Our Money & Banking system causes warfare

A Christmas Message for Peace, Understanding, and Action

 Our Money & Banking system causes warfare. Two important steps can fix this: (From Stephen Zarlenga's welcome address at the 2006 AMI Monetary Reform Conference)

 “We often focus on the problem of interest payments on debt money created privately out of thin air. Yes it's a huge injustice, concentrating wealth and power into fewer and fewer hands - mainly undeserving hands. This pressurizes life and de-humanizes society … But an even bigger question is control over where the money goes – what gets funded and what doesn't - misdirecting humanity into warfare, death and destruction. Who is doing this? We get a clear view from time to time of the secular and religious gangs involved…

HOW and WHY does a private money system lead to warfare?

Raise your hand if you think you know.

Yes - it provides a huge motive for war!

Here's a real life example: It is March, 2003 and $15 billion is needed to repair the levees protecting the city of New Orleans . Public TV documentaries (NOVA) have authoritatively warned of the danger that New Orleans would be flooded with over 100,000 dead. Millions of viewers have seen and believe the documentary. But under a private money system, the government must either go into more debt, or raise taxes to get the money. Both of these prove politically impossible. The levees fail in August 2005. Thousands die and $400 billion of property damage results.

OR It is March, 2003. Under a major deception purposely designed to rush America headlong into war, an administration catering to financiers, religious maniacs and other warmongering elements rushes into warfare, and under a barrage of fear mongering and war hysteria even its Democratic opposition is completely unable to vote against wasting what will eventually total over a $ trillion dollars on a losing, and clearly immoral war! The money comes from borrowing. Over 600,000 Iraqi civilians and 3,000 American soldiers lose their lives for no good reason.

U.S. Government debt balloons because of a combination of these war expenditures and pernicious tax cuts to the already obscenely rich. The usurers get their risk free loans to government and the ability to get secure interest on their vast wealth. The debt based money system that empowers them is protected.

With a private money system the motive for Warfare is that it forces the government into ever more debt – paying interest to financiers on privately created money and increasing their influence. This hogties our government, the only organizational form that can protect the nation from the thieving “Enrons” of the world. Under wartime conditions, the opposition is neutralized and the people are left unprotected and more vulnerable to their predations!

The financial controllers could have thrown their considerable political power behind a drive to build levees, or to provide universal health care, or to fund a decent educational system. With their control of media, they might still have forced the government into more borrowing from them. But then the people of our nation would have received some infrastructure, some health care, and some educational benefits, albeit under a continuing unjust and pernicious private money system… so it appears evident that the preponderance of the “financial controllers” don't want to improve the nation. If they did, we'd see improvement, not merely the concentration of great wealth into their hands. They don't want the nation to be able to defend itself from their parasitical predations; they don't want the people and the economists to see and learn from concrete examples, how government expenditures can be properly used to benefit the population.

That would undermine the very ethos of the class warfare system their class invented and nurtures, known as “economics,” which almost openly defines its purpose as doing whatever it can to harm and weaken their opposition; to keep the victims of their economic theories – the people of our country - in bondage. That's why it usually does more harm than good, to co-operate with them. That's why mankind is better off to let events run their course and to then decisively remove this millstone from humanity's neck. Continuing under their control with nuclear weapons, ultimately is humanicide.”

End of Excerpt.

What is the better way? To realize that our government can raise revenues by creating its own money, instead of borrowing it or taxing it. History shows that done properly, this is by far a superior source of funding, and need not be inflationary.

There are two kinds of action necessary to remove the scourge of warfare for profit from the brow of humanity:

First: this war must be ended now, plain and simple. As long as the warmongers keep us at war, they will use the threat of mortal danger as an excuse to move against our own Constitution. Every sort of crooked deal and vicious agenda is protected under the tent of wartime emergency. These agenda's have nothing in common with true American interests.

The “Neo-Conservatives” have done more harm to America than anything you can name. Its finally being understood that their war of choice has been the greatest catastrophe in American foreign policy, and it can get worse – a lot worse! Find out how they got the label “neo-conservatives,” how their leaders switched from destructively (anti-American) liberal to destructively (anti-American) conservative in the late 60s/early 70s, and which of their beliefs they did not change, in that process. That will tell you who and what they truly serve. They are now beginning the long term process of switching back toward “liberal” in this “game” of pushing the social pendulum much too far in alternating directions.

What interests does it serve? Ultimately none, as the people of our country rise in indignant opposition to being told until a few short weeks ago that the war was going well. Indeed this war will be stopped!

How? By politics. The writing is already on the wall. The first anti-war candidate–Democrat Dennis Kucinich a longtime opponent of the war has entered the Presidential race. Take a look for yourself at the excitement building at http://www.kucinich.us and at http://www.myspace.com/kucinich2008 . Then look up the website of new Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont ( http://bernie.org/?p=65 ) who adamantly opposes sending more troops to Iraq . Shortly we'll be able to direct you to some Republican lawmakers who are now getting ready to oppose this war. This is a multi-partisan effort because it is an American issue.

We do not endorse partisan campaigns, but we can support important issues such as ending this war and we pledge to draw similar attention to all lawmakers or Candidates of whatever party who seriously oppose the war!

 Second and more important than stopping one war: We must begin a program to remove the financial motivation for warfare by reforming our monetary and banking system. The MONEY POWER, the privilege to create what we use for money in this system must be removed from private hands and re-established within the U.S. Treasury. It's well enough known how to do that without inflationary effects. What's not so well realized is that this will remove a major incentive for unnecessary warfare.

Otherwise stopping this war will have only a short term benefit for humanity. The structural faults favoring warfare now built into the system must be eradicated. This is accomplished with the American Monetary Act, a comprehensive reform of our monetary and banking system that places the Federal Reserve System within the US Treasury, and removes the private privilege to create money. (see http://www.monetary.org/amacolorpamphlet.pdf ) This Act has its best chance for enactment in the next financial crisis (or the next one). A smaller step in this direction is taken with the Monetary Transparency Act which requires the present Federal Reserve System to provide transparent information on how the money system is affecting our nation. This will assist legislators in making important public policy decisions. The Monetary Transparency Act can be passed in the new Congress. We'll post its final form on our website soon.

What can you do individually?

Get more people to read The Lost Science of Money book and to support the American Monetary Institute with donations. Then attend the AMI Monetary Reform Conference at Roosevelt University in Chicago , September 27-30, 2007 where we will discuss this legislation, and focus on how the present monetary system facilitates warfare. Please see http://www.monetary.org/2007%20conference%20announcement.html

There is an early registration discount ($195, instead of $295) for all conference registrations postmarked by January 21, 2007 . Hotel accommodations are as low as $31 per night at the HI Chicago Hostel, across the street from Roosevelt University . Please take a look at the announcement, and act now – it helps us to organize this important event.

Then join a local AMI Chapter and when your knowledge level is comfortable, visit your national and state lawmaker's offices to help them understand that there are known workable solutions to their most pressing problems.

Finally, your tax deductible donation to the American Monetary Institute can still count for 2006. We promise to use it intelligently. Please send your check to us at

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Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to all!

Stephen Zarlenga

Director, American Monetary Institute


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