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"There is no true happiness at the expense of someone else's unhappiness" -- Buddhist proverb.



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By Michael Rivero

You don't need me to tell you how bad things are.

You already know.

You already know that the wealth of American workers is being stripped away to prop up a failed private central banking system that issues the public currency as a loan at interest, by design creating more debt than money with which to pay that debt, to trap and enslave you.

You already know your children are dying in wars of conquest intended to force that same failed system of national economics onto other nations.

You already know the US Government has abandoned even the pretense of complying with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

You already know that the United States has become a nation few want their children to have to live in.

You know all this!

The question is, what will you do about it?

It is up to you, you know.

The reality is that there are no heroes to step forward to save the situation. That is a fantasy purveyed by film and TV to lull you into the false belief that if you sit quietly at home and do nothing to challenge the rulers, that someone else will fix the problems that curse your lives.

You know that is a lie.

Superman is a comic book, the Lone Ranger a radio show, Batman does what he does only on the silver screen, government and banking will never correct the corruptions which have made them rich and powerful, the CIA is not the swell bunch of Joes portrayed in the Tom Clancy books, and the imaginary playmate in the sky is not going to alter the nature of the world in exchange for the small change you toss into the collection plates, no matter how much you grovel before that child molester in the funny looking robes.

You know that.

If there is to be a better world, for you and your children, you must make it happen. And only you can do it.

If you want truthful government, you must make public the government's lies.

If you want honest banking, you must withdraw your business from dishonest financial institutions.

If you want accurate and fair media, you must ignore the tellers of lies and support the tellers of facts.

If you want peace, you must openly oppose war.

If you want an end to corruption, you must unite together against the corrupters.

If you want a nation that is not controlled by a foreign government, then you must remove that foreign government's enablers.

If you want a public currency that is a public utility, you must issue that currency and refuse to use the currency designed to enslave you with debt.

If you want honest elections, then you must destroy the means by which elections are rigged, and drive from power all those who stole their offices.

If you are tired of working as hard as you can, only to be forced to live with less so the wealthy can have more, you must change things.

If you are tired of living under fascism, then you must do something about it.

If you are disgusted with what this nation has become, then you must make a difference.

Above all, you must allow yourself to be openly angry to what has been done to you, what is being done to your children, and what is being done to your nation, because this is your nation. And ultimate responsibility for the future of the nation rests with you.

Only you.

If you want a better world, you must make it happen.

You know that.