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Jackasses With Bullhorns:
"WTC 2 is secure!"

Following the first World Trade Center impact WTC 6 was evacuted within minutes. Law enforcement officials also attempted to move people away from the buildings because they had reports another plane was heading toward the WTC...

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"After the first plane crashed into the first World Trade Center tower people were rushing to the scene to try to help out, and law enforcement was trying to push them away saying 'we are getting reports that a second plane is in the air and is about to crash into the World Trade Center tower', and minutes later that's exactly what happens."

...so why were people inside WTC 2 told it was safe to return to their offices?

Jennifer joined the rush to safety, making it down to the 52nd floor when, as she put it, "Some jackass started yelling up at us through a bullhorn saying: 'This tower has been secured. You are in America. Return to your offices!'" [Mr Bellers Neighborhood]
Among the fortunate of those was Arturo Domingo of Morgan Stanley. The descent had been calm and orderly, much better than after the 1993 blast, he said. But when he reached the 44th floor, he said, a man with a megaphone told people there was no problem. "His exact words were, `Our building is secure. You can go back to your floor. If you're a little winded, you can get a drink of water or coffee in the cafeteria,' " said Mr. Domingo. He and a group of other Morgan Stanley employees rode an elevator back up to the 60th floor and returned to their desks. "How stupid were we," he says. [SP Times]
John Howard, who works at Morgan Stanley, on the 60th floor of 2 World Trade Center, said the plane's crash into Building 1 shook his offices. During the evacuation, he said, there was a guy with a bullhorn telling them to stop. "He was telling us, 'Don't panic!' saying that we we're safer in the building than leaving it," Howard said. "As he was saying that, there was a huge explosion right there. It was surreal. People were in a full-fledged panic. We all ran over the guy with the bullhorn to get out." [Newsday]

On Wednesday [September 12, 2001], Ernesto L. Butcher, chief operating officer of the Port Authority, refused to discuss evacuation procedures at the World Trade Center. But other Port Authority executives said the towers were under the command of the trade center's new operator, Larry Silverstein.  [SP Times]

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