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Wed Oct 29 2003


I saw in your letters section several people commenting on the new site layout, but to me it looks the same as it always has. Does the new layout work only with IE or something? I am using Mozilla w/ Linux.

During the weekend hacker attack someone located our new site at and posted it to Yahoo. Since then, many people have started looking at the new site in place of the old and soon we will move the URL to point at the new site.

congrats on the new site, but honestly it's hard on the eyes. one of the refreshing things about the old website is that the white background, etc. was EXTREMELY WELL LAID OUT and very easy to read and find interesting stories. hopefully this is just a "mid construction" problem.

I commend you on improving the site. But this layout is hard to read and navigate.

There is a reason Yahoo with all of the growth and marketing people they have, has a look and layout to their site very much like yours used to look...

I really appreciate your website. I've been reading it for a couple of months now.

I would "vote' for the old webpage format because it was easier to scan down the page while picking out what I wanted to read. The titles in bright blue with larger font are the reason.

Also, is there a way to get archives before last July?

See http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/wrh_archive.html

Can you tell me why so many american radio stations begin with the letter K. This seems to be only in America

In the US, commercial radio and TV stations all begin with either the letter "K" (west of the Mississippi) or "W" (East of the Mississippi). The convention dates back to the days of morse code wireless stations. For amateur radio the situation is reversed, with "W" west of the Mississippi and "K" to the east. Other countries start their call signs with different letters as a means to keep stations sorted out, especially in the short-wave bands.

Love your site. Two questions:

1) Do you have a physical address for small cash donations?

2) Can you publish a series of photos of bush on the decks of the Lincoln?. I've had trouble even googling a single such pic.

The donations address is

What Really Happened
P.O. Box 534
Concord, NH 03302-0534

Maybe some readers know of a good collection of Bush flight suit photos. I didn't keep any because I cannot stand to look at the man.

Re: new site

As professional-looking as it gets. It's easier to navigate. My only request is to place bullet-points, or hypens, or something before each news article to distinguish between each other. I know the headlines are a different sahde than the body, but still that doesn't make it as distinguishable from another. When I look at the page it just looks a bit confusing.

The Iraqi lawyer, Mohammed al-Rehaief, who helped to free Jessica Lynch went all the way to her home town to pay her a visit and she refused to see him? This is unbelievable! Was she ordered by someone not to talk to him or just not confident of her acting skills? Faking amnesia must be hard.

Another thing I noticed. In several news articles it was reported that a would-be suicide bomber was caught with a Syrian passport on him.

What would a suicide bomber need with a passport? Did he think Allah would want to check his ID? Are there any follow-ups to this, maybe a name?

Hi Mike, I saw a report on CNN today that literally made my jaw drop. I have been reading your site now for about 5 months and I thought I'd heard it all, but this just took the biscuit. Not only has Bush marched the american military, uninvited into Iraq and thrown that country into chaos, killing thousands in the process, but now they are already trying to "americanise" the country. They want to privatise all state companies and do away with the cheap subsidised fuel which Iraqi's are used to. Now it doesn't matter whether state companies and subsidised fuel are bad things or not, the problem is the absolute arrogance of bombing a country into the stoneage and then telling them "now you are all to be like us, cos we're it"! There were several Iraqi's in the report saying how worried they are about losing their jobs and not being able to afford the few basics which they now can. Who the f*** do these Bushies think they are. Do they honestly think they can get the Iraqi people to become a bunch of fat lazy television guzzling Mickey Mouse fans? I have a suggestion for NASA. Build a big fat rocket which can hold ca. 20 people and put the entire administration in it and blast it off to Mars, cos that's where they belong.

While I'm writing this some prick on CNN is trying to suggest that that young palestinian boy (Mohammed Al-Dura) whose shooting was caught on camera in 1999 wasn't actually shot by the Israelis but by the Palestinians. "We all live in a yellow submarine...........................................

The Martians have done nothing to deserve the Bush administration. Maybe your rocket could hit the sun instead, since it's already going bananas.


(see link)


I'll be looking to see if they ever disclose the identity of the Colonel.

I wouldn't be surprised to discover, that this was the same Colonel who gave Lynch's maintenance unit those "wrong directions."

The Lynch rescue "casualty list" now totals to 4.


The people who can discredit a TV movie dying off. It's getting kind of surreal.

Re: Staten Island Ferry crash coverup?

It was previously reported, that Richard Smith, the Staten Island ferry Assistant Captain involved in the recent, 10/15/03, ferry "accident," was at the helm of the ferry when it had crashed in a similar incident, in 1995.

http://www.wnbc.com/traffic/2556761/detail.html v"Investigators confirmed that Smith also was at the helm of the Andrew J. Barberi when it crashed into the Staten Island dock in July 1995, injuring some passengers."


Yet in this later NY Newsday article, we learn that Smith WAS NOT at the helm of the 1995 accident, and in fact, had received praise from NYC for his post-crash efforts. The person actually at the helm of the ferry during the previous crash, was one LEIV R. STROMMEN.

"Richard Smith was not at the controls of a Staten Island ferry when it crashed in 1995 and did not receive a letter of caution from the Coast Guard in connection with the incident, contrary to what was reported in a Newsday story Saturday."

"Smith, whose rank at the time was captain, was not at the controls of the ship at the time of the 1995 accident, the city Department of Transportation said yesterday. An assistant captain, Leiv R. Strommen, was driving the boat, the Andrew J. Barberi, when the accident occurred at the St. George's facility on Staten Island, a Coast Guard report indicates. It was Strommen who received the letter of caution, according to the report."

"Smith was the captain of record for the ship, officials said. He received a commendation from the city for his handling of the aftermath of the accident."

In this article, you'll read about the Chief Captain's (Michael Gansas) uncooperative "defiance" with investigators, who are attempting to determine his "whereabouts" during the most recent ferry "accident," which killed 10 people.


And finally, it was reported that agents from the NTSB "investigating" the ferry crash, had DEPARTED FROM NYC before even interviewing the Assistant Captain and Chief Captain.


Dear Everyone at WRH. Please reconsider your new look. The seperated articles and 'broader' layout made fast scanning for new articles possible.The new look slows one down considerably,also the old format allowed for immediate identification of the item,now one has difficulty seeing what is your editorial comment and what is headline. I admire your site for its clarity,you are,sadly, compromising that admirable quality.

The green Is Bad the stories don't stand out and say READ ME,The black sidebar is too busy and distracting.The gray print is too light, can't see it well even on my 27 inch screen,so I opt for the 13 inch but still not as sharp as the old look.The first thing I missed was a big clear colorful banner,believe me it doesn't look like WRH.you really have to give it a hard look to see what sight you on....Back to the sidebar,It will keep most people on the site longer.for someone like me I have got just so much time and that's it.I kind of got used to knowing my way around on the old one,now it's like I'm looking for certain articles of clothing in separate compartments,it may be easy for you because you did the organizing,it will take time to get good a this one! A little extra Ginko Biloba to give my brain some more blood and maybe I will get the hang,where will all the readers letters be,I noticed the old site achives has the current batch up,but the new site has only one letter,I'm sure that you will post more letters when the site is completed..One thing is for sure newcomers to the site won't be bothered at all.And It's unique,just like the old site was.It doesn't remind me of any one elses..Personally I have become an old fart who hates extemely long sidebars,I'm always afraid I will miss something good.But you gotta do something about the sea green print and the gray text,that is a real bitch on the eyes!

Hiya .. I've been reading WRH daily since the run-up to the Iraq 'war', or turkey shoot, take your pick of terms, andwas dismayed taht you were the victim of a hacker .. although in some ways, it's a mark of success that you bother some folks bad enough they need to take you out. Still .. the weekend was the pits without the multiple daily doses of WRH.

That said .. I'd like to comment on the new format.

Overall, I have to say I much preferred the old one. In the new incarnation I have to select a section, which means I might well miss some interesting tidbit, which I would have seen in the old format.

I can appreciate the archive section following the new format, i.e. by subject, rather than date, although that I suspect would mean significantly more work on your part.

Keep in mind that had it not been for the hacker, the new site was still some weeks away from going up. So, consider it a "premature birth" with the attendant "birth pains". As for the change, [art of it is organizational and wanting to make the archives and local content easier to access and search. The other component to the new design is to look more "pro" and to add room for a small amount of paid advertising to cover the costs of the site. I've been paying for all this out of my own pocket for nearly ten years (next march is the decade anniversary), and times being what they are needed to be able to find a revenue source to pay for the server, security, development and replace the computers I've worn out running this site.

hi. your new site looks quite nice, but making the visited color the same as the link color makes it really hard to find new stories.

I was very, very, very pleased to see WRH's new web design. Congratulations Michael. You are doing good job.

Please tell the people designing the web site to set the tables so that they will display at 100% of the width of the page.

I'm sure you'll get a lot of these, hope you can use them as positive constructive feedback.

One of the nice aspects of the old format was the large bold fonts on news headlines and readers letters. You're site has always been clean, which is one of it's strongest suits. The large fonts lend to that clean, easy to read and use quality. There are plenty of cluttered, overdone websites, yours thankfully hasn't been one of them.

Thanks, and we're dropping something in the hat for the site today.


To all the hard working individuals at WRH, a BIG HEARTY THANKS from this old Texan. I read your site on a daily basis, being among the unemployed at the present. Seems all those rich folks that benefited from the tax cuts have not got around to providing a job for me yet.

I appreciate the stories that you bring to readers like myself that will never make the national news headlines. I am a Vietnam Veteran and am very disapointed in the level of coverage of not-so-good news by the big media boys these days. During the VVietnam War, they did have the balls to present the good , the bad, and the ugly, but that appears to be a thing of the past. Their credibility is long gone, so I depend on websites like yours to find out what really is going on in the world.

I am a straight-ticket Republican and I VOTE , but am also very dismayed at the direction the current administration seems to be going. I also see the mistakes of VVietnam being repeated in Iraq. You do us all a great service presenting the stories that the rest of 'em won't touch. Keep up the good work and don't let them hacker assholes get the best of you.

I like the new look and will get used to it, quickly. Thank you for a nice change. I'll be nostalgic for a while, about the old format, but I'll get over it.

I'm over it already. :)

I like the new look

I do have one minor snivel - could we get the "last updated" time back. I check in several times a day and have become used to using it. Thanks for the great site.

The way the new site works, the page updates for ever single article I submit. I'll look into some kind of automated time stamp for each post.

I must say, Mike, the new design is wonderful! It's a little more reminiscent of the frame layout you had earlier, before that slow-loading navbar replaced it. May I ask, who did the design, or is that being too nosy? I mean, there's no credit that I see, which is a shame.

The new page is a system called Moveable Type from moveabletype.org. The actual "author" will remain anonymous until I get permission to mention their name.

Sorry to say it, but the old site design was orders of magnitude better, in terms of readability.

The new site design uses colors that are hard on the eyes. Like, green text on white background? Not enough contrast. And the test is too small. And the dark green around the edge - also hard on the eyes.

Maybe, think light blue..

And black text.

The new look is very good ,but it renders poorly under mozilla-firebird. Being that you are an "alternative" site (the best one by far) It would be excellent if your site rendered well under an alternative browser. www.mozilla.org is an excellent browser that lacks the plethora of security problems that IE is known for.

I have Mozilla on my LINUX box and will check it out.

This all I get from your readers letter site. I hope I can get use to this new system,

We are still getting the reader's letters working on the new system.

Re: Rabbis attacked by armed settlers

If this is true, it just might mean civil war within Israel.......

Sharon is trying to downplay it, but the Likud Party took a beating on the local elections.

Love the new site. Very sharp, professional, and user-friendly! Danke schon.


A Billion

The next time you hear a politician use the word "billion" casually, think about whether you want that politician spending your tax money. A billion is a difficult number to comprehend, but one advertising agency did a good job of putting that figure into perspective in one of its releases:

-A billion seconds ago it was 1959.
-A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.
-A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age.
-At the rate Washington spends it, a billion dollars ago was only 8 hours and 20 minutes ! ! !

Historically, the National Guard helps assist firefighters in wild fires; The (Air) National Guard drops the retardant. And now, they've begun to run out of firefighters in California primarily because 2/3rds of them are in Iraq. We dick around in Iraq, while SoCal burns. Wonder if W is playing his violin?

Re: New WRH format

...well, it's pretty, but that's about all. It's also more difficult to read. It's more intricate to maneuver around. The print is smaller and it's more difficult to read. There's too many colors. There're more distractions that don't assist the digestion of information. It's harder to read.

It is now harder for me to read your information. Oh, I'll still come and read it, nobody else does it quite the way you do (Carley Simon is wailing away somewhere), but the "NEW LOOK" is really just a lot of prophylactic.

Well, the iceman is here (never could get used to those goddam refrigerators)! Gotta' go take care of things.

Mike, Love the new format, though it take some getting used to. Keep up th great work!

Very nice new site design :) Glad to see you're up and running again!

Keep the news coming!

Tue Oct 28 2003

I really like the new site. Very professional and easy to access as well. however, I think the link is brighter which can hurt eyes of some readers. Keep a good work.

your new page is a lot harder to read...thanks for all you have done ...you think like me...

Now the information about the USS Liberty attack is coming out, and the Zionists are screaming and trying to bury it. If, say, an Israeli ship was attacked in international waters by an allied force, they would have been compensated to the gunwales for the ship, the crew killed and wounded, and emotional distress. But because of America's unique relationship (feh - relationship - it's more like a parent getting beat up by the child and then awarding the child for the beating, and even saying that the parent deserved it) with Israel, deception is used initially to cover the story, then cacophany when the real story gets out.

I also find it curious that nobody is condemning (okay, just the U.N., but they are overridden by the U.S.) the treatment of Palestinians now, who are being herded into ghettos and sytematically eradicated or forcibly removed from their lands to make space for settlements. And it's being done in the open, for the most part. When the Nazis herded the Jews into ghettos and moved them around, it was done rather quietly. Now, if somebody had spoken out for the Jews, and when they finally did, there was an outcry because most of the world did not know what was happening. Now the entire world knows what it happening to the Palestinians, yet nobody talks about it.

I find the arrogance and the forgetfulness of the Zionists staggering. "Never Again!" they claim when referring to the Holocaust. Well, it's happening again, but just not to the right people. If it were happening to Jews, it would have been stopped long ago. But since it's happening to Arabs, nobody gives a damn.

btw, loved the link about the Hitler post in an Israeli newspaper. Sorta makes you think about how well they learned the lessons of Nazi Germany. Pretty well, if you ask me, but from the wrong angle.

".i haven't been in a chatroom for years or newsgroup...not going to waste my breath on that trash! "

I agree. Its just a breeding ground for hacker-wanna-bees. Did a whois trace on someone about a year ago, when I still went there. Ended up being a junior high school computer lab.

Bet that little shit was surprised when the sysadmin type confronted him. Naw...just a bunch of kids out there...no intelligent life forms for sure.

Not all of them are kids. Many are paid operatives working for some government or subcontracted through a public relations firm.

after reading the crap that was posted on that newsgroup about you being arrested, do you see why i hate newsgroups and chatrooms? there is no intelligent life there. nothing but insults. most of those people lack the cognitive ability to carry on a rational conversation.i haven't been in a chatroom for years or newsgroup...not going to waste my breath on that trash!

That's why I tend to ignore them and why I don't have a chat board here.

The Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida has put up a very interesting Java applet on their site. It begins as a view of the Milky Way Galaxy viewed from a distance of 10 million light years and then zooms into towards Earth in powers of ten of distance. 10 million, to one million, to 100,000 light years and so on and then when it finally reaches a large Oak tree leaf. But that is not all it zooms into the leaf until it reaches to the level of the quarks viewed at 100 attometers.


This is a fantastic representation of how magnificent the Universe is and how vastly infinite it is both in the macroscopic and the microscopic level.

i am writing to this web page because a friend of mine has made me aware of a dollar bill that is in circulation that supports many anti-911 webpages if you have any info on the bills i am inquiring about please respond actually respond any ways thanks and PEACE!


A guy I work with said his brother told him that he works with a guy that told him that his brother said that Bush saying BRING EM ON has what has Brought em on in Iraq. Since that statement there has been a coordination and build up to Bring em on. So now we know what is happening. The result of an a**hole opening his mouth.

Actually, I think the Iraqi people just want their country back. I understand this. I want my country back, too.

I met a guy my age (40's) who was stationed at an Air Force Base in OK. He was in communications. He told me that Gen. Richard Myers had to talk the Isrealis out of sending six jets to Cairo armed with nukes.(this would be '67 right?). This guy wanted out of the service even after they offered him a job aboard "Looking Glass" (that's how I knew he was on the level)

Hi Mike- Would buying an Electronic Intifada t-shirt constitute supporting a terrorist organization under Patriot Act?

Right now EVERYTHING you do can be construed as supporting a terrorist organization under Patriot Act, including reading this page! :)

While on my exercise bike this morning watching the local "news" the anchor talked of the latest from Iraq. She said: "President Bush sees this type of escalation of violence as a sign of American progress in Iraq because the terrorists hate freedom."

What?????? Did he actually say something to this effect in a speech recently?

Now, who in their right minds would listen to that and not think that our "leader" isn't a total sociopath? I'm still seething.

Bush has been saying all along that the reason terrorists attack the US is because they hate freedom. This is, of course, a load of bovine excrement. People all over the world love freedom. Only governments and religions hate freedoms. Terrorists attack the US because the US has a long history of screwing around with other people's countries, installing puppet regimes that oppressed those people, drove them into poverty, all to enrich American Corporations.

Glad to see you back. I have been telling myself that I will donate as soon as I get a job; but after this hack, I decide to do it now. A couple of monthes ago I sent you an audio excerpt of the documentary that was on flashpoint, which includes a brief interview with the producer of the film.

So I am very happy that someone has uploaded the entire video and that you linked and highlighted it. To give credit to flashpoint, here is the link again http://www.flashpoints.net/realaudio/fp20030731.ram beginning and starting around 25min

I rarely see the true reason Israel attacked the USS Liberty.

The Liberty was gathering information concerning the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict and sending that information back to Washington. The Israelis received word that this ship was broadcasting this information, which included Israeli positions and movements. The Israelis became worried that this timely information would be intercepted by the Soviets who would, in turn, give the data to the Egyptians or other Arab parties.

So, the Israeli Air Force was instructed to put a stop to those broadcasts by the quickest method: the destruction of the USS Liberty and all aboard it. They didn't care about American lives. They just wanted to stop the broadcast of that military data.

This needs to be made apparent to all. They weren't trying to sink an American ship and blame it on the Egyptians. They intentionally made a military target of an American ship for their own selfish interests and were willing to slaughter Americans to do so.

I have heard this theory before, but it is based on a flawed assumption that Israel knew the Soviets were reading US military codes but didn't tell the US they knew this information. Israel's history has been staged attacks blamed on another party to trigger military action by the US against that party. Given the BBC documentary's report that a nuclear-armed US plane was actually dispatched to Cairo, then later recalled, the ruse almost worked.

just finished the reader's letters and if you look back at our correspondence, my feelings and thoughts are shared with a vast number of your readers. i guess i was right on the money, so to speak.

The First President Bush Said....

In his memoirs, "A World Transformed," written five years ago, George H. Bush, Senior, wrote the following to explain why he didn't go after Saddam Hussein at the end of the Gulf War.

"Trying to eliminate Saddam...would have incurred incalculable human and political costs. Apprehending him was probably impossible.... We would have been forced to occupy Baghdad and, in effect, rule Iraq.... there was no viable "exit strategy" we could see, violating another of our principles. Furthermore, we had been self-consciously trying to set a pattern for handling aggression in the post-Cold War world. Going in and occupying Iraq, thus unilaterally exceeding the United Nations' mandate, would have destroyed the precedent of international response to aggression that we hoped to establish. Had we gone the invasion route, the United States could conceivably still be an occupying power in a bitterly hostile land."

If only his son could read.

Iraqi freedom by American troops

I also forwarded it to Jon Snow at Channel 4 News. He has the time to go to Iraq and show the usual suppressed image of the country. He should also go to Palestine and see what Israeli democratic civilisation and human rights really means and stands for as it is identical, though much worse, to what the US is doing in Iraq. Iraqis have oil to fall back on, Palestinians only have Palestinians!!

From France; Glad to see you again!


Re: Vince Foster Murder

I understand that Vince Foster's shoes were "clean as a whistle " when his body was found YET the ground itself was muddy. This would prove he was murdered someplace else and did not take his own life...... Good luck with your site It has been great to see you UP'n Running again.

Perhaps obvious, thought I would mention it anyway.

I would expect the US 'cabal' may be playing both sides (as history has demonstrated time and again). Makes sense they may be supplying weapons to, in this case, the Iraqis. Not much fun for war mongers to fight an unarmed enemy I would imagine.

That would be some interesting info to track down.

There is no question that Iraq was armed by the US in years past.

In a phone call to CSPAN, Cher revealed that she had been to Walter-Reed hospital and had seen a whole bunch of US troops there missing an arm, a leg, both legs, etc.

"caller: Good morning! Thank you for C-span, I watch it every day! Uh, I would like to say i had the occasion the other day to spend the entire day with troops that had come back from iraq & had been wounded and..um...I also visited troops during the vietnam era...but the thing that I was most shocked by...um...as I walked into the hospital the first person i ran into was a boy about 19 or 20 years old who'd lost both of his arms...and when I walked into the hosptial & visited all these boys all day long...uh...everyone had lost either one arm...one limb or two limbs or had lost one limb and there were...there were a lot of legs that seemed to be missing and a couple of the boys told me it was because that their vehicles ...that the rockets pierce the vehicles so much its like being kind of in a tin can...it doesnt have...there isnt...the walls of the humvees are very soft and theres no protection...but three guys in the same vehicle have lost a leg. ...and another thing that I saw was that...um...if they'd lost one leg that... that shrapnel that had hit the other leg had been so devastating that they were having to pull like the thigh...you know...the muscle and the thigh around the bottom of the calf to try to make the leg workable but in some cases these boys had lost one legand the other leg was so damaged that they weren't sure what they were gonna be able to do."

Also, later in this blog by Atrios, a reader writes in:

"I'm a counselor at a psychiatric triage unit in *****. I just had a long talk with one of our clients, a soldier just back from Iraq with classic PTSD symptoms. He's a wreck, reliving an incident where he was forced to fire on Iraqi children and now he can't live with himself. His family has abandoned him because he drinks nightly to drown the demons, he can't sleep because of the fear of "seeing the faces of those kids", and naturally, he feels that he can't go on with life anymore. I've probably counseled 20 soldiers back from Iraq here and EVERY SINGLE ONE has issues, feels betrayed by Bush and the government, almost all say they realized that once they were over there, the freedom of the Iraqi people is only incidental to our government, that it's clear it's only been about oil and Haliburton stock price. They've also said that for every one of them stating this anger at betrayal, there's at least 50 more still back in Iraq. I noticed the influx of admissions from ***** back in August and had an opportunity to ask a social worker at **** what the deal is. "Get used to it," she replied, "It's only going to get worse. These guys and gals are coming back after having served with no clear mission, getting attacked out of the blue, and realizing they were lied to by Bush. Plus, the military wants to avoid what went on at Fort Bragg after the Afghanistan War (domestic violence episodes that ended up with dead military wives). I can't say that these soldiers are representative of the military as a whole; it's definitely a skewed sample. However, my gut tells me that BushCo is going to have to answer to more than just the families of those killed and wounded over in Iraq. The soldiers who have been permanently psychologically scarred by this immoral war (and the families who have been affected by this) are going to be demanding some answers as well."

There are some strange things happening in th UK at the moment that lead me to believe we are heading for a large war :

Army, Navy and RAF adverts are hitting our screens daily at the moment - something that we havent seen for years.

The TA (Territorial Army) Centres aroung the UK are being re-vamped and upgraded with lots of advertising around the local areas.

British Legion Clubs (Army and ex-army family and friend social clubs) are starting to be built again. These are clubs with Union Jacks flying high etc.

High numbers of male aged 16 - 30 asylum seekers are being encouraged to come to the UK, possibly ready for a draft soon.

Britain would be absolutely useless if a draft came about now because patriotism is almost dead in this country. I think the government has noticed this and is preparing the country for all out war in the near future.

Anyone else in the UK notice this?

I did a quick search at your site for JESSICA LYNCH but was unable to find what I'm looking for. I heard last week that a young Philipino soldier who was with her during her 'daring rescue' died lafter being mysteriously shot in his own backyard by an unknown passerby. (Who of course, wasn't noticed fleeing the scene & hasn't been caught.) The broadcast briefly mentioned 2 other soldiers who were with Lynch and have also died in the months since her return to the states.

Obviously, someone is tying up loose ends before Lynch's book gets released. So I want to pull together any articles I can find about those 3 soldiers. Any links you or your readers have would be appreciated.

There are some links in the October archive.

I remember that a t-shirt was printed back in the late '70s or early '80s with (or words to the effect): "SouthEast Asian War Games---America: Second Place", I am guessing the new slogan will be: 'MidEast War Games --- America: Third Place' ( after israel 1st and Multi-National Corporations 2nd). Weird how history repeats itself.

what can i say? glad ur back. i was furious u got taken down.

set me thinkin.......... can folks vote with their wallets? wheres the best place to spend on what u have to and minimize profits for extremists of all flavours?

they're removin real democratic influence so maybe 'aware consumption' may help redress the balance? fair trade for the west lol.

probably futile but i thought id mention it as well as say keep it up dude, ill donate when i find enuf work to do more than cover my rent.

It is a sign of the times how many emails I get reporting the desire to donate a few dollars but the inability to do so because of job and salary cuts. Believe me, I understand and rent and family must come first. Behind the unemployment numbers lurks a darker truth, that millions of Americans now work in much lower-paying jobs than they had only a few years ago.

Mike, I saw a bumper sticker you would like:

Don't steal. The government hates competition!

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