George Catlett Marshall (1888-1959) was a failed Army man starting in 1902 until 1933 when he came under the protective wings of KGB "Agent 19" Harry Hopkins and pinko Eleanor Roosevelt. In 1933 he was promoted to Colonel. In 1939 he was appointed Chief of Staff and four-star General of the Army over more than 400 hundred more qualified and senior individuals.

"KUBEK" = How the Far East Was Lost, Dr. Anthony Kubek, 1963.
is the best exposition, along with McCarthy's book, of how Marshall single-handedly gave China to the Communists. For a brief exposition of Dr. Kubek's thesis, see his classic Communism at Pearl Harbor


America's Retreat From Victory, The Story of George C. Marshall by Senator Joe McCarthy is the best biography of Marshall. This is the first four chapters of that book covering Marshall's beginnings through WWII. It is an absolutely brilliant book.

See also Joseph McCarthy, the man who exposed Marshall for the fool and Communist traitor that he was.

To more fully understand the motives of the man who empowered Marshall, see FDR

Pearl Harbor - Mother of All Conspiracies

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