What Really Happened


Michael Rivero

Perhaps a fringe web site like Little Green Footballs can be forgiven for calling former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney "One of the craziest moonbat politicians in the US". But when the prestigious Washington Post finally acknowledges the Israeli hijacking of the Greek-flagged "Spirit of Humanity" and the abduction of the passengers and crew, including the former US Congresswoman, and starts their article with "Somehow we didn't think we had seen the last of Cynthia McKinney.", you know this is a trend.

Now, I would like you all to look back to 2007, when armed British patrol boats strayed into Iranian territorial waters, and Iran captured 15 British service personnel. In contrast to the near total silence surrounding Israel's taking of the "Spirit of Humanity", the American and British media were filled with outrage, demands for the release of the British sailors, and warnings of dire consequences that would happen if the international standards for treatment of prisoners were not adhered to by Iran! The fate of the British sailors was the headline news for day after day after day until Iran released them back to Britain after Britain (while claiming an old map was to blame) promised the incursions would never happen again.

The freed sailors were treated as heroes and then ordered never to publicly comment on just what had actually happened.

The same media that lionized the British sailors and expressed such concern for their well being has taken a totally different approach with the Israeli capture of the "Spirit of Humanity".

There has been virtually no coverage at all other than (as pointed out above) articles that insult McKinney and treat the whole subject as not important. Readers of WRH have called into TV stations like WABC-TV in New York only to be told that Michael Jackson, a musician dead of a drug overdose, is the major international story and that the seizure of the "Spirit" by Israel just isn't important at all.

I am trying to figure out why the two stories are treated so differently.

True, there are some differences. The British Patrol boats were armed for war while "Spirit of Humanity" was on a peace mission. The British eventually admitted they had been in "disputed" Iranian waters while "Spirit of Humanity" was clearly in international waters. But that doesn't explain the strange disconnect in the way the two stories were treated.

I wondered if maybe the authors of the above hit pieces on Cynthia just didn't like women, but then I remembered that one of the British crew was a woman as well, so that cannot be the problem.

Then it finally hit me. Cynthia McKinney is black. And the British sailors, including the female, are all white!

That has to be it. And I am stunned! After all the progress I thought we had made in civil rights in the United States, to see such a double standard at work in the American corporate media! White British sailors captured are headline news, while a captured black US Congresswoman is treated as irrelevant, if not outright scorned!

This is a major shock. It has been so long since I have seen such blatant racism on display in the corporate media, and while LGF might be forgiven, I find it alarming to see such a double standard in the Washington Post!

Of course, I might have missed something here. Maybe there is another reason that the American Corporate media thinks that Iran hijacking boats in their own territorial waters is a major news story while Israel hijacking a boat in international waters is not. And if that is true; if there really is a reason why the two stories are being treated differently, I welcome any member of the corporate media to call into my radio show and explain it to me.

Because until they do, I think we have no choice left but to conclude that the difference in coverage between the two stories is that the American Corporate Media just don't like black people!


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