identity [CNN]

According to The Orlando Sentinel, the Saudi Arabian embassy confirmed that four of the five mentioned by Al-Faisal - Saeed Alghamdi, Mohand Alshehri, Abdulaziz Alomari and Salem Alhazmi - are not dead and had nothing to do with the heinous terror attacks in New York and Washington. [American Free Press]

Flight 175 passenger manifest

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