Nov 15 08:01

Prince Charles calls on Britain and Germany to 'reaffirm' their bond to 'defend the future we owe our children and our grandchildren' after jetting in on £1million makeover ministerial RAF jet

Prince Charles will call on Britain and Germany to 'reaffirm' their bond and make striving for a 'better tomorrow' their 'common cause' during a ceremony marking Germany's National Day of Mourning on Sunday.

Charles and Camilla jetted into Schönefeld - just south of Berlin - in the ministerial plane RAF Voyager this evening ahead tomorrow's event - and were greeted on the tarmac at Brandenburg Airport by Britain's ambassador to Germany Jill Gallard.

The royal couple are the first dignitaries to fly in RAF Voyager since aircraft's £1 million paint job which saw it transformed from grey to white - with a Union flag on the tailfin and United Kingdom written in gold on the fuselage.

Nov 15 08:01

Police scuffle with anti-lockdown and anti-vaxxer protestors and make dozens of arrests - including Piers Corbyn - after thousands march through Bristol and Liverpool

Police scuffled with anti-lockdown and anti-vaxxer protestors and made dozens of arrests after thousands marched through Bristol and Liverpool city centres today despite warnings they could face fines for breaking coronavirus restrictions.

The group Stand Up Bristol gathered with signs in the city this morning, with at least 14 maskless protestors being arrested by police as tensions bubbled over.

Avon and Somerset police also said that as well as several people being arrested for failing to comply with the directions of officers, one arrest was also made after an officer was assaulted.

Nov 15 08:00

Christmas logjam! Shops warn of festive stock shortages after Britain’s biggest container port at Felixstowe becomes clogged up with 11,000 PPE containers

Shops could see stock shortages this Christmas as 11,000 shipping containers full of PPE bought by the Government are stuck in Britain's busiest container port.

Currently 30 per cent of container space at the Port of Felixstowe is being taken up by the PPE order as the Government have nowhere else to store it, sources claim.

This backlog of containers - some of which have been there since August - is a 'significant factor' in the current congestion seen at the port.

Nov 15 07:59

PETER HITCHENS: Our panicking Prime Minister is bankrupting Britain

How extraordinary that the Johnson Government, while in serious money trouble, chooses to spend billions on a vaccine against a disease which in many cases has no symptoms at all.

Yet this peculiar decision is a mere ripple on the surface of a much deeper problem. Britain in 2020 has many economic difficulties, but good credit. The lenders and investors of the world believe the UK is run by responsible people and will repay its debts.

But my astute colleague Dan Atkinson recently discovered that the Treasury and the Bank of England are creating money out of nothing on a huge scale. It is like the old fairy tale of Rumpelstiltskin, who could spin gold out of straw – but at a terrible price.

Nov 15 00:49

Covid-19: Stop anti-vaccination fake news online with new law says Labour

Emergency laws to "stamp out dangerous" anti-vaccine content online should be introduced, Labour has said.

The party is calling for financial and criminal penalties for social media firms that do not remove false scare stories about vaccines.



Nov 14 08:08

Report: Vote Leave Boss out as BoJo Adviser, PM to Push Green Agenda, End Culture Wars

Vote Leave mastermind Dominic Cummings will be out as the chief adviser to the prime minister by Christmas, according to reports, with Boris Johnson looking to end the “culture wars” and emphasise a “green” agenda in line with fiancée Carrie Symonds’ wishes.

Cummings’ impending fall follows what is said to follow an intensified bout of bitter infighting between the soon-to-be-former Chief Adviser and other former Vote Leave staffers and allies of Miss Symonds within 10 Downing Street, with an insider describing the prime minister’s official residence as “a nest of vipers”.

This culminated in Vote Leave alumnus and Cummings ally Lee Cain being tipped to be promoted from Director of Communications to Chief of Staff — but ultimately ending up leaving the prime ministerial team entirely after Symonds reportedly “vetoed” his elevation.

Nov 14 07:56

Nigel Farage warns 'Brexit sell-out is close' as Cummings leaves Boris Johnson's side

NIGEL FARAGE has said he fears a "Brexit sell-out" is on the cards after the Prime Minister's top aide and Vote Leave mastermind Dominic Cummings was pictured carrying a box out of Downing Street.

Boris Johnson’s closest adviser was snapped leaving Number 10 on Friday evening following days of fierce infighting. After initial reports claimed Mr Cummings had stepped down with immediate effect, sources said he planned to continue working for the Government until mid-December.

Nov 13 09:03

Number of Covid-19 patients being treated in NHS hospitals in Tier Three Liverpool DROPPED 15% in the week before England's second national lockdown, official data reveals

Number 10 caved into pressure and hit the lockdown panic button in England earlier this month, after its scientific advisers warned hospitals were on track to be completely overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients by the end of November.

Ministers abandoned their tiered scheme, which only came into force on October 14, and went with the crude national intervention, claiming that beds would soon be overrun and doctors would be forced to choose whose life to save.

Yet NHS England figures show there were 413 people with Covid-19 at Liverpool University Hospitals, the city's biggest trust, on November 5, the day the country went into the second lockdown. This marked a 13 per cent drop from the 475 who were being treated the week prior, on October 30.

Nov 13 07:53

Bill Gates Meets With Boris Johnson To Discuss Implementing ‘Global’ Vaccine Program

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, currently being criticised for imposing another lockdown based on questionable data, has met with Bill Gates to discuss implementing a global “health security” program using Britain’s G7 presidency to speed up the process.

Johnson met with Gates along with the CEOs of ten of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies to foment plans to roll out the vaccine for coronavirus.

Nov 13 07:03

SIMON WALTERS: In all my years at Westminster I've never seen a No 10 inner circle descend into civil war so rapidly - now Boris's private office is as chaotic as his private life

The Oxford professor, physicist and philosopher Sir Roger Penrose was finally awarded a Nobel Prize last month 55 years after he proved there are black holes in space.

It has taken less than 55 weeks since the last election for proof to emerge that there is a gaping black hole at the heart of Boris Johnson’s Downing Street machine.

The resignation this week of his director of communications Lee Cain has laid bare perhaps the Prime Minister’s biggest weakness: the way he runs his private office at No 10 is just as chaotic as the way he runs his private life.

Nov 13 06:52

Britain’s Johnson is bowing & scraping to Washington and that’s something for the world to dread

Gaffe-prone Boris Johnson is in a bind. He has been an ardent fan of Donald Trump but now finds himself on the wrong side of Washington if Joe Biden, who has declared victory in the election, makes it to the White House.

Downing Street’s dilemma was apparent in the mix-up over a congratulatory note sent to Biden by Johnson over the election result which appeared to have originally been intended for Trump.

The Republican incumbent has refused to concede victory to his Democratic rival citing voting fraud claims over Biden’s majority of popular votes and nominal Electoral College ballots. Nevertheless Downing Street has joined other foreign leaders in acknowledging Biden as the winner who will be inaugurated as president on January 20.

Nov 13 06:45

UK prime minister slams anti-vax ‘nonsense’, tells Brits to get the Covid-19 jab when it’s their turn

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hit out at anti-vaxxers and claimed that he has no hesitation about getting the Covid vaccine himself, adding that everyone should receive the jab once it’s available to them.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Johnson encouraged all Britons to get immunized against coronavirus, and took the opportunity to freshly lambast the anti-vax movement, which has been increasingly vocal in the UK.

“Anti-vax is total nonsense; you should definitely get a vaccine,” he said.

Nov 12 13:16

Flashback - Coronavirus: Unlawful do not resuscitate orders imposed on people with learning disabilities

Unlawful 'do not resuscitate' orders are being placed on patients with a learning disability during the coronavirus pandemic without families being consulted.

National charities have successfully challenged more than a dozen unlawful do not resuscitate orders (DNRs) that were put in place because of the patient’s disability rather than due to any serious underlying health risk.

Nov 12 13:15

People with learning disabilities are up to 30 TIMES more likely to die from Covid-19, PHE study finds

Experts said those aged 18-34 had a Covid fatality rate of 36.3 deaths per 100,000 people, compared to 1.2 per 100,000 in the general population.

They concluded people with disabilities were up to six times more likely to die if they caught Covid-19, but that this varied substantially between age groups.

Nov 12 13:10

NHS waiting list for routine treatment hits 12-year high with 140,000 patients put on hold for a YEAR - as proportion of suspected cancer patients getting seen within two week referral falls to record low

The number of people in England forced to wait at least a year for routine treatment rocketed to almost 140,000 in September — the largest backlog since 2008.

It marks a 100-fold surge in the waiting list compared to the same month last year, when 1,300 patients were put on hold for more than 12 months.

NHS figures today also revealed cancer referrals hit a record low, with almost 30,000 suspected to be waiting more than two weeks between an urgent GP referral and their first appointment.

Experts fear the desperate situation will only get worse because the second wave of the pandemic is forcing hospitals to cancel hundreds more routine surgeries and appointments in order to manage surging Covid-19 patient numbers.

Nov 12 06:25

BoJo hosts Bill Gates & pharma bigwigs to plot Covid-19 vaccine deployment as UK military preps for ‘biggest effort since WWII’

UK PM Boris Johnson has met with billionaire vaccine evangelist Bill Gates and 10 Big Pharma CEOs to discuss rolling out the Covid-19 jab and unveil the country’s new Gates-funded plan to “prevent future pandemics.”

The pharmaceutical lovefest, conducted virtually on Tuesday, saw all 10 execs “re-commit” to ensuring fair global access to any successful Covid-19 vaccines in the wake of positive yet vague news about Pfizer’s jab, which has yet to be approved in the UK even as the National Health Service prepares to start vaccinating people as early as December.

Nov 12 06:10

Joe Biden tipped to appoint OBAMA as ambassador to UK in very awkward move for Boris

Joe Biden was declared winner of the US Presidential election on Saturday night and will take over from Donald Trump next January after his inauguration ceremony. The Democrat candidate is Barack Obama’s former Vice President and the President-elect could be about to appoint his ex-boss into a prominent position, which could spell trouble for Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Nov 12 06:09

UK Police State Shaming: Force Scolds, Fines Man £200 for Cup of Tea with Friend

A British police force took to social media to shame a man for visiting his friend’s house for a cup of tea and fined him £200 for breaching lockdown.

England’s second lockdown prohibits the mixing of households. With five senior police officers vowing last week that those who break the rules would “face the consequences of greater levels of enforcement”, Greater Manchester Police held one Wigan man up as an example to others.

Posting on Facebook, the force said: “As a follow on from yesterday’s post reminding you we are currently in Lockdown 2.0 as they say and under government restrictions, a fixed penalty was issued to a male last night who decided he was going to see his mate and have a brew with him.”

“To make matters worse he tried to lie about why he was there. You cannot go to another person’s address unless for certain exemptions ie childcare, support bubble etc,” the force added, according to The Guardian.

Nov 11 18:26

‘Medical tyranny’: Govt advisers’ idea to give corona-free Britons WRISTBANDS gets cold welcome on Twitter

Behavior experts advising the British government have suggested that offering people with negative Covid-19 results wristbands would help encourage mass testing. But reaction shows not everyone would like to wear such a marker.

Nov 11 08:54

Redundancies hit record high in the three months before second lockdown was revealed - as furlough was wound down and employers feared end of scheme

Official figures showed there were a record 314,000 lay-offs in the three months to September as struggling businesses wielded the axe - more than at the peak of the credit crunch.

The jobless rate was 4.8 per cent - 1.62million people - 0.7 percentage points up on the previous quarter and 0.9 percentage points higher than a year earlier.

Nov 11 08:40

Big Govt Orders Supermarkets to Barricade ‘Non-Essential’ Aisles During English Lockdown

The head of the UK’s oldest conservative think tank has condemned government orders for supermarkets to barricade aisles containing ‘non-essential’ items during England’s lockdown, saying Boris Johnson’s administration should “leave it to the public to decide what they want and need to buy”.

The Conservative national government has quietly instructed supermarkets to close departments selling so-called “non-essential” items during England’s second lockdown, with media reporting in recent days citizens’ anger at not being to buy items including kettles, socks, and baby clothes.

Nov 11 06:48

'How DARE he!' Caller erupts at meddling Joe Biden 'dictating' what UK can do on Brexit

The UK is expecting to broker a trading arrangement with the US as Joe Biden as President as part of our post-Brexit relationship. Louisa from Essex called into the Jeremy Vine show to voice her frustration at the Democratic leader for attempting to dictate what the UK should do on Brexit. Joe Biden's administration and a multitude of political commentators have hinted that the UK needs to strike a deal with the European Union and scrap the Internal Market Bill before the US will agree on a trade deal with the UK.

Nov 11 06:46

UK’s beleaguered vaccines chief accused of profiting from $65m of taxpayers’ money steered towards her venture firm

The head of the British government’s Vaccine Taskforce may have personally profited from a $65 million investment of taxpayers’ money into a firm managed by a venture fund in which she holds a managerial post.

The allegation, which was raised by the Guardian newspaper on Tuesday, is the latest in a string of claims of impropriety leveled against Kate Bingham in recent weeks.

The biochemist and venture capitalist became the chair of the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce – a body created to facilitate acquisition and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines – in May. She combines her unpaid job with the government with being a managing partner in the private equity firm SV Health Investors.

Nov 11 06:27

DOUGLAS MURRAY: A warning to all those cheering Joe Biden's win... he's no friend of Britain

Britain has never had any great love for Donald Trump. His approval ratings among the public here rarely went above 25 per cent.

But one thing that everybody knew was that he was a great friend of the UK. Even if that feeling never was reciprocated.

And although opinion polls suggest that the British public will feel more comfortable with the Democrat alternative (as they always do), they should know one thing above all: Joe Biden and his party are no friends of this country. We might yet rue the day that Donald Trump leaves the White House.

Nov 10 07:24

Delingpole: Boris Johnson Is a Premature Congratulator

Boris Johnson has a premature ejaculation problem.

I refer, of course, not to the British Prime Minister’s well-practised performance in the bedroom but to his outburst — his ejaculation*, if you will — on Twitter over the weekend when he congratulated Joe Biden on ‘his election as President of the United States.’

Nov 10 06:35

'You corrupted UK politics!' Nigel Farage explodes at Alastair Campbell in BBC Brexit row

Nigel Farage reiterated Donald Trump's calls for legal proceedings against supposed election fraud as he argued that Democrats do not want to accept "there might be something wrong with postal voting". In a heated row with former Labour aide Alastair Campbell, he accused him of "corrupting British politics." Speaking to Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2, Mr Farage said: "You corrupted British politics by bringing in postal voting.

"We've seen lots of Labour officials go to prison in the last 20 years.

"I've seen for myself that postal voting is devastating.

"Mr Trump has a right to ask a judge to look at this and the emphasis is he has to prove it and find the evidence.

"What is funny is people like Alastair Campbell who have spent four years trying to overturn the Brexit result.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Reader comment: Voter fraud in the US or not, Campbell will be remembered as 'The Enforcer' who pressurised those compiling the report on WMD in Iraq to spice it up (lie, you and I) in order to justify his master's decision to go to war at the behest of GW Bush. The man is a proven liar and charlatan with blood on his hands.

Nov 09 07:31

Bad Start: Anti-Brexit Biden Declines Comment to British Media – ‘The BBC? I’m Irish’

British-American relations under a potential Biden presidency are off to a bad start, with the 77-year-old Democrat declining to give comment to the British press, saying: “The BBC? I’m Irish.”

Vote counting in the U.S. continues in some areas and results have not been officially certified, with President Donald Trump alleging fraud and declining to concede — yet much of the mainstream media have declared Mr Biden the winner or at least the projected winner of the election regardless.

The publicly-funded British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was one such outlet — but neither this nor Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s arguably premature rush to congratulate the Democrat seems to have done them any favours, as they discovered when they asked him for a “quick word” for their viewers.

Nov 09 06:58

Boris Johnson is braced for snub from Joe Biden: Prime Minister is well down the list of world leaders the next US President will call, sources say

oe Biden has begun calling world leaders but Boris Johnson is braced for an early snub from the President-elect.

Diplomatic sources acknowledged the Prime Minister was unlikely to be 'top of the list' for the man who described him last year as a 'physical and emotional clone' of Donald Trump.

British diplomats believe Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Irish PM Micheal Martin are among the leaders likely to hear from Mr Biden first as he rebuilds relations with the EU following years of hostility from Mr Trump.

Nov 09 06:39

DAVID MELLOR: They're sending us to hell in a handcart on the back of a dossier so dodgy even Tony Blair wouldn't have touched it

Surely now is the time for Boris Johnson to offer the courage of his hero Winston Churchill.

We need it more than ever. Yet last week he became the reincarnation of LedruRollin, the French revolutionary, who, as the mob rampaged through Paris in 1848, declared: 'I must follow them, for I am their leader!'

What else can we make of his decision to hide beneath the mess of unreliable and inaccurate data from Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance, and his Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty?

After some pretence of sticking up for his Chancellor Rishi Sunak, the one resolute figure this Government has yet produced, Johnson then followed his Brexit supremo Michael Gove, and his Health Secretary Matt Hancock, in swallowing everything Vallance and Whitty served up.

Nov 08 06:13

What lockdown? Market in London is PACKED with little social distancing or a mask in sight as visitors help themselves to takeaway beer and Britons flout new rules in their thousands

Britons flouted lockdown in their hundreds of thousands in London today as a market was packed with visitors helping themselves to takeaway beer on the first weekend of new coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

Londoners flocked to Broadway Market for drinks and food this afternoon, despite the new guidance to stay at home as much as possible.

People were pictured queuing up for pints outside street food restaurants and packing the streets, with many not wearing face masks.

Nov 08 05:54

MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: If lockdown goes on one day beyond December 2, it's curtains for Boris, the Tories – and for Britain

A week ago, we said there was a whiff of Tony Blair about the Government's case for a second lockdown. It felt rather too much like the launch of the 2003 dodgy dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, which was used to stampede the nation into the Iraq War, to the eventual regret of almost everyone.

We were more correct than we knew. In the following days, it became clear that graphs and projections used to justify the renewed shutdown were decidedly dodgy, and should never have been published.

Nov 07 14:36

'We've closed all of Cornwall down for three people in hospital': Healthcare assistant who publicly resigned claiming she had 'no work to do for three weeks' at peak of the pandemic says claim the NHS is overrun is 'all lies'

'We no longer have health care, we can't see dentists. I can tell you now when I was working at the height of the pandemic I had no work for three weeks because there were no patients. We have a particular Covid ward. None of the wards were overflowing with Covid patients and they're not now.'

She went on to claim that the flu and Covid cases are now recorded as 'the same thing' on death certificates.

In response to cheers from the crowd, she continues: 'I can tell you on Friday in Treliske there were three people in with Covid. No extra deaths, three - and that covers Treliske, West Cornwall and Hayle hospital.

'The total deaths from these three hospitals in seven months, is 76 people - that's about ten people a month over the last seven months, and we have locked down.

Nov 07 06:52

London Has Fallen | Lockdown Protests

Nov 06 09:08

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Cuffed for caring! Welcome to police state Britain

What kind of country have we become? A 73-year-old retired nurse was arrested and handcuffed after taking her mother out of a care home.

Ylenia Angeli was detained by police in a car park while her bewildered mum, Tina Thornborough, aged 97, looked on.

This outrageous incident was caught on video by Mrs Angeli's daughter, Leandra Ashton, and posted on the internet.

Welcome to Police State Britain.

Nov 06 09:07

Contacts of Covid cases are 'blocking' test and trace phone numbers after getting 'repeated calls' as expert says bungling system 'hasn’t been effective at all'

Britons are ignoring calls from test and trace and blocking its number because they are being bombarded, a contact tracer claimed today.

When someone tests positive for the coronavirus they are asked to provide a list of their contacts - family, friends and colleagues they were near for at least 15 minutes - for the system to ring and tell to self-isolate.

But when there are outbreaks in particular settings - such as in schools, offices, or care homes - the same contact is put down by several different people who have tested positive, meaning they face a barrage of calls from the service.

Nov 06 09:04

Fury over the NEW 'dodgy dossier': Tory MPs warn doomsday graph which predicted 1,500 daily deaths next month - but was secretly toned down - echoes the bogus data that sent Britain to war with Iraq

The Government and its scientific advisers were lambasted today for using 'dodgy coronavirus data' to justify a devastating second lockdown.

Tory MPs warned SAGE's doomsday predictions - wheeled out by Boris Johnson on Saturday night to announce the draconian measures - had echoes of the controversial dossier that sent Britain to war with Iraq.

Nov 06 09:00

'Jobs have been lost for nothing!' Rishi Sunak faces fury from workers made redundant just before he announced extension to furlough scheme - amid questions over why it's continuing until March

Hundreds of workers who have recently lost their jobs are furious with Rishi Sunak after he said the furlough scheme will be extended until the end of March.

In a major Government U-turn the Chancellor said the move is needed to quell the economic situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The job furlough scheme had been due to end on October 31.

Workers will now be able to get furlough at 80 per cent of their usual wage until the end of March, up to a ceiling of £2,500 a month, with employers only having to contribute national insurance and pension costs.

However for some the news has come too late, having already lost their jobs weeks or even days earlier.

Nov 06 06:25

Delingpole: Lockdown Britain Steps Closer towards Totalitarianism

Today Britain’s MPs failed the most important test of their political careers.

They voted – by 516 to 38 – to turn the United Kingdom into a totalitarian police state.

From midnight Wednesday, the British population will be forced to spend a month (at least) under restrictions so severe that they make life behind the Iron Curtain in Soviet Bloc Soviet Eastern Europe look almost carefree by comparison.

Nobody will be allowed to travel abroad (except on approved business). Nobody will be able to go to pubs or restaurants or gyms or swimming pools (all closed, by order of the government). Nobody will be allowed to practise any form of sport — not golf, not tennis, not riding, not shooting, and definitely not any team games. Everybody will be kept under house arrest, other than for certain state-mandated exemptions such as being a designated ‘key worker’ or shopping for supplies (but only those designated ‘essential’).

Nov 06 06:24

Delingpole: Bonfire Night Is Cancelled. Where Is Guy Fawkes When We Need Him?

Today is Bonfire Night, and as every British native knows, this is the night where we traditionally celebrate the fact that on this day in 1605 Guy (Guido) Fawkes and his fellow conspirators failed in their attempt to blow up Parliament.

Most of us (Fawkes’s fellow Catholics are an exception) were brought up to think that Fawkes was a baddie (which is why we burn him in effigy on bonfires every year) and that his plot was an undesirable one. This year, however, we may have cause to reconsider our position.

Nov 06 06:22

Police Say Arrested 104 Participants of Anti-Lockdown Protests in London

The Metropolitan Police said 104 participants of the rally against the coronavirus-linked lockdown in London had been arrested over the breach of restrictions.

Hundreds of people gathered on Thursday in central London to express their protest against the tougher restrictions that came into force in the United Kingdom.

“Officers policing demonstrations in central London on Thursday, 5 November have so far made 104 arrests. Demonstrations took place in spite of new national restrictions which have been introduced to limit the spread of Coronavirus. As soon as crowds began gathering, officers took immediate action to direct people to go home, arrests were made as people failed to comply with the direction of officers. The majority of arrests were for breaches of the Coronavirus regulations,” police said in a statement on late Thursday.

Nov 05 06:38

Bank of England to print an extra £100bn worth of cash as double-dip recession looms

The Bank of England is set to step up its money printing programme by another £100billion today as Britain careers towards a double-dip recession.

As fresh lockdown measures hammer business, central bank officials led by Governor Andrew Bailey are expected to launch another round of quantitative easing (QE) in a desperate effort to prop up the crumbling economy.

The Bank has brought forward the announcement of its plans from noon today to 7am to avoid clashing with an update from Chancellor Rishi Sunak on the Government's latest support measures.

Nov 05 06:30

David Davis: Second lockdown will last six months

Nov 05 06:01

Britain is No Longer a Free Country

Nov 04 17:29

Police ARREST qualified nurse, 73, trying to take her 97-year-old dementia-hit mother from care home after nine months to be looked after by her family - and put pensioner in patrol car to be sent back

Police were caught on camera arresting a qualified nurse as she tried to take her 97-year-old mother from a care home after nine months of isolation to be looked after by family.

Former Coronation Street actress Leandra Ashton wept as officers arrested her 73-year-old mother, Ylenia Angeli, before putting her dementia-sufferer grandmother into a patrol car to be sent back to the facility in Market Weighton, East Yorkshire.

Ylenia, who is an occupational health nurse, was handcuffed before eventually being de-arrested and released close to her mother's care home, Northgate House.

The family were acting ahead of the second nationwide coronavirus lockdown that comes into force from midnight.

Nov 04 17:23

Britons could launch class-action lawsuit for BILLIONS in compensation for Government ‘falsely imprisoning’ nation during lockdown, law lecturer predicts

Dr Jonathan Morgan, director of law at Corpus Christi College in Cambridge, said a class action against the Government was 'unprecedented' - meaning not seen before - but added that so was the lockdown itself.


Dr Morgan used the example of Ibrahima Jollah, a Liberian citizen who was ordered to stay at home every night between 11pm and 7am between 2014 and 2017.

Mr Jollah was warned he would be liable to imprisonment or a fine if he failed to comply without reasonable excuse - much like Britons were told to stay home unless they had a reasonable excuse including exercise or shopping.

The Supreme Court found the Secretary of State had no legal power to impose the restrictions and Mr Jollah was awarded £4,000 for the two-and-a-half years he was 'falsely imprisoned'.

If Mr Jollah's case is applied to the UK population the UK Government could be forced to pay £800 - for six months - to each British citizen.

Nov 04 10:48

Peaceful protests will be banned under England's new coronavirus lockdown rules

Peaceful protests will be banned under new lockdown rules for England preventing two or more people from meeting, No10 has confirmed.

Demonstrations were exempt from restrictions on gatherings during the first national lockdown, with a series of Black Lives Matter rallies and anti-lockdown protests taking place over the summer.

But strict rules preventing people from meeting more than one other person during the second national lockdown will now apply to protests.

The Prime Minister's spokesman confirmed the draconian new rules will cover demos, which means peaceful protests of more than two people with be illegal.

The spokesman said: "Protests are not exempt from the rules.

Nov 04 09:16

JANET STREET-PORTER: Do Boris and his Brainiacs of Doom really think we can't see that the numbers in their dodgy dossier don't begin to add up to a new lockdown?

We're living in a modern dictatorship where a couple of Brainiacs (Chief Scientific Officer Sir Patrick Vallance and Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty) devise the justification for the strict rules which now control our lives.

Dithering Boris has been blindsided by their incomprehensible graphs, confusing statistics and contradictory predictions. It's no surprise that the PM is adrift, he's a classics scholar not a biologist or statistician. And he's trying to salvage his reputation as a Warrior Leader.

But where's the common sense in all of this? When millions of people are not told but ordered to endure four weeks without seeing family and friends, going to work and getting on with their everyday lives, there has to be a strong justification for the huge economic and mental harm which will result.

Nov 04 09:13

Furious Theresa May leads Tory assault on lockdown plan accusing Boris of using the 'wrong' projection of 4,000 deaths a day to shore up his case - as PM scuttles out of House after begging mutinous MPs to back him saying the NHS could 'collapse' otherwis

However, in her stinging rebuke to the government, Mrs May said: 'It appears the decision to go towards this lockdown was partly, mainly, to some extent based on the prediction of 4,000 deaths a day.

'Yet if you look at the trajectory showing in that graph that went to 4,000 deaths a day, we would have reached 1,000 deaths a day by the end of October.

'The average in the last week of October was 259, by my calculations. Each of those deaths is a sadness and our thoughts are with the families, but it's not 1,000 deaths a day.

'So the prediction was wrong before it was even used. And this leads to a problem for the Government – for many people it looks as if the figures are chosen to support the policy rather than the policy being based on the figures.'

Nov 04 08:07

UK Terror Threat Upgraded to Severe, Meaning Terror Attack ‘Highly Likely’

The British government has confirmed that the nation’s terror threat has been increased from ‘substantial’ to ‘severe’, following a string of violent Islamist incidents in France and the Islamist terror attack in Vienna, Austria, on Monday.

Home Secretary Priti Patel confirmed that the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (Jtac), an independent body which is part of MI5, changed the UK terror threat level on Tuesday. This means that a terror attack is considered “highly likely” rather than “likely”.

Ms Patel said: “This is a precautionary measure and is not based on any specific threat. The public should continue to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police.”

Nov 04 07:50

“Sin Begets Sin:” The Fall of Jeremy Corbyn Will be Felt Around the World

There can be little doubt that the ousting of Jeremy Corbyn from the UK Labour Party was the result of a well-planned strategy by a coalition of Zionist organizations, which includes the state of Israel’s own Ministry of Strategic Affairs. And while Corbyn is undoubtedly not anti-semitic, nor racist in way shape, or form, he made one colossal strategic mistake. He did not fight the Zionist propaganda levied against him nor did he fight the outrageous accusations of anti-semitism that were laid upon him and so many other good hard-working anti-racist members of his Party.

Nov 04 07:47

Other countries honour their dead without issue, but British TV presenters can't wear a poppy without someone getting ‘offended’

The little red flower pinned to a lapel is a simple and understated way of remembering the fallen, and we should not allow it to be turned into something controversial by petulant attention seekers.

There’s a quiet dignity about wearing a poppy.

For those unaware, it’s a traditionally British way of remembering those who have died fighting wars. They are usually sold by volunteers and veterans in public places, in exchange for a few coins. TV presenters clip one onto the lapel of their jackets, some brands adapt their logos to include it, all in the lead-up to Remembrance Day on November 11.

It’s nothing flashy, edgy or political, just a simple and earnest tribute to those who are no longer here.

Nov 04 07:31

Tommy Robinson’s supporters clash with London police after his arrest for ‘breaking Covid rules’

British anti-Islam activist and ex-English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has been arrested at a London rally held in breach of Covid-19 regulations, sparking a skirmish between a crowd of his supporters and the police.

Videos circulating on social media show the controversial right-wing activist being detained at the Speakers Corner in London’s Hyde Park, before being taken away by a large group of police officers.

Nov 04 07:20

Radio Host Crushes Leading UK Epidemiologist's Credibility Over (Unknown) Cost Of 2nd Lockdown

In the most thorough demolition of an 'expert' epidemiologist who unabashedly advised the UK government of the desperate need for a second lockdown to "suppress" the virus, Independent SAGE member Professor Gabriel Scally was completely unable to respond when LBC's Maajid Nawaz cornered him on how severely a lockdown would cost the nation.

As LBC's Seán Hickey reports, Maajid asked whether the member of the Independent SAGE considers "the potential cost and deaths from having a lockdown and weigh them up."

Professor Scally insisted that "you can't have a response to this virus that doesn't take into account the economic factors, social factors and the psychological factors" and his department would definitely take these factors into consideration.

Nov 04 06:30

Protests of more than two people will be ILLEGAL under updated rules for UK national lockdown

Protests are no longer exempt under the UK-wide coronavirus lockdown that begins Thursday, and police plan to enforce that rule, unlike during the previous lockdown, according to UK media.

Demonstrations consisting of more than two people will be made expressly illegal under the second national lockdown, which is expected to take effect Thursday. Police allowed large protests, in particular for the Black Lives Matter movement, during the first lockdown even as individual British families were barred from getting together - a situation many found unfair.

Nov 03 18:53

Is the NHS actually QUIETER than usual? Leaked document claims hospitals are 84% full (but last autumn the figure was 92%)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday sent Britain reeling when he announced a second lockdown and a return to his catchphrase 'stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives'.

But the 84 per cent figure, revealed by the Health Service Journal, suggests that the health service as a whole is not under as much strain as officials imply.

Bed occupancy has not averaged lower than 85 per cent in any normal three-month period for the past decade.

The only exception to this was between April and June this year, when it stood at 64 per cent because hospitals were forced to turf out thousands of non-Covid patients to make space for the epidemic.

Nov 03 14:50

Men in hazmat suits and air ambulance spotted as patient dies in street

An air ambulance and men in hazmat suits descended on a town centre in Staffordshire after a man collapsed in the street and died.

Emergency services converged on Stone High Street after a pensioner was taken ill just after midday.

Despite the best effort of medics the man was confirmed dead at the scene, reports StokeonTrentLive.
(read the comments below the article know why Emergency personnel turned up wearing hazmat suits)

Nov 03 11:48

Gambler Reportedly Places $5 Million Bet On US Presidential Election Winner, Thought To Be Largest Political Bet Ever

A British gambler has allegedly placed a $5 million bet on President Donald Trump winning Tuesday’s election, according to Britain’s The Sun.

The bettor used private bookmakers in the small island country of Curacao to place the bet at 37/20 odds, meaning he would win about $15 million if Trump wins a second term, The Sun reports. “We think it’s the biggest [bet] ever made on politics,” an unnamed industry source reportedly told The Sun. (RELATED: Trump Races To The Finish, Holding 10 Rallies In 2 Days)

The bettor, alleged to be a former banker, made the decision after consulting with “Trump camp insiders,” per The Sun. Betting on politics is illegal in the United States but is very popular elsewhere in the world, including the UK, per the New York Post.

Nov 03 11:00

Study Finds ‘Robust’ Cellular Immunity Six Months After Covid-19 Infection

Nov 3, 2020,09:51am EST
A new study has found evidence of a “robust cellular memory” against Covid-19 that lasts for at least six months after infection, reinvigorating the question of whether natural infection with the virus could grant lasting immunity after a study last week showed a rapid decline in protective antibodies in the months after infection.

The research, which has not been peer reviewed and was carried out on 100 individuals who had tested positive for Covid-19 with no or mild symptoms, found evidence of T-cell immunity six months after infection, a type of blood cell that attacks cells infected with the virus.

The study, which was carried out as part of the U.K. Coronavirus Immunology Consortium, found that those who had symptoms elicited a greater immune response after six months, raising the prospect of symptomatic individuals being better protected against reinfection in the future.

Nov 03 06:35

UK Brings In Army To Help With First 'China-Style' Mass COVID-19 Testing In Liverpool

Following in the footsteps of China and tiny Slovakia, the UK is embarking on its first "moonshot" mass-testing campaign in the city of Liverpool, known to most people outside the UK as the hometown of the Beatles. According to the Guardian, up to half a million people in the city are set to be tested this week, and if the system proves successful, it will be used again.

With the self-isolation period for those who test positive set to be reduced, up to half a million people are due to be tested in Liverpool in the government's first attempt at mass testing and tracing, with the goal of tracing the infection of every individual who tests positive during the drive.

Nov 02 10:07

Nigel Farage to relaunch Brexit Party as an anti-lockdown party and will rebrand it 'Reform UK' to take on government's 'woeful' Covid response, 'bloated quangoes' and House of Lords

Nigel Farage is seeking to relaunch his political career by rebranding the Brexit Party as an anti-lockdown party.

The party has formally applied to the Electoral Commission to change its name to Reform UK and will campaign against coronavirus measures.

Announcing the party's new aims, Mr Farage - who has led UKIP several times - and Richard Tice, the Brexit Party chairman, said it will tackle several 'powerful vested interests'.

These include 'the House of Lords, the BBC, the way we vote, law and order, immigration'. The pair also claim 'badly run, wasteful quangos are in abundance'.

Nov 02 10:03

Apocalyptic forecast of 4,000 coronavirus deaths a day could be FIVE TIMES too high and had already been proved wrong when government revealed it at weekend

The claim that 4,000 people could be dying from coronavirus by next month could be four or five times too high and not reflect the current situation, experts warn.

The shocking figure was presented by chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance in Saturday's TV briefing where Boris Johnson announced the UK's second lockdown.

But there are concerns that it's out of date and inaccurate, with SAGE accused of 'misleading' the public and MPs by cherry-picking the scariest data.

Professor Carl Heneghan, of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford, said he 'cannot understand why they have used this data'.

The forecast could be four or five times too high, he said, because it is based on there being an average 1,000 deaths per day in the UK right now. In reality the daily average was 182 per day October 22 and 28, according to Department of Health data.

Nov 02 10:01

Stillbirths DOUBLED during first wave of Covid-19 pandemic amid fears that mothers were delayed from seeking NHS care

There were 40 cases between April and June this year compared to 24 in the same period in 2019, according to the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB).

The HSIB - which has launched a review into the rise - fears women were put off seeking treatment because of Covid-19 and the 'stay home' and 'protect the NHS' messaging.

Nov 02 09:58

Takeaway pints are BANNED under second lockdown - as landlords blast 'soul-destroying' decision that will see millions of gallons of beer tipped down drain and see one in four pubs shut for good

Any beer left in pub cellars when pubs are forced to close for a second lockdown will have to be 'tipped down the drain', pub bosses warned, as it emerged restrictions are set to include a ban on selling takeaway pints.

Under the new regulations, which come into effect on Thursday, pubs and bars will not be able to serve alcohol to take away - as was permitted during the first lockdown.

Restaurants that are serving takeaway will reportedly also not be allowed to sell wine or other alcohol.

It will be another blow to the beleaguered hospitality industry that has been left reeling by the announcement of a second lockdown.

Nov 02 09:54

UK government justifies 2nd national lockdown using outdated death scenarios that may be 4 times too high – researchers

The British government has used out-of-date death-scenario modelling to illustrate the coronavirus crisis and justify a second national lockdown, new research shows.

The selection of data has not been based on the current reality, Carl Heneghan, the director of the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University said, in comments published on Monday.

The death forecasts could be four to five times too high, Heneghan insists.

"I cannot understand why they have used this data, when there are far more up-to-date forecasts from Cambridge that they could have accessed, which show something very different."

Nov 02 07:25

Revellers slash police cars' tyres as officers break-up illegal raves in Wigan and the Cotswolds just hours after Boris Johnson announced new winter lockdown

Illegal raves in Bristol and Greater Manchester were broken up by police last night after the Prime Minister announced plans for a month-long national lockdown.

Police swooped on raves as hundreds of revellers partied through the night just hours after Boris Johnson announced the winter lockdown on Saturday night.

A rave in a woodland in Wigan, Greater Manchester was shut down by police in riot vans in the early hours of the morning.

Tyres of police vehicles were slashed as officers dispersed hundreds of people from the illegal event.

Nov 02 06:59

UK to go into lockdown next week.

Nov 02 06:07

UK govt admits it trained Nigeria’s infamous SARS police unit accused of EXTRAJUDICIAL KILLINGS

The United Kingdom has acknowledged it provided training and equipment to a now-disbanded Nigerian law enforcement unit whose alleged abuses have sparked large protests in the African nation.
The minister for Africa, James Duddridge, admitted that officers in Nigeria’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) received instruction from UK officials between 2016-2020.

An “End SARS” protest movement began in Nigeria in early October amid accusations of widespread police brutality. The unit has been accused of torture and extrajudicial killings by human rights groups. SARS was disbanded in mid-October but protesters continue to demand law enforcement reforms.

SARS officers had enrolled in a UK program “designed to improve human rights, training on public finance, and community policing workshops,” Duddridge explained in a letter to Labour MP Kate Osamor. He also disclosed the UK had gifted radio equipment to Nigeria police which was then used by SARS forces.

Nov 01 23:43

Now 42 mental health experts warn that lockdown will trigger a spike in suicide, self-harm, alcoholism and domestic abuse

In an open letter to the Government, obtained exclusively by the Daily Mail, the 42 signatories said the longer the lockdown lasts, the worse this 'collateral damage' will be.

Consultant psychologist Dr Keri Nixon, an expert in trauma and domestic abuse who helped write the letter, last night said: 'The lockdown is supposed to prevent deaths from Covid.

'But it's also certain to cause further deaths, not only from other physical diseases like cancer but from alcoholism, addiction and suicide – which have already been soaring this year.

'It will also lead to intense loneliness and depression and in older people these are killers, closely linked to poor physical health.

'Ironically, this will make them all the more vulnerable to Covid.'

The letter, which will be shared today, is modelled on the Great Barrington Declaration which calls for the replacement of lockdowns with 'focused protection' of the vulnerable.

Nov 01 07:46

UK Child Abuse Inquiry Refuses to Investigate Pakistani Grooming Gangs

Britain’s national inquiry into child sex abuse has been blasted for ‘cowardice’ over race as it refused to look at grooming gang scandals carried out by mostly Pakistani gangs, or to hear from key witnesses.

Victims of the grooming gangs and their advocates blasted the public probe, which was launched in 2015 and has so far cost taxpayers £143 million, after it emerged would not be examining any of the notorious cases in which ‘Asian’ gangs have preyed on thousands of mostly white, working class girls.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) in England and Wales has so far looked at organisations like the Church of England and the Armed Forces to investigate “what went wrong and why” with regards to “institutional failure to protect children from abuse”.

Nov 01 07:33

PETER HITCHENS: The dictators have taken over - and we didn't even notice

There was once a famous Chinese executioner so skilful with his razor-edged sword that crowds would pay to watch him behead criminals.

One day he came to a small provincial town where the authorities had given him a large fee to do away with a notorious killer.

He entered the arena and made several elegant and delicate passes with his weapon.

The condemned man sat gloomily before him, looking unimpressed with all this fuss. ‘Just get on with it!’ he growled.

Nov 01 04:55

It's not just adults, now children being hit by long-term Covid too

? Toby and Josh Benson still suffering seven months after fighting virus in hospital
? Study shows one in 20 have symptoms more than three months after infection
? The NHS has plans to provide specialist services for patients with long Covid
? However, at present, none of these clinics will be open for use by children

It has, almost since the start of the pandemic, been the mantra of experts when it comes to Covid-19 and the threat it poses to children: they're more likely to get hit by a bus than suffer severely from the virus.

And so in April, when Lois Benson's two young sons developed a cough and a slight temperature, she was initially unconcerned. 'I just gave them Calpol,' says the 46-year-old air ambulance manager from Aldridge in the West Midlands. But Toby, seven, and Josh, six, went downhill rapidly.

Oct 31 18:10

Britain Is Turning Into a Totalitarian Police State, Warns Top Lawyer Lord Sumption

The United Kingdom is in serious danger of replacing democracy with totalitarianism, one of Britain’s most distinguished legal minds, Lord Sumption has warned.

Oct 31 12:47

Three quarters of Brits are more worried about impact of lockdown restrictions than catching coronavirus, poll finds

Young people are far more concerned about the mental health impact of any lockdown - and whether they will lose their job, according to the survey.

Mental health also ranks as a top concern for women, while a third of pensioners are worried about the suspension of cancer screening.

The results come from a poll of 2,000 adults by the Recovery group, which is campaigning against excessive government Covid restrictions.

Oct 31 07:23

Corbyn and the Tyranny of Correctness

Liberal film maker Michael Moore, who in 2016 predicted Donald Trump’s electoral victory, is again interfering with the premature celebration over Biden’s victory.

Yesterday, just five days before the election, Moore sounded the alarm, strongly suggesting that the polls showing Biden with a comfortable lead over Trump are not accurate.

In a TV interview Moore said: "The Trump vote is always being undercounted. Pollsters- when they actually call the Trump voter, the Trump voter is very suspicious of the 'Deep State' calling them and asking them who they're voting for."

Oct 31 06:50

Chinese fixer targets FIVE Prime Ministers: New evidence of Beijing's infiltration of British Establishment as it emerges leading figure 'tasked with grooming foreign elites' met politicians including Boris Johnson, David Cameron and Tony Blair

A leading figure in a Chinese group allegedly created to groom foreign elites has been pictured with five British prime ministers.

Photographs uncovered by the Daily Mail show how Zhirong Hu has moved among the British Establishment.

He has met Boris Johnson, Theresa May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

Oct 31 06:44

David Cameron's UK-China fund 'struggling to attract investors'

David Cameron’s efforts to raise $1bn for a fund to invest in China have met with a lack of enthusiasm, according to reports.

One person who was asked to put money into the project described it as “moribund”, according to the Financial Times, signalling slow progress nearly 16 months after it was launched.

The UK-China Fund is intended to promote cooperation between the two countries in areas including energy, technology, healthcare and manufacturing, and has been endorsed by Beijing and Westminster.

However, one person who was asked to become involved in the project told the FT: “It’s completely moribund … They approached all the big banks and other serious investors. And I don’t know of anyone that’s put money up.”

Oct 31 06:43

Farage Warns Chinese Interests Lining up for ‘Fire Sale’ of UK Businesses

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has warned that Chinese interests are lining up to take advantage of the coronavirus crisis by buying “vast swathes of our strategic and manufacturing industries”.

“What is happening right now is that Chinese companies and Chinese money are lining up for what they expect to be a ‘fire sale’ of British businesses,” Mr Farage said during a Facebook live stream on Wednesday.

Mentioning that Germany has put into law protections for German companies against foreign takeover during the coronavirus crisis, he continued: “I fear, we’re going to allow China in to buy up vast swathes of our strategic and manufacturing industries and it just can’t be allowed.

Oct 31 06:39

Full ???????? Lockdown From Next Week ??????? ENTIRE Month Of November ??????? Boris To Announce

Oct 31 06:38

Germany is sure of a Trump victory as Merkel calls for US and EU to unite against China

Oct 31 00:11

Coronavirus: PM considering England lockdown next week




Oct 30 09:01

SNP's new hate crime law could see people prosecuted for expressing views in OWN HOMES

THE SNP's new hate crime bill could criminalise free speech in people's own homes, MSPs have been told.

MSPs questioned Scottish Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf over the controversial legislation during an evidence session before the Holyrood Justice Committee for the first time today. The new proposed legislation will introduce a stirring-up of hate offence on characteristics including disability, sexual orientation and age.

However critics fear the Hate Crime and Public Order Bill, which centres around plans for a new offence of "stirring up hatred", will stifle freedom of expression.

Oct 30 06:16

Tories Voting to Deny Food to Hungry Children is Low Life Conduct

The ongoing row and associated fall-outs over the extension of the free school meals voucher system in England to cover holiday periods up to Easter 2021 is a perfect illustration of the rottenness at the very heart of the Tory party which is dragging England into the gutter.

Make no mistake: the cold, cruel, and callous attitudes which infect the Tory party like a cancer are more pronounced and prevalent in England, and the free school meals furore during holiday periods highlights that fact. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have all taken steps within the limited confines of their respective devolved drip-feed budgets to make provision for hungry and vulnerable children during school holiday periods. The Tories in Parliament voted to deny that protection to over one million children in England last week, and they should be ashamed of themselves for doing so. England stands isolated and exposed as a nation run by the dregs of society.

Oct 30 06:15

New Revelations Shed Light On British Hand Behind Five Eyes

In recent weeks, a fascinating confluence of events has increasingly moved to shed light on various aspects of the British hand running the Five Eyes Global intelligence apparatus spread across the Trans Atlantic.

In Luxembourg, the Court of Justice took a stand against Britain’s GCHQ’s practices of mass surveillance and bulk data collection on October 6 deeming it a “serious threat to national security”. Legal Director Carline Wilson Palow stated: “Today’s judgment reinforces the rule of law in the EU. In these turbulent times, it serves as a reminder that no government should be above the law. Democratic societies must place limits and controls on the surveillance powers of our police and intelligence agencies.”

Only weeks earlier, the U.S. National Security Agency and British Intelligence were both revealed to have been illegally tapping into the strategic Danish communications hub for decades (Denmark is a strategic control point for all European and Eurasian communications).