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The Pentagon shooting was a false flag!

The Pentagon shooting was a false flag! Not a false flag to start a war but to further an agenda and/or to hide something!

Here is the proof:

The Pentagon is the most secure building in the world, and yet they do not want us to believe that. You should ask yourself why.
Why can a plane strike the Pentagon without even one security person shooting at it, if only with a handgun? Sure, it would
have been futile, but these people don’t ONLY have handguns, and the handguns they do have are fully automatic! Nor am
I talking about the few security guards you see as you enter the building and go through the metal detectors.

If someone wanted to make a point, would they shoot at a building they know is protected from bullets?
Or would they sit on a rooftop 20 yards away and throw eggs at Congress people as they walk down the street?
After all, these Congress people only have private security, not the SS (Secret Service). Heck, some of them do not even use private
security and you can walk right up to them, to speak with them. That would make more of a point then this shooter did!
NO! The powers that be want us to believe that someone shot at a building so secure and protected, while Congress people can
stand behind the windows laughing as someone shoots at them. Let’s not forget to mention the Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA).
What happened there? Did they all fall asleep? I mean come-on!

OK, I admit it everything above is just common sense and conjecture. The only hard evidence pointing to this event being a false flag
is the PFPA doing nothing while someone was shooting at the Pentagon!

Well, let’s then move on to another piece of information you may not be aware of (like the PFPA).

Have you ever heard of a system called ShotSpotter? This system is so sensitive, it can tell the caliber of the firearm being used, and
tell the difference between a firecracker and a gun shot! According to ShotSpotter’s own web site, they have had this system in
“Washington D.C.” since 2006, with two expansions. I bet this does not even include the government’s own systems in place to monitor
this stuff! That would be Top Secret.

Watch this video

And how many satellites are there pointed at the DC area (that can count the hairs on your head) looking for bad guys?

Consider JUST these 3 facts:
1) The PFPA did nothing
2) The ShotSpotter did nothing
3) The satellites did nothing

Not to mention anything else I may have missed here.

They have the gall to tell us they do not know who did this!

Use common sense; this was a mini false flag, to cover something up (maybe giving the media something to cover other than XXXX) or to further an agenda.

And, you should ask yourself why does the government want you to believe it is SO vulnerable? If I wanted to make a point I would not shoot at a
bullet-proof building, where it is guaranteed I would be caught!

As an aside, it should be noted how these events always happen too a part of the Pentagon when it is being renovated! That alone should tell you something!

Think people.
Rick H.