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9/11 Redux: (The Observer's Cut)
American Airlines Flight 11, Reexamined

By David L. Graham

Although many questions remain unanswered, regarding the suspicious circumstances of 9/11, none seems more dubious and disturbing, than that of the hijacking of American Airlines Flight 11. In this case, there appears to be serious time-line inconsistencies and conflicting testimony between an air-traffic controller, and a (purported) flight attendant eye witness account, not to mention, an inconsistent (but nevertheless revealing) FAA memo, and probable evidence planting by intelligence agencies and FBI investigators.

On the morning of September 11th, American Airlines Flight 11, along with 10 crew members and 81 passengers, departed from Boston¹s Logan Airport, at 7:59 AM, on route to Los Angeles. Investigators surmise that the plane was hijacked within 15 minutes after departure. It then traveled another 10 minutes and abruptly turned south over Albany, NY, where it followed the Hudson River down to NYC. During this entire flight, as confirmed through interviews with an air-traffic controllers, there was no (direct) verbal communication from the pilot or co-pilot. Although some semblance of radio contact was (purportedly) initiated by the pilot, it consisted of nothing more, than surreptitious transmissions from the cockpit mike, that (supposedly) revealed the voices of the hijackers. To reiterate, ground control claims they suspected a problem with the plane about 15 minutes after departure, when they repeatedly issued clearances for an altitude climb, that went unack-nowledged by the pilot. Soon thereafter, the plane¹s transponder stopped working, and the flight abruptly deviated from its charted course, turning south (over Albany), then traveled another 150 miles towards NYC, where it crashed into the North Tower of the WTC, at around 8:45 AM.


Although seemingly straight forward, when compared to other pieces of evidence, the hijack time-line for this flight completely collapses, and establishment explanations for it, thrown seriously into question.

A crew member on that flight, Madeline Amy Sweeney, (purportedly) was able to place a cell phone call to her ground manager during the hijacking. The assembled FBI transcript of this (recorded) call, was reviewed by the LA times and published on September 20th. A close examination of this transcript, however, proves to be very perplexing for a number of reasons: In it, Ms. Sweeney claims that the hijackers had stabbed two flight attendants and slit the throat of a business-class passenger, killing him. In addition, according to a recently released FAA memo produced on 9/11/01, one passenger is even mentioned as being shot. What¹s especially revealing, is that according to Sweeney¹s highly detailed account, (all) of this apparently occurred before the cockpit was breached by the hijackers. In keeping with the reality of a violent (and fatal) airline hijacking, one would have to reasonably conclude, that the stabbed flight attendants, as well as the passengers, would¹ve been screaming VERY LOUDLY. In acknowledging this, a serious problem emerges - namely, why didn¹t (couldn¹t) the pilots alert ground control, given the fact that they must have heard the disturbances, and were still free to communicate. Since the hijackers had not yet ³gained access to the cockpit² (according to Sweeney¹s account), radio communication would¹ve still been possible. At the very least, the pilot or co-pilot should¹ve been able to send the emergency alert code, activated from no less than four places in the cockpit of a Boeing 767, including the steering yoke.


At this point, it is instructive to remember, that apparently none of the pilots, on any of the hijacked flights, were able to directly verbally communicate, with ground control. Moreover, according to authorities, the retrieved flight data recorders, from the equally suspicious crash sites of AA Flight 77 (Pentagon crash) and UA Flight 93 (Pennsylvania crash), are either damaged, or completely blank - depending on which FBI news brief you read (or believe). In addition, despite repeated pleas for disclosure from the victims¹ families of Flight 93, federal authorities have refused to publicly release the contents of the (intact) retrieved voice data recorder. This evidence would reveal the activity in the cockpit during the moments of the hijacking, and prior to the crash - assuming, of course, it¹s not blank as well..........or worse, incriminating for foul play. For foul play and a cover-up are indeed likely possibilities in this incident, considering the 911 cell phone call made by one of the passengers¹ describing an ³explosion and smoke,² not to mention, the eye witness accounts detailing ³burning debris,² raining down over an 8 mile area, and a second, unidentified (white plane), ³circling the crash,² immediately after impact. Unremarkably, FBI investigators have dismissed these eye witness accounts, and network news dutifully avoided any mention of them.


Returning back again to AA Flight 11, another problem concerns the time-line of the cell phone call made by the flight attendant. In it, she claims that (shortly after) the hijackers gained access to the cockpit, the plane quickly changed direction and started rapidly descending towards the WTC - eliciting from her, the chilling statements: ³I see water and buildings. Oh my God! Oh my God!² These were the last words of communication (supposedly) uttered by Ms. Sweeney, and, as the transcript of this call clearly demonstrates, these events occurred in quick succession. Therefore, it is beyond dispute, that (according to her account), describing the entry into the cockpit by the hijackers, this occurred when Flight 11 was somewhere off the edge of Manhattan, over the Hudson River, within sight of the NY skyline.


This again, presents an even more serious problem: that is, if the hijackers had not breached the cockpit earlier, over Albany, (WHY) did the plane deviate from its charted course, 150 miles north of NYC? Furthermore, how could investigators possibly conclude, that the flight was commandeered (by hijackers), 15 minutes after takeoff from Boston¹s Logan Airport, (when compared) to the cell phone call made by Madeline Sweeney? Moreover, why was (the meticulously detailed) Ms. Sweeney, (a Massachucettes-based flight attendant for 12 years), unable to identify Manhattan or the Hudson River, above and beyond ³buildings and water?²

By (accepting both) pieces of evidence, we would somehow have to ridiculously conclude, that unbeknownst to the pilots, the hijackers conducted a stabbing (and quite possibly, a shooting) rampage, terrorizing passengers and crew members for a full 25 minutes, while ³telepathically² forcing the pilots to perform a turn over Albany, and fly 150 miles south to Manhattan. Add to this, the ³surreptitious transmissions² from the cockpit radio mike, initiated by the pilot for most of the flight, and you would have to further assume, that the pilots themselves, were impersonating the ³heavily-accented² voices of the hijackers, up until the point when the (actual) hijackers Œstormed the cockpit, which occurred shortly before impact (according to Sweeney) - an unsatisfactory conclusion, to be sure.

Even more unsettling, was the network news broadcast, aired a few days after 9/11, that featured the last moments of the (recorded) Sweeney phone call. Anyone listening to this call, should have immediately been struck by one thing..............namely, the only voice you hear screaming is Madeline Sweeney¹s. Can it truly be plausible, that in the moments before crashing into the North Tower of the WTC, one flight attendant would, among 9 other crew members and 81 passengers, be the only one heard shrieking in terror?

Taken together, all of the inconsistencies discussed above, and more of which that follows, may very well indicate that the AA Flight 11, as well as the other hijacked flights on 9/11, were commandeered by other means. This very possibility, has been proffered by a number of aviation professionals and pilots, who have voiced serious doubts that the suspects in question, could¹ve possessed the requisite level of navigational expertise, to expertly guide the planes to their targets (having trained ³unsuccessfully² on propeller-driven Cessna¹s, and logged-in insufficient hours on flight simulators). This opinion is even further bolstered, by a review of some the descriptions and assessments offered by some of the flight instructors, describing the relative talents and capabilities of the terrorist students they instructed. In the words of one flight instructor, two of the suspects were described as ³dumb and dumber,² and another two were dropped from instruction due to ³incompetence at the controls.² One instructor, in fact, expressed even more serious doubts, when he stated: ³It was like they had hardly even ever driven a car.......²


Some have even gone as far to suggest, that the flights in question, may very well have been electronically hijacked by existing US military technology, that is capable of commandeering an aircraft through computer-driven, remote recovery, rend-ering cockpit controls and communication, useless. More specifically, it would make hostages of pilots, passengers, and ³hijackers,² alike, and guarantee that certain targets would be reached, above and beyond the unpredictable dispositions and limited skill levels of ³fanatical, 20-something terrorists.² Still others have suggested, that there were various other, assembled, undercover individuals on those flights, possessing diametrically opposed, yet equally fanatical persuasions (and far superior flight training), that were involved in ³using² the Middle Eastern occupants as a ruse, to covertly assume control of the flights beyond detection - and hence blame. Their efforts were further assisted, it is claimed, by the cooperation (if not collaboration), with US intelligence agencies, the US military, and certain elements within the political establishment. If recent events, and the consideration of certain relevant news releases (i.e. the Israeli spy scandal), any indication, this interpretation may yet prove to hold much credence.


Equally disturbing and additionally doubtful, was the ³terrorist luggage² the FBI managed to conveniently discover back at Logan Airport, stuffed with a veritable laundry list of (suspiciously) incriminating evidence. What they seemingly couldn¹t do, however, was correctly identify the number of hijackers on that flight, as well as their corresponding seat numbers. When placing the cell phone call to her ground manager, Sweeney claimed there were (only four) hijackers on flight 11, and confirmed that their seat numbers were in rows 9 and 10. Recalling the now ³dismissed as mistaken,² FAA memo, it too identified a passenger in seat 10B who, it was claimed, shot another passenger in seat 9B. The FBI, however, ³identified² a total of (five) hijackers, and claimed they were all assigned to seats in row 8. The FBI version is cast even further into doubt, when considering the LA Times Sweeney article, when it states: ³She displayed remarkable calm as she related numerous details about the events unfolding.² And, as one AA official familiar with the Sweeney phone call stated: ³She was very, very composed, very detailed. It was impressive that she could do that.² Add to this, the troubling fact, that none of the names of the hijackers originally appeared on any of the publicly released passenger manifests, and consider that to this day, there have been no forthcoming explanations for any of these disturbing discrepancies.


Sadly, even the NYC Police Dept. jumped on the ³evidence bandwagon,² by claiming to have found a passport from one of the hijacker¹s, 8 blocks away from WTC. In the now familiar manner, the NYC Police Dept. would have us believe, that the passport somehow managed to miraculously survive the raging infernos of the WTC towers, and float to the ground, unscathed. This minor miracle, was again repeated in Pennsylvania, whereupon a terrorist suicide note was discovered by FBI investigators, near the smoldering crater of the crash site.........despite Flight 93 (in the words of the FBI) being ³vaporized² on impact.


Even more incredible, is the fact that of the five passengers the FBI originally identified as the hijackers of AA Flight 11, three are alive, and living in the Middle East. To date, a total of seven Middle Eastern individuals, originally implicated in the hijackings of 9/11, have proven to be alive. Since the FBI has publicly stated that the hijackers could¹ve used (did use) false I.D.¹s, how could they possibly have known who the real hijackers were? Upon notification of the errors, the FBI allegedly apologized for the mistakes, yet they immediately substituted seven new (Middle Eastern-named) suspects, with a new list on 9/28/01. This, of course, leads to another troubling question: If seven of the original names, thus far, have proven to be incorrect ( based on false I.D.¹s), what evidence could they possibly have had, to immediately implicate seven new suspects? Even more importantly, how can we now possibly assume, that the other twelve original ³identifications² were correct, and that Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda was ultimately responsible?


These troubling facts have been conspicuously absent in the major US media. Moreover, to this day, well over five months after the ³corrections² to the original FBI list were made, network news continues to (fraudulently) air the original hijacker list, including photographs of the seven misidentified Middle Eastern suspects.

Adding even further, to the already thick stew of intrigue, is recently released evidence linking the Venice, Florida-based Huffman Aviation flight school (responsible for training the hijackers on AA Flight 11) to the CIA, as well as certain ³Christian charities.² In fact, the very same Middle Eastern hijackers, that allegedly took control of AA Flight 11, attended classes at flight schools in both Venice and Sarasota, Florida, and were trained by the very same instructors who have routinely flown world-wide missions for various Christian fundamentalist missionary services, from those very same airports and the flight schools therein. These missions have included Pat Robertson¹s ³Operation Blessing² and Jerry Falwell¹s ³World Help². Considering the eager anticipation, for certain ³biblical events² to transpire, from Evangelical figures such as these, this connection, indeed, proves to be a troubling one.


Casting even further doubt on establishment explanations, is the fact, that of the 19 Middle Eastern hijack suspects implicated in the attacks of 9/11, (9) were required to undergo special security screenings, prior to boarding the ill-fated flights, based upon questionable I.D. documents. These additional security measures purportedly included extensive baggage searches by the (since discredited) private security firms, manning the airport checkpoints. This of course, raises a number of serious and uncomfortable questions regarding the relative thoroughness of security measures, as well as, the likely possibility that weapons were planted on the flights, prior to the suspects¹ boarding. Who might of planted them, and how they were planted, has apparently elicited very little interest from investigators, given the fact that no additional arrests have been made, involving airport personnel, since the security breeches of 9/11. In typical fashion, authorities have refused to disclose which suspects were the subject of additional security screenings, as well as identify, the flights they were associated with.


Without question, the most incredible revelation to recently emerge, pertains to the identity and background of the murdered (stabbed/shot?) victim of AA Flight 11. Sitting, literally right next to some of the ³hijack suspects,² was Daniel C. Lewin, an American citizen with dual Israeli citizenship, who was a former elite Israeli commando officer in a secret unit of the Israeli Defense Force called ³Sayeret Mat¹Kal.² Adding still further to the ³coincidence and irony,² is the fact that while a member of the IDF, Mr. Lewin apparently had received extensive ³anti-terrorism² training. Sayeret Mat¹Kal was formed in 1957, and explicitly created to infiltrate enemy territories for the purpose of conducting top secret intelligence gathering missions. Members of this unit are trained on the finer points of ³looking and thinking like an Arab,² and have been credited with conducting numerous death-squad killings, disguised as civilians. Mr. Lewin was also the co-founder of the internet company Akamai Technologies, Inc.. As indicated in the online, Hoover¹s Business capsule of Akamai, the name of the company is derived from a Hawaiian term meaning ³clever and intelligent....²


Recollections of the ³questions² surrounding the attack on Pearl Harbor, and its disturbing similarity to 9/11, seems to embody a special significance, when considering this timely detail.


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