Jul 04 02:57

HUGE! Supreme Court Stops Obama Judge From Ending Voter ID For Voting in Alabama

The US Supreme Court on Thursday blocked a lower-court ruling that would have allowed residents of Alabama to vote by absentee ballot without providing a copy of a photo ID.

Jul 04 02:57

Take a trip to Mars! ESA releases stunning flyover video of Korolev crater that is 51 miles across and covered in a thick layer of ice

It may be years or even decades before humans step on Mars, but now you can take a trip to the Red Planet without leaving your home.
The European Space Agency (ESA) has created a stunning video showing a detailed fly over of the frozen crater, Korolev.

Jul 04 02:57

Donald Trump denounces 'merciless campaign to wipe out our history' and slams 'left-wing cultural revolution' in eve of Fourth of July Mount Rushmore speech to maskless crowd

President Trump gave a fiery address at Mount Rushmore Friday night claiming that the 'left-wing cultural revolution' aimed to overthrow the American Revolution, painting a dark picture of the Black Lives Matter protests that have rocked the nation.

Jul 04 02:56

'Take that off!' Trump supporters slam Ivanka as 'silly' and 'stupid' for wearing a face mask for a photo op with GOP congressmen - as she urges others to wear masks, too

In a rare move this week, Ivanka Trump showed public disagreement with her father by wearing a mask for a photo-op — and urging others to wear one, too.
On July 1, the 38-year-old posted a photo on Instagram showing herself wearing a light blue face mask as she posed outside with Republican Leader of the House Kevin McCarthy and Republican Rep. Bruce Westerman from Arkansas.

Jul 04 02:56

Facebook opens investigation into private user groups that sell and solicit human remains, including skulls, fetal remains and a mummified corpse dating back to the 1700s

People are using private groups on Facebook to sell human remains to collectors
A 10-month investigation revealed listings for skulls, fetal remains and a mummified six-year-old dating to the 18th century
Facebook has said they are investigating the listed groups

Jul 04 02:56

Shocking moment man is kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight to Florida for refusing to wear a face mask before take-off at LaGuardia Airport

A disgruntled passenger was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight heading to Florida from New York City for refusing to wear a face mask, authorities said.
On Friday, a tense standoff between an unidentified man and a Port Authority police officer resulted in an arrest at LaGuardia Airport in Queens.

Jul 04 02:55

EXCLUSIVE: 'She knows too much': Epstein's victims' lawyer says Ghislaine Maxwell may kill herself or 'be silenced' to stop her spilling secrets on her high profile friends - as she spends her first nights in New Hampshire county jail

As Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell spends her first days behind bars, a lawyer for their alleged victims who predicted the pervert financier would die in jail says she will likely suffer the same fate.

Jul 04 02:55

Snipes at minor royals, ludicrous claims her wedding netted £1bn - but, says RICHARD KAY, what really comes shining through from Meghan’s latest court documents is a royally petulant sense of grievance

So now we know that the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding generated £1billion in tourist revenue, far outweighing the cost of policing it.
We also know she felt ‘unprotected’ by the Royal Family while pregnant with baby Archie, and is unhappy that other family members are allowed to undertake ‘paid work’, naming her husband’s first cousins Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and, bizarrely, Prince Michael of Kent, a marginal figure in the House of Windsor

Jul 04 02:55

Seattle cop KNEELS on CHOP protester's neck after officers dive at angry demonstrators while clearing the protest zone - hours after another policeman is seen pressing his knee against another detained man

Seattle police officers were filmed kneeling on the necks of two CHOP demonstrators as they were being arrested for squatting at a downtown intersection on two separate occasions on Thursday.

Jul 04 02:55

Winston Churchill’s chauffeur's fascinating archive including police instructions on where to pick up the PM during WWII are discovered in JIGSAW box about to be thrown away

A fascinating collection of Winston Churchill memorabilia, including instructions on where to pick him up and rare photos was discovered in a jigsaw box after it was about to thrown away.

Jul 04 02:55

Fax Kellerman(Picture)

Jul 04 02:45

How to eat healthily even during stressful times, according to nutritionists

Reading the news is enough to make you lose your appetite, according to nutritionists. Stress can have a huge affect on your ability to eat well, making it difficult to find the time or energy to prepare healthy meals, and it might even cause you to skip meals altogether. And irregular eating can lead to more stress, mood swings, and worse overall health and wellbeing.

Jul 04 02:44

Five out of seven people traveling inside an SUV on holiday weekend getaway killed after their vehicle crossed median on South Carolina interstate and slammed into two tractor trailers

Five out of seven people traveling inside a SUV were killed on Thursday after their vehicle crossed an interstate median in South Carolina and hit two tractor trailers, state troopers said.

Jul 04 02:43

Sobbing mother stuck in raucous BLM protest is told police will NOT respond to her 911 call because it is a 'sanctioned event'

A 911 call has been released documenting a mother's frightening experience of having a stranger jump on her car during a Black Lives Matter protest in Virginia last month, and her futile attempts to get police to help her.

Jul 04 02:43


Jul 04 02:43

Anonymous accuser says she'll testify that 'evil' Ghislaine Maxwell raped her '20-30 times' starting from when she was 14 and claims she was forced to abort Jeffrey Epstein's baby

An anonymous woman has accused Ghislaine Maxwell of raping her 20 to 30 times when she was a young girl and says the British socialite is 'just as evil' as Jeffrey Epstein, whose baby she claims she was forced to abort.

Jul 04 02:42

New petition demanding Mark Zuckerberg stop 'colonizing' Hawaii garners over 441,000 signatures after organizers claim Facebook billionaire is 'suing natives to build a mansion on their land'

A new petition is calling on Mark Zuckerberg to stop 'colonizing' the Hawaiian island of Kauai, claiming the Facebook CEO is suing natives in order to build a mansion on their land.

Jul 04 02:42

White Massachusetts man, 65, who tailed a black woman in his BMW convertible for two miles because she made him feel 'unsafe' in his neighborhood faces disorderly conduct charges

A white Massachusetts man who tailed a young black woman because he felt 'unsafe' while she was going to pick up dog food from a neighbor faces charges, according to police.

Jul 04 02:42

Haggard, hunched and morbidly obese: Horrifying model reveals what you could look like if you worked from home for the next 25 years

Experts have created a model depicting what Brits could look like if we were to work from home for the rest of our lives.
The home worker of 2045 is represented by ‘Susan’, a scary rendering created by clinical psychologists and fitness experts.

Jul 04 02:41

CNN Chyron Mocks ‘Independence’ Day, CNN Reporter At Mt. Rushmore Refers To Washington, Jefferson As ‘Slave Owners’

In a report on Friday marking America’s Independence Day, CNN reporter Leyla Santiago, reporting from Mount Rushmore, where President Trump spoke, referred to Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson not as two of the greatest presidents in America’s history, but simply as “two slave owners.”

Jul 04 02:41

Beverly Hills surgeon, his girlfriend and four others are dubbed 'real life Frankensteins' after being charged in $52M insurance fraud scheme where they paid patients to undergo unnecessary surgeries and drug tests

A Beverly Hills surgeon, his girlfriend and four others have been dubbed 'real life Frankensteins' after being charged in a $52 million insurance fraud scheme where they paid patients to undergo unnecessary surgeries and drug tests.

Jul 04 02:40

EXCLUSIVE: 'She knows too much': Epstein's victims' lawyer says Ghislaine Maxwell may kill herself or 'be silenced' to stop her spilling secrets on her high profile friends - as she spends her first nights in New Hampshire county jail

As Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell spends her first days behind bars, a lawyer for their alleged victims who predicted the pervert financier would die in jail says she will likely suffer the same fate.

Jul 04 02:39

Black Lives Matter protests may be the largest in U.S. history as more than 26MILLION Americans have been at the more than 4,700 demonstrations around the country

Black Lives Matter protests that have erupted across the United States may be the largest demonstrations in the country's history, with upwards of 26million people participating.

Jul 04 02:39

Barack Obama tells Americans to stay safe and 'listen to the experts not the folks trying to divide us' in veiled swipe at Donald Trump who is hosting two Fourth of July events where crowds in their thousands are expected to attend

Former President Barack Obama cautioned Americans to stay safe over the Fourth of July holiday and 'listen to the experts, not the folks trying to divide us' in a subtle swipe at President Trump.

Jul 04 02:39

'You are on stolen land': Native American protesters face off with National Guard and police and at least 15 are arrested after blocking a road leading to Mount Rushmore ahead of Trump's Independence Day speech

More than 100 protesters faced off with the National Guard and police officers in Keystone, South Dakota on Friday after crowds blocked off a road leading to Mount Rushmore ahead of President Donald Trump's arrival.

Jul 04 02:38

Eight-year-old boy dies after being shot in the head by gunman who opened fire on shoppers in Alabama mall leaving another three in hospital

An eight-year-old boy has died after getting caught in the crossfire by a gunman who opened fire on shoppers in an Alabama mall leaving another three in hospital.
Royta Giles Jr. was shot in the head when at least one gunman started shooting inside the Riverchase Galleria, Hoover, where the little boy was out shopping with his family Friday afternoon.

Jul 04 02:38

Vogue sparks fury with cover of 'Madness Issue' showing a naked woman having water poured over her by nurses in 'stereotypical' image of psychiatric hospital

Vogue Portugal has been slammed for a 'horrific' cover which depicts a patient being bathed in a psychiatric hospital.
The cover - one of four the fashion magazine has designed for it's 'The Madness Issue' for July/August - shows a woman naked in a bathtub with two nurses pouring water over her.

Jul 04 02:38

Amazon refuses to remove 'deeply offensive' T-shirt with 'Blue Lives Murder' logo despite pleas from police officers

Amazon has refused police officers' pleas to remove 'deeply offensive' T-shirts displaying a 'Blue Lives Murder' logo.
The Police Federation, which represents British officers, branded the shirts 'deeply offensive' and last month asked Amazon to remove them from sale on its site.

Jul 04 01:51

Shocking moment man is kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight to Florida for refusing to wear a face mask before take-off at LaGuardia Airport

A man was removed from a Spirit Airlines flight on Friday after reportedly refusing to wear a mask
The flight was scheduled for Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from LaGuardia Airport in New York City
The man was approached by a Port Authority officer who explained that he must wear a mask or leave the flight
Spirit Airlines made wearing face coverings a requirement amid the coronavirus pandemic
The man was reportedly arrested after the fact by Port Authority police, according to video footage
Florida and other southern states have seen surges in coronavirus cases over the last several weeks

Jul 04 01:48

Unsuspecting Tennessee Man Turns Out To Be Living Descendant Of ‘Extinct’ Indigenous Group

Arecent study has found DNA evidence that an unsuspecting Tennessee man may be the descendant of a Canadian Indigenous group that was long believed to have gone extinct.

The Beothuk were Indigenous to the Canadian island of Newfoundland but after European colonists confiscated their territory in the 1500s, they were exposed to new diseases and pushed inland where they struggled to adapt to their new environment.

Jul 04 01:30

Kimberly Guilfoyle tests positive for coronavirus ahead of President Trump's Fourth of July event at Mount Rushmore

Kimberly Guilfoyle, 51, tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of Mount Rushmore event she was scheduled to attend
She is a top Trump campaign official and girlfriend to Donald Trump Jr.
Guilfoyle did not travel on Air Force One to Mount Rushmore with President Trump and first lady Melania Trump
She is the third person within President's circle to test positive for the virus
Don Jr. tested negative for coronavirus and will drive back with Guilfoyle to the East Coast
The couple was in Montana ahead of going to South Dakota

Jul 04 01:27

BREAKING NEWS: TWO Kmarts are closed in Melbourne as staff members test positive at popular stores bordering hotspot suburbs – after a similar Woolworths scare in Sydney

The stores in Barkly Square and The Footscray have both been closed down
Two staff Kmart members have tested positive for the coronavirus
Kmart has confirmed the two confirmed coronavirus cases are not linked

Jul 04 01:26

Arkansas mom claims six-year-old daughter was kicked out of Christian daycare center for wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts after she was told they 'didn't agree' with the 'racist' tops

Deval Brockman claims her daughter Journei, six, was kicked out of daycare
The little girl went to His Kids Learning Center in Russellville, Arkansas wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt last week
The mom said she later received a phone call from the school saying Journei could no longer wear the top
The following day she sent her daughter to the Christian school in another shirt with a raised fist on it and was later told she was no longer welcome

Jul 04 01:25

Ex social worker, 54, previously filmed screaming racial slurs at people in two separate incidents is arrested for battery 'after attacking woman trying to protect a janitor from her tirade'

Lena Hernandez, 54, was arrested Friday and charged with battery
The charges relate to an October incident where she allegedly pushed a woman to the ground and hit her in Del Amo Mall in Torrance, California
Hernandez was tracked down by cops after victim Kayceelyn Salminao recognized her alleged attacker in two separate racist videos last month
In one video, Hernandez was heard telling a woman exercising to 'go back to whatever f****** Asian country you belong'
In the second video, she mocked a father calling him 'Chinaman' as his eleven-year-old son waited nearby

Jul 03 19:07

Harvard Grad Claira Janover Never Had A Job At Deloitte But Is Set to Cash In On GoFundMe For Being 'Fired'

Claira Janover, the recent Harvard grad who went viral on TikTok for saying she will "stab" anyone who tells her "All Lives Matter," claimed earlier this week that she was "fired" from her "dream job" at Deloitte and her friends started a GoFundMe to raise $10,000 in her name.

Jul 03 18:43

Newsom’s Winery Deletes Instagram Post Bragging About Being Open For 4th of July Weekend After Major Public Backlash

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) this week shut down wineries, indoor dining, movie theaters, museums and zoos in 19 counties across the state.

Jul 03 18:43

Antifa Terrorists Use Explosives to Attack Portland Law Enforcement, One Comrade Injured After Firework Blows up in His Face (VIDEOS)

Downtown Portland has been under siege by rioting Antifa militants for over 30 days straight.

Jul 03 18:40

EXCLUSIVE: We Know the Democrat and Deep State Reactions to the China Coronavirus Are a Sham Because the Garbage Data is Hidden and Because Joe Biden is Failing

Wake up America – the Democrat’s and Deep States responses to the China coronavirus are intentionally non-transparent and are based on data that is total garbage. This is what Democrats feel they must do to prevent a total drudging of their senile candidate Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Jul 03 18:39

National Guard Makes Arrests, Prepares to Teargas Anarchists Blocking Road to Mount Rushmore (VIDEOS)

Anarchists and leftists on Friday disabled vans and blocked the road to President Trump’s Mount Rushmore event.

Jul 03 14:29

The New Face of Freedom

By Laki Skouras

This journal entry for July 4th 2020 finds no reason to celebrate freedom, even if we were allowed to, because it is gone. The people have sacrificed Freedom and willingly gave back the tyrants’ rule over every aspect of their lives that the Founders of this country had sacrificed theirs to release themselves from.

Our Liberty has been arrested, as a sailor or Marine awaits the time he is granted Liberty by the Admiralty that rules over him. Isolated from the world, not knowing when the bell of Liberty will toll, we sit and wait. If and when we are granted Liberty we’ll have to don a mask that shields us from vital oxygen and a fundamental human interaction – facial expressions...

Jul 03 12:56


That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Jul 03 11:58

TOTO: Will Super Woke Hollywood Crush TV’s Golden Age of Streaming?

Pity the modern screenwriter.
He or she opens a laptop, fires up a new Word document and takes a long, slow breath.

Jul 03 11:55

Ex-Top FBI Official Admits Hillary Wasn't Indicted Because They Thought She'd Win 2016 Election

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was not indicted when she mishandled classified information because the FBI believe she was going to win the 2016 presidential election.

Jul 03 11:51

World Health Organization admits China never reported coronavirus outbreak

The World Health Organization backtracked on their claim that China alerted the international public health agency about the initial coronavirus outbreak. The WHO now admits that China never notified them about the onset of the deadly disease.

Jul 03 11:50

Newsom Bans Singing In Houses Of Worship After Downplaying Spread Of Coronavirus At Protests

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) has issued new restrictions limiting the reopening of the economy in nearly 20 counties across the Golden State.

Jul 03 11:49

‘DEFUND THE POLICE’ Movement Leading To Increase In Black Deaths, Report Says

Efforts to demonize and defund law and order in America have led to an increase in crime in major cities across America, including an increase in deaths among African-Americans.

Jul 03 11:40

Walmart To Launch Drive-In Movie Screenings In 160 Store Parking Lots

Beginning in August, Walmart will be turning select parking lots into outdoor drive-in movie theaters as part of a move to help families get out of the house while adhering to coronavirus precautions, the retail chain announced Thursday.

Jul 03 11:37

Washington Redskins say franchise 'will undergo a thorough review of the team's name'

The Washington Redskins on Friday announced the franchise "will undergo a thorough review of the team's name" and that the move comes "in light of recent events around our country and feedback from our community."

Jul 03 11:35

The gangland figures murdered in hits ordered on EncroChat: How killings of Salford's 'Mr Big' Paul Massey and mob 'fixer' John Kinsella were called in using encrypted phone network

Secret phone system EncroChat was used in some of the UK's most notorious murders and crimes, it was revealed today.
The shadowy underground network used by thousands of criminals for worry free communication to arrange murders, drug deals and other illegal activity, was smashed, leading to the arrest of 746 underworld kingpins in Britain alone.

Jul 03 11:04

Elijah McClain was injected with ketamine while handcuffed. Some medical experts worry about its use during police calls.

As state and federal inquiries widen into the case of Elijah McClain, a young Black man who died last summer after Colorado police placed him in a chokehold, the decision by paramedics to inject him with a powerful sedative while he was handcuffed has raised questions about its use during police calls and whether such medical treatment violates a person's rights.

Jul 03 11:04

Missing Fort Hood soldier was killed in armory, then hacked to pieces, family’s attorney says

Spc. Vanessa Guillen was allegedly killed on April 22, the day of her disappearance, by Spc. Aaron David Robinson while she was on duty in an armory room on Fort Hood, Texas, an attorney for the Guillen family said.

Jul 03 11:02

Family of missing Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen speaks out, urges no one enlist until 'we get justice'

As unanswered questions loom over missing Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen, her family members spoke out about holding on to hope that the system that "failed her" can improve to help others.

Jul 03 11:02

Black Iowa high school baseball player taunted: 'You should have been George Floyd'

Jeremiah Chapman is used to run-of-the-mill trash talk that comes with the territory of playing an away game.

Jul 03 10:57

Stacey Abrams on long lines to vote: "It’s a Poll Tax when someone has to risk an entire day’s wage"

As the November election draws closer, there is growing debate over the merits and safety of expanding vote-by-mail availability across the U.S. Stacey Abrams, founder of the voter advocacy group Fair Fight, told Cheddar that every voter should have the option to avoid physically going to the polls.

Jul 03 10:56

Coronavirus: 'Don't wear deodorant,' says Berlin's transport company

Berlin transport operator BVG is appealing to commuters to stop using deodorant to encourage people to wear their masks properly on public transport.

Jul 03 10:56

Great-grandmother of boy, 4, who was 'tortured, raped and killed' by his parents files wrongful death lawsuit against Los Angeles child services accusing agency of failing to act on reports of abuse

Eva Hernandez is suing Los Angeles County child services and a non-profit organization in July 2019 death of Noah Cuatro, 4
Hernandez accuses Department of Children and Family Services of ignoring multiple reports of abuse and failing to remove Noah from his parents' home
Jose Maria Cuatro Jr, 28, and Ursula Elaine Juarez, 25, indicted on one count each of murder and torture
Cuatro is also accused of sexually assaulting his four-year-old son before his death, then lying that he had drowned in a pool
Hernandez said Noah had been in and out of foster care since he was born
Her lawsuit claims

Jul 03 10:52

Paragliding for couch potatoes! Daredevil takes to the skies on a SOFA and flies around watching TV in his slippers in crazy stunt - without any safety equipment

Hasan Kaval, 29, from Izmir, Turkey, is a paragliding pilot and instructor
He took to the skies on the sofa with the TV on in Oludeniz in southwest Turkey
He switches his shoes to his slippers in the air and enjoys a cola and Doritos

Jul 03 10:48

HIGH-level TV fans! Amusing moment two giraffes 'watch' soap opera on a big screen at a safari park in China

Two giraffes in a Chinese safari park appear to be massive fans of TV drama
Viral footage shows the long-necked pair attentively looking at a big screen
Tens of thousands of web users are amused by the mammals' funny behaviour

Jul 03 10:48

Dermatologist loses 'bonkers' court fight with hairdresser ex-husband over their £625,000 west London flat after judge ruled she FORGOT that she had agreed to give him her half of the family home

Camila Ryder accused stylist Elie Charbel of forging her signature on documents
Dermatologist could be saddled with £31k of ex's legal costs after two-day trial

Jul 03 10:47

Six couples will launch landmark High Court challenge to make humanist weddings legally recognised in England and Wales

Six couples have launched a landmark legal fight in the High Court in a bid to make humanist weddings legally recognised in England and Wales.
The landmark challenge is part of a campaign calling for humanist ceremonies to have the same weight as religious matrimonies.

Jul 03 10:46

Countries where everyone wore masks saw COVID death rates 100 times lower than projected

When COVID-19 started to spread from China to other countries in late January, it seemed like Thailand—a popular destination for Chinese tourists, including thousands who had traveled from Wuhan that month—might be hit hard. But as of early June, the country has had only a little more than 3,000 confirmed cases and 58 deaths. In the U.S., the death rate per capita is more than 450 times greater.

Jul 03 10:46

Brendan Schaub contracts COVID-19 after downplaying threat of virus

Thanks to Joe Rogan’s assistance and his own 11-fight career as a UFC Heavyweight, Brendan Schaub has established himself as one of the more broadcasted voices in MMA. His podcast, “The Fighter And The Kid,” is quite successful, and Schaub has also appeared on Showtime as an analyst and comedian.

Jul 03 10:46

Brendan Schaub contracts COVID-19 after downplaying threat of virus

Thanks to Joe Rogan’s assistance and his own 11-fight career as a UFC Heavyweight, Brendan Schaub has established himself as one of the more broadcasted voices in MMA. His podcast, “The Fighter And The Kid,” is quite successful, and Schaub has also appeared on Showtime as an analyst and comedian.

Jul 03 10:41

Oxford Expert Claims Their COVID-19 Vaccine Gives Off Long Term Immunity With Antibodies 3X Higher Than Recovered Patients

Professor Sarah Gilbert, who runs the Oxford trials for their coronavirus vaccine candidate, claims their jab could provide protection that lasts for several years.

Jul 03 10:41

Two officers who allegedly used stuns gun on man dozens of times charged with murder

Two police officers from a small southern Oklahoma town have been charged with second-degree murder after being accused of using their stun guns more than 50 times on a 28-year-old man who died.

Jul 03 10:40

Medgar Evers Assassination: Civil Rights Leader Murdered By Ambush 1963

You may not know his name off the top of your head, but Civil Rights activist and leader Medgar Evers is an important figure in the world of politics. Through organizing voter registration efforts and economic boycotts, his work formed a blueprint that activists still follow today. Like many activists at the forefront of the peaceful protest movement of the 1960s, however, Evers was assassinated for attempting to carve out a space for people of color.

Jul 03 10:39

William James Sidis: The Smartest Man Alive In The Early 20th Century

Imagine being nine years old and, while all the other children experiment with booger sculpture, creating your own language while studying experimental mathematics at Harvard University. What a life you could lead! William James Sidis actually lived that life. As a child prodigy in the early 20th century, he was notable for reading the newspaper before he could walk and getting accepted to one of the most prestigious universities before he was a teenager. Sidis's life is fascinating, but it's also a cautionary tale for anyone who's set apart from the pack.

Jul 03 10:38

WATCH: Press Secretary Shuts Down Reporter Outraged Over Trump’s BLM ‘Symbol Of Hate’ Comment

During a contentious back-and-forth at a Wednesday press briefing, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany shut down an ABC reporter in what McEnany suggested was his attempt to conflate the sentiment that “black lives matter” with the radical anti-police activist group “Black Lives Matter,” which has called for the national defunding of police officers and the disruption of the nuclear family.

Jul 03 10:38

WATCH: Sports Commentator Rips NBA Painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ On Courts: ‘The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions’

This week, former NFL defensive end Marcellus Wiley, who attended Columbia University and now co-hosts Fox Sports’ “Speak for Yourself,” slammed the idea that the NBA will paint “Black Lives Matter” on courts where their games are played, asserting, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Jul 03 10:37

Anthony Mackie Calls on Hollywood To 'Hire the Best Person for the Job' Regardless of Skin Color

As racial tensions are running high across the United States, celebrities far and wide have waded into the debate.

Jul 03 10:37

Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch: The Father Of Masochism, Explained

Human sexuality is a vastly complicated subject. While taboo to talk about in polite society, sex is the reason we're all here today! However, things aren't always so straightforward when it comes to lovemaking, as many people enjoy exploring, shall we say, less traditional means of experiencing pleasure. For example, sadomasochism (A.K.A. S&M, the sexual act of inflicting or receiving pain) is one of the most common fetishes on Earth. You've likely heard of (or maybe even explored) S&M, but have you ever wondered what it means? You might assume it has its roots in Latin or Greek, but the word is actually a portmanteau of the names of two particularly freaky dudes.

Jul 03 10:37

Rep. Schiff's Anti-Trump Crusade Backfires, Report Says His Staff Knew of Russian Bounty Plan Months Ago

A new report raises serious questions regarding what House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff knew about bounties allegedly paid by Russia to Taliban-linked terrorists for killing American soldiers, and when he knew it.

Jul 03 10:36

Helen Keller: What You Didn't Know About The Outspoken Socialist

Today, Helen Keller's name is synonymous with overcoming obstacles. The story of the blind and deaf child's struggle to learn to communicate with the help of a dedicated teacher is a famous one, but there was much more to Helen Keller than her disabilities. She was, among other things, an Oscar-winning socialist world traveler and dog lover who hobnobbed with celebrities, cofounded the American Civil Liberties Union, and inspired a Bollywood movie.

Jul 03 10:35

33 New Species Found In A Poisonous Cave Untouched By Humanity For Five Million Years

Let's go back about 5.5 million years, about the time that the latest common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees roamed the Earth and 33 species of insects and other creepy crawlies made their way into a small cave just southeast of Romania. Next to the Black Sea and the Bulgarian border, the Movile Cave has been shut away by a limestone slab for more than five million years. In that time, it became poisonous to humans even as it provided a habitat to creatures that don't exist anywhere else on Earth. Spiders, scorpions, and all manner of strange insects thrive in Movile Cave, all thanks to a dense soup of bacteria.

Jul 03 10:34

King Leopold II Of Belgium: The Criminal Who Brutally Killed 10 Million Congolese

Having only gained its independence from the Netherlands in 1830, Belgium acts as young as it is—very into beer and chocolate, generally disinclined to start fights with anyone—but just how this fledgling nation became one of the richest countries on Earth is perhaps one of the darkest and barbaric stories known to human history. When the second ever King of Belgium, Leopold II, ascended to the throne in 1865, he made clear that he was not satisfied with simply ruling the country like his father had.

Jul 03 10:34

Spike Lee: ‘Them Motherf***ing Confederate Statues Need To Come The F**k Down’; ‘F*** That Flag’

Filmmaker Spike Lee has joined the chorus of those calling for the end of Confederate statues and monuments.

Jul 03 10:33

‘Absurd, Crazy, Ridiculous’: Black Leaders Slam Minneapolis City Council’s Plan To Defund The Police

In response to protests and riots that left sections of the city in flames, the progressive leadership of Minneapolis has taken steps to defund the police department and replace it with a “transformative new model for cultivating safety” in the city. But some influential voices from the black community in the city are pushing back hard on how the city council is driving forward with their “absurd” and “egregious” dismantlement plan.

Jul 03 10:33

1518 Dancing Plague: The Mania Where Hundreds Danced For Days To The Point Of Injury

In 1518, one of the deadliest dance parties took place in Strasbourg, Alsace, when historians believe that between 50 and 400 people started dancing and didn't stop until they physically unable. At the time, local and religious leaders believed that the dancers were suffering from a religious fervor or a kind of spiritual curse, and it's still unclear what made these French villagers dance until they dropped. The manic dance party lasted for two straight months until it just stopped, as if someone switched off every villager, bringing the plague to a mysterious end.

Jul 03 10:26

Mount Surigaffe(Cartoon)

Jul 03 10:26

University Dean 'Condemned Without Trial' After Writing 'Everyone's Life Matters' in Email

The dean of nursing at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell has been fired just two weeks after she was excoriated on Twitter for an email in which she told nursing students that “everyone’s life matters.”

Jul 03 10:14

Kim Jong-un is seen for the first time in a month after Japan reignited the debate over his health

Kim Jong-un was pictured leading a political bureau meeting on Thursday
It is the first time he has been seen in public since June 8, at a similar meeting

Jul 03 10:10

From an Oxford scientist who fled to Argentina, a 'failed' actress branded 'ugly' by her father, to Britain's biggest ever bankrupt and the 'fireball' twins who made the Sunday Times Rich List... What became of Robert Maxwell's nine children?

Robert Maxwell was a ruthless bully who rose from impoverished beginnings in Czechoslovakia to become a multi-millionaire publisher living a life of luxury — funded by £460 million stolen from the Mirror Group pension pot.

Jul 03 10:04

From an Oxford scientist who fled to Argentina, a 'failed' actress branded 'ugly' by her father, to Britain's biggest ever bankrupt and the 'fireball' twins who made the Sunday Times Rich List... What became of Robert Maxwell's nine children?

Robert Maxwell was a ruthless bully who rose from impoverished beginnings in Czechoslovakia to become a multi-millionaire publisher living a life of luxury — funded by £460 million stolen from the Mirror Group pension pot.

Jul 03 09:46

Thailand Monkey Wars Escalate As Rival Gangs Force Locals To Flee Homes

Monkeys in the Thai city of Lopburi have become particularly aggressive since coronavirus lockdowns significantly cut into the supply of treat-throwing tourists which had been feeding the city's wild macaques.

The monkeys, numbering in the thousands, have set up shop in an abandoned local cinema - brawling with each other when they aren't aggressively attacking locals.