The 9/11 Pentagon Photos:
5 Frames of Mass Distraction

Take a look at the five frames released by the US military of the Pentagon impact on 9/11. The striking thing about these frames is they don't show what hit the building.

This has allowed government shills to run a claim that a passenger jet didn't really hit the Pentagon even though the event was witnessed by a mass of people, and this in turn has created a pointless internet debate about what hit the building.

This has two advantages for the shills:

  1. It ties up the time of people looking into 9/11 - instead of exploring serious questions like what happened to the USAF on 9/11 they're researching trivia such as how many lampposts were knocked down outside the Pentagon.

  2. The absurdity of the claim allows the mainstream media to mock internet sites which research the events of 9/11.

Here are some accounts of eyewitnesses who watched a plane fly into the Pentagon. There are some minor discrepancies between the accounts, but this can be expected. The overwhelming view is that a commercial airliner crashed into the building, so it's safe to say that's what happened.

Read the accounts, think about them, and then concentrate on the important questions surrounding the events of 9/11. If shills want to argue about trivia, let them do it amongst themselves.

What Really Happened