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World Trade Center 2:
There Was No Inferno

The official story of the WTC 2 inferno:

"The real damage in the World Trade Center resulted from the size of the fire. Each floor was about an acre, and the fire covered the whole floor within a few seconds." [Nova] "At the 80th floor of WTC 2—in the northeast corner, where office furnishings had been deposited by the rapid path of the plane—the fire burns at such a high temperature that a stream of molten metal begins to pour over the side of the tower. The heat output from these fires will later be estimated to have been comparable to that produced by a large nuclear generating station." [Civil Engineering]

Okay, let's take a look...

[WTC 2] is struck obliquely, near a corner, so that the bulk of the fuel either explodes outside or is spewed, not into the tower’s interior, but out the other side in a wide arc into the street, where firefighters will report it pooling "ankle deep."

So there was less igniter fuel, less fire, and less heat to contribute to the presumed meltdown. [teslapress]

Right click link, "Save Target As" to download video
Realmedia video of impact (800kB)

Dr. Frank Gayle, Metals Expert: "Your gut reaction would be the jet fuel is what made the fire so very intense, a lot of people figured that's what melted the steel. Indeed it didn't, the steel did not melt." [Firehouse.com]

Accounts of WTC 2 Impact Area Survivors

"Remembrance of Vijay" - a WTC victim on the 78th floor:

They had to head to the 78th floor elevator lobby. While in the lobby waiting for the elevator with a whole bunch of people, the second plane hit their tower. The lights went out on the floor and many people were hurt, some killed. The emergency lights came on and people were checking to see who was OK. Vijay was apparently unhurt, just covered in dust. He then got a fire extinguisher to put out some of the fires that were on the floor but the fire extinguisher didn't work! [NYC Stories]

An account by Stanley Praimnath, a survivor from the 81st floor of WTC 2:

As he curled into a fetal position under his desk, the plane tore into the side of the building and exploded. Miraculously, Stanley was unhurt. However, he could see a flaming wing of the plane in the doorway of his department. ... Stanley's office resembled a battle zone--walls flattened into dusty heaps, office equipment strewn violently, flames flickering about and rubble everywhere. [ambassadoragency]

Have a good think about the account of Mr Praimnath. The plane impacted the floor he was on, and yet it he saw only flames flickering about. The WTC floors were open planned - there were no solid walls.

If the official account of the WTC fires were true then Mr Praimnath would not have survived because the floor he was on would have been consumed by an 800ºC inferno.

The fact that he is alive proves an inferno did not exist.

"The Ashen Guy" - another survivor from the 81st floor:

"There were about 230 people on the 81st floor and I was one of the last ones out. We took the stairs. There was smoke, but it wasn’t fire smoke, it was dry wall smoke and dust. The fire was above us." [MrBellorsNeighborhood]

Okay, let's go up:

The office of Euro Brokers on the 84th floor:

Most of the company's trading floor there was annihilated. Yet even there — at the bull's-eye of the airplane's impact — other people were alive. [New York Times]

An account by Brian Clark, an 84th floor survivor:

"You could see through the wall and the cracks and see flames just, just licking up, not a roaring inferno, just quiet flames licking up and smoke sort of eking through the wall." [BBC] The sprinkler system had turned on and had started to do something, but it wasn't doing its job as it should, so there was water sloshing down the stairways. [Nova]

There were fires on floors 78 - 84 when Flight 175 hit the building, but there was no inferno.

These firefighters transmissions document that there was no inferno in the impact area of WTC 2 immediately before the collapse of the building.

There was no inferno in WTC 2 at any time.

The Madrid Skyscaper Fire

A graphic demonstration of an 800ºC inferno

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