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Tenet Caught In a 9/11 Lie

9/11/2001: Tenet had specifically warned Congressmen of an imminent 9/11 style attack on the US:

9/11 Radio Broadcast

"I spoke with Congressman Ike Skelton—a Democrat from Missouri and a member of the Armed Services Committee—who said that just recently the Director of the CIA warned that there could be an attack—an imminent attack—on the United States of this nature. So this is not entirely unexpected." [Memory Hole]

September 11, 2001, 4:30 p.m.: U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, D-Florida, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, says he was "not surprised there was an attack (but) was surprised at the specificity." He says he was "shocked at what actually happened -- the extent of it." [CNN]

10/17/2002: Tenet stated that attack warnings were vague and pointed to the Middle East:

Extract of Statement by DCI George Tenet Before the Congressional Joint Inquiry on 9/11
October 17, 2002

But the reporting was maddeningly short on actionable details. The most ominous reporting, hinting at something large, was also the most vague. The only occasions in this reporting where there was a geographic context, either explicit or implicit, it appeared to point abroad, especially to the Middle East. [fas.org]

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