Aug 25 06:19

Horrifying moment bloodthirsty seagull swoops down and steals helpless duckling from its unsuspecting mother's side

Peter Christian captured the battle in Langness, a peninsula near the Isle of Man
The mother tried to fight off the seagull but the gull won the struggle and flew off
Peter only realised the fight was over a duckling when he looked at photos later

Aug 25 06:18

'Shocking' gang-rape of girl, 16, in Israeli hotel went on for 'many hours', police reveal as they make another two arrests bringing total number of suspects to 12

Police are investigating alleged gang-rape of 16-year-old girl at a hotel in Israel
Investigators say 'shocking' attack went on 'for many hours' and they have obtained 'sensitive material' that they are not willing to reveal yet
Two more minors were arrested on Monday and accused of involvement
One teen was released without charge, meaning number of suspects stands at 12

Aug 25 06:17

GOP starts the mainly virtual RNC by calling Donald Trump 'the bodyguard of Western civilization' as it showcases 'ordinary voters' including St Louis gun couple who say he stands between America and 'the mob'

The first night of the Republican National Convention kicked off Monday evening with warnings from several speakers of a 'vengeful mob,' painting Donald Trump as the only thing standing between it and America.

Aug 25 06:17

Deaf and mute girl, 14, is gang-raped and murdered at her own school by attackers who battered her face with rocks in latest shocking sex attack in India

A 14-year-old, deaf and mute girl was gang-raped and murdered with bricks
Balbadda police have detained four people for questioning about the rape
Local government has called for the perpetrators to get the harshest punishment

Aug 25 04:28

'I may know more about North Carolina than I do about New York,' says Ivanka Trump as Donald Trump takes her on the campaign trail where convention was supposed to be

President Donald Trump took Ivanka Trump with him on the campaign trail to North Carolina Monday to make up for the convention not being held in the state the whole week.

Aug 25 04:16

57 Photos From Downtown Portland

Aug 25 04:09

New York state AG wants to question Eric Trump over claims Trump Organization inflated his father's property values in 'tax and loan fraud'

Eric Trump is accusing New York's attorney general of 'prosecutorial misconduct' after her office asked a a court in Manhattan to force him to testify in a probe of Trump Organization assets a day before he is set to speak at the Republican convention.

Aug 25 04:07

'You're going to make her jealous': Phone call captures Jerry Falwell Jr. telling pool boy who slept with his wife to stop tormenting her with Tinder date stories - despite claiming he was unaware of the affair at the time

A 2018 phone call where Jerry Falwell Jr. tells the pool boy his wife had been having an affair with not to make her jealous with stories of dating other women has emerged.

Aug 25 04:06

Mother of Detroit woman, 20, wrongly declared dead before funeral home staff saw her eyes open says she is 'devastated' for the ordeal her daughter endured and demands answers from the hospital

The mother of a 20-year-old Michigan woman with special needs says she's 'devastated' by the ordeal her daughter went through after she was declared dead Sunday, only for funeral home staffers to find the woman with her eyes open and breathing later that day.

Aug 25 04:01

Arkansas jogger, 25, was abducted, raped, murdered and then buried by local farmer, police say as suspect is officially charged with killing her

A local farmer abducted, raped and buried a nurse who went missing while jogging in Arkansas last week, officials say.

Aug 25 04:00

Jerry Seinfeld pens op-ed telling those 'wailing and whimpering' that NYC is dead to get a grip because it'll 'sure as hell' bounce back despite COVID-19 shutdowns, escalating crime and homelessness

Jerry Seinfeld has told the people who are 'wailing and whimpering' that New York City is dead to get a grip because it will 'sure as hell' bounce back as the city continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and escalating crime and homelessness.

Aug 25 03:58

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he wishes the league 'listened sooner' to Colin Kaepernick about racism, adding that players kneeling in protest during the anthem are not 'unpatriotic'

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the league should have 'listened earlier' to Colin Kaepernick and other players who protested racism by kneeling during the national anthem.

Aug 25 03:58

Ancient 2,000-year-old redwoods have survived California wildfires - including 329ft tall Mother of the Forest tree - as state continues battle against three huge blazes that have destroyed 1.2m acres, killed seven and put 250,000 under evacuation orders

When a massive wildfire swept through California´s oldest state park last week it was feared many trees in a grove of old-growth redwoods, some of them 2,000 years old and among the tallest living things on Earth, may finally have succumbed.

Aug 25 03:54

Melania's one-time friend and aide Stephanie Winston Wolkoff 'will reveal tapes of her disparaging Trump and making 'harsh comments' about Ivanka' in bombshell book about First Lady

Melania Trump has been taped trashing her husband Donald Trump and his adult children, it was claimed Monday.

Aug 25 03:51

Breonna Taylor's mother reveals police waited 11 HOURS to tell her that her daughter had been killed, then refused to let her see the body - and she only found out cops had shot her dead by watching the NEWS

Breonna Taylor's mother was left waiting for 11 hours before being told by police that her daughter had been shot, she has revealed in a new interview.

Aug 25 03:50

Donald Trump says he would be willing to 'decouple' from China in his second term 'if they don't treat us right' as he steps up claims Beijing would 'own Joe Biden'

President Donald Trump said he was open to the possibility of 'decoupling' with China in his second term if 'they don't treat us right' as he doubled down on his attacks that if rival Joe Biden wins the election then Beijing would 'own our country.'

Aug 25 03:49

PICTURED: New Jersey teen, 17, who broke into petting zoo and rode on a miniature donkey as her friends 'abused animals' and put lipstick on a pony - forcing the farm to close for a veterinarian wellness check

A group of New Jersey teenagers who broke into a petting zoo and abused animals by riding on donkeys and putting lipstick on a pony fled when the owner chased them away after seeing images of their antics on social media.

Aug 25 03:48

Bizarre moment mask-less woman and her 'Karenette' daughter accuse passengers of racism as they are jeered and slow-clapped off Spirit Airlines flight

A maskless white woman was filmed being sarcastically applauded by passengers aboard a Spirit Airlines flights as she was escorted from the plane, an incident that she screamed was ‘racism at its best'.

Aug 25 03:45

EXCLUSIVE: Angry neighbors of TikTok star Bryce Hall say guests at his $8m mansion have been defecating and urinating in the street, having sex in cars and smoking marijuana in a fire risk area as they call the once-quiet neighborhood a 'party warzone'

Neighbors of the TikTokkers' Los Angeles house that had its power shut off over raucous 'covid parties' say partygoers have been defecating and urinating in the street, having sex in cars, smoking marijuana in a fire risk area and blocking the street until dawn.

Aug 25 03:45

Tearful George Conway calls Trump 'evil' and 'racist beyond any question' in footage released as his wife Kellyanne quits White House for sake of family after their 15-year-old daughter said she wants 'emancipation'

George Conway called Donald Trump 'racist' and 'evil' in video footage revealed Monday of a movie about 'The Psychology Of Donald Trump' filmed before Conway's wife, Kellaynne, stepped down from her White House post on Sunday.

Aug 25 03:40

Kobe Bryant Boulevard: Los Angeles plans to rename the street in front of Staples Center in honor of the Lakers legend and five-time NBA champion

The City of Los Angeles will honor the late Kobe Bryant by renaming a portion of the street surrounding Staples Center after the Lakers legend.

Aug 25 03:40

The BLM-backing Finnish conductor who 'wants to reduce patriotic elements' of Britain's beloved Last Night of the Proms amid calls to ban Rule Britannia and Land of Hope at Glory over 'colonial links'

The Finnish conductor at the forefront of calls to ban the anthems Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory from this year's Last Night of the Proms has pledged support for Black Lives Matter and is married to a rock star, it emerged today.

Aug 25 03:37

Shocking moment Washington Nationals academy administrator tosses two cups of hot coffee at gas station clerk during an argument leaving her with first-degree burns in the Dominican Republic

A Washington Nationals employee was arrested Monday for tossing two cups hot of coffee at a gas station clerk in the Dominican Republic, leaving her with burns.

Aug 25 03:37

Florida woman, 40, is arrested for 'savagely beating her father, 59, after becoming enraged by his flatulence' as she was trying to sleep inside their shared bedroom

A woman was arrested in Florida yesterday after she allegedly beat her father after becoming incensed by his excessive flatulence inside their home, police documents show.

Aug 25 03:35

Dramatic moment when a Florida deputy rescues five people clinging to their capsized boat in the Gulf of Mexico as Storms Marco passes through

A Florida police officer's body cam footage revealed the dramatic moments when he rescued five people after their boat capsized in the Gulf of Mexico.

Aug 25 03:35

You can get Covid-19 TWICE: Man in Hong Kong tests positive for a DIFFERENT strain of coronavirus four months after recovering from first infection

Covid-19 survivors can get reinfected, according to doctors in Hong Kong who say they are the first in the world to prove a patient was struck down twice.

Aug 25 03:29

Woman dies after catching covid from guest returning from a wedding in Maine where 53 got infected

A woman has died of COVID-19 after being infected by a guest who attended a wedding in Maine that caused a cluster of 53 infections.

Aug 25 03:29

Would you trust this robot to test you for COVID? New machine performs invasive nasal swab test 10 minutes faster than humans - but even founder admits he was terrified as the first test subject

Engineers have developed a robotic arm to perform nasal swab tests autonomously in order to limit spreading the deadly coronavirus from patient to doctor.

Aug 25 03:20

Kobe Bryant Boulevard: Los Angeles plans to rename the street in front of Staples Center in honor of the Lakers legend and five-time NBA champion

The City of Los Angeles will honor the late Kobe Bryant by renaming a portion of the street surrounding Staples Center after the Lakers legend.

Aug 25 03:20

The BLM-backing Finnish conductor who 'wants to reduce patriotic elements' of Britain's beloved Last Night of the Proms amid calls to ban Rule Britannia and Land of Hope at Glory over 'colonial links'

The Finnish conductor at the forefront of calls to ban the anthems Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory from this year's Last Night of the Proms has pledged support for Black Lives Matter and is married to a rock star, it emerged today.

Aug 25 03:11

Ex-model, 42, claims her friend slept with Prince Andrew on the orders of paedophile Jeffrey Epstein as part of sinister plan to 'have things on people', bombshell documentary claims

Lisa Phillips claims she confronted Epstein about friend sleeping with Andrew
Former model, 42, claims Epstein told her: 'It's nice to have things on people'
No suggestion that Duke had non-consensual sex or knew of Epstein's demands

Aug 25 03:08

Cuban immigrant delivers passionate RNC speech warning Americans about the far left

American businessman and Cuban immigrant Maximo Alvarez delivered a gripping speech during the Republican National Convention, warning Americans that far left movements rising in the United States remind him of Fidel Castro's communist regime in Cuba.

Aug 25 03:07

National Trust sparks woke row after tweeting about artefacts and buildings linked to slavery and the British Empire - as dozens vow to cancel membership over historical 'virtue signalling'

The National Trust has sparked a woke row after tweeting details about artefacts and buildings' links to slavery - as dozens vowed to cancel their membership because of 'virtue signalling'.

Aug 25 03:07

Sen. Tim Scott closes out first night of RNC with inspiring speech: 'Our family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime'

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott (R) gave a rousing and inspiring speech to close out the first night of the Republican National Convention and drew high praise from online viewers.

Aug 25 03:05

Britannia gagged: Insider claims BBC's bungled decision to play Last Night of the Proms anthems but not SING the 'racist' words that offend the woke was taken by 'scared white guys in a panic'

A BBC insider has slammed the corporation's bungled decision to play Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia without lyrics at the last Night of the Proms following a racism row.

Aug 25 03:05

Trump Jr. Nails Biden: ‘The Loch Ness Monster Of The Swamp,’ ‘He’s Been Lurking Around In There’

Donald Trump Jr. delivered one of the featured speeches during the Republican National Convention’s opening night on Monday where he compared and contrasted the vision that his father has for the country vs. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Aug 25 03:03

Herschel Walker: ‘I Have Seen Racism Up Close. I Know What It Is. And It Isn’t Donald Trump.’

“I’m Herschel Walker,” he began. “Most of you know me as a football player. I’m also a father, a man of faith, and a very good judge of character. I have known Donald Trump for 37 years. And I don’t mean we just casually ran into each other from time to time. I’m talking about a deep personal friendship.”

Aug 25 02:59

Former NFL star Herschel Walker defends President Trump against racism charges in powerful RNC speech

Former NFL legend Herschel Walker gave a heartfelt speech defending his 37-year friendship with President Donald Trump on the first night of the Republican National Convention.

Aug 24 19:30

‘Deeply Entangling Sin’: Jerry Falwell Jr. Resigns From Liberty University Amid Sordid Allegations

Jerry Falwell Jr. resigned as president and chancellor of Liberty University on Monday, the same day Reuters published an investigative report alleging that he and his wife Becki were involved in a seven-year sexual affair with a former pool boy and business associate.

Aug 24 19:30

‘Checkmate, Governor’: New Jersey Gym Owners Declare Gym A Campaign Office To Skirt Lockdown Order

Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti, who co-own Atilis Gym in New Jersey, have partnered with a U.S. Senate candidate to declare their gym an official campaign rally location in another bid to evade forced closure amid the pandemic.

Aug 24 19:29

WATCH: Postmaster General Attacks Conspiracy Theories About Postal Service

Speaking to the House Oversight & Reform Committee on Monday, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy attacked the narrative purveyed by some Democrats and mainstream media members that the Trump administration was manipulating the United States Postal Service for its own political advantage.

Aug 24 19:04

As Violent Riots Break Out, Democrat Nancy Pelosi Labels Republicans As ‘Enemies Of The State’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) demonized Republicans during an MSNBC interview on Monday afternoon, calling them “enemies of the state” and “domestic enemies.” Pelosi’s comments come as violent riots from left-wing activists have plagued cities across the U.S. in recent months.

Aug 24 18:59

KFC suspends 'Finger Lickin' Good' slogan, calling it 'inappropriate' during COVID-19

Kentucky Fried Chicken has launched a new advertising campaign announcing that it will shelve its longstanding "It's Finger Lickin' Good" slogan for a time, calling the catchphrase "inappropriate" during the coronavirus pandemic.

Aug 24 18:56

Nancy Pelosi calls Republicans 'domestic enemies' and 'enemies of the state' and stuns MSNBC host

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) castigated President Donald Trump and his Republican allies in Congress as "enemies of the state" and "domestic enemies" in a rant on Monday.
POLL: Will Joe Biden still be the Democratic Party's presidential candidate when we get to November?
Pelosi was speaking to MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin about Russian election interference when she made the divisive comments.

Aug 24 18:55

Democrat Leader Talcum X Calls for More Violence and Complete Dismantling of US Police after Last Night’s Kenosha Riots

It looks like things are back to normal since the DNC Convention last week in Wisconsin online.

Aug 24 18:54

CNN cuts away from Trump RNC speech, likens president to Pontius Pilate

What are the details?
The left-leaning news outlet cut off Trump's speech to offer input on the president's statements while Fox News and MSNBC stayed, according to The Hill, allowing anchors at CNN to provide their own fact checks.

Aug 24 18:54

Hollywood Stars Attending Video Music Awards From Out of State will Not be Subject to New York’s 14-Day Quarantine Mandate

Hollywood stars traveling to New York City from out of state for the MTV Video Music Awards will have the special privilege of skipping the state’s 14-day quarantine mandate.

Aug 24 17:32


Six months into this pandemic, Americans still dramatically misunderstand the risk of dying from COVID-19:

1 - On average, Americans believe that people aged 55 and older account for just over half of total COVID-19 deaths; the actual figure is 92%.

2 - Americans believe that people aged 44 and younger account for about 30% of total deaths; the actual figure is 2.7%.

3 - Americans overestimate the risk of death from COVID-19 for people aged 24 and younger by a factor of 50; and they think the risk for people aged 65 and older is half of what it actually is (40% vs 80%).

These results are nothing short of stunning.

Aug 24 17:28

FDA in Hot Seat by Senators’ Demands on HCQ and HHS Pulling Rank on Tests

On August 18, 2020, Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) submitted a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Stephen Hahn, demanding information regarding their actions taken on the use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19. “Physicians are concerned that the FDA’s actions regarding hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) may be directly costing lives by limiting outpatient access to this potentially beneficial treatment,” the letter stated.

Aug 24 17:23

Lawsuit: Epstein Used Bill Clinton Friendship To Intimidate 15-Year-Old Girl Into ‘Vicious Sex Assault’

Disturbing court documents allege that pedophile Jeffrey Epstein used his friendship with former US president Bill Clinton, to intimidate a 15-year-old girl into a “vicious, prolonged sexual assault.”

The documents claim that the victim, who is only identified as Jane Doe 15, met Epstein in early 2004 after being groomed by the sex offender’s secretary.

The teen, who grew up in a poor household in the Midwest, says in the filing that the well-connected financier had name-dropped Clinton as he trafficked her on his so-called “Lolita Express” private jet and pressured her into being sexually assaulted.

“Epstein made clear to Jane Doe 15 how powerful he was. He made a point of mentioning that he was close with Bill Clinton,” the lawsuit against Epstein’s estate reads.

Aug 24 15:13

Your Comprehensive Guide to Kamala Harris and The Second Amendment

In short, when Senator Harris claims to support the Second Amendment, she is not telling the truth. The facts show that she has been an avowed enemy of the rights of law-abiding gun owners. Whether it is supporting bans on firearms, denying people the ability to carry firearms for personal protection, depriving gun owners of privacy and due process, or targeting manufacturers and dealers, she has not been on the side of freedom. -- Quite frankly, Harris has one of the most anti-Second Amendment track records we have ever seen for a person on a major party’s presidential ticket. She will be a heartbeat away from the presidency should Joe Biden win. Second Amendment supporters should cast their votes accordingly.

Aug 24 14:59

Never forget: If Kamala Harris takes over as president, she WILL come after guns with a vengeance and may send law enforcement to take them

And let’s be clear about something else: The amendment’s “shall not be infringed” clause is among the most ignored passages in the U.S. Constitution. It’s ignored by members of Congress, federal and state judges, city councils, Left-wing anti-gun groups, and Americans who don’t think anyone should have a gun. -- The clause is simple, straightforward, and unambiguous. It doesn’t say ‘shall not be infringed unless…’

Aug 24 14:51

Radical Left’s Agenda Against Trump: Ignore Achievements

The plan to secure a Radical Left Marxist victory in November 2020 is actually straightforward. It is grounded on an amalgamation of enticement, fear, and guilt: Entice the American people into accepting the false belief that the violence impacting our Nation is a result of two centuries of pent-up rage of Black victims at the hands of White oppressors, caused by systemic racism infecting all American institutions; that it is reflected in White supremacism that resulted in the election of Trump as U.S. President; that, if Trump is re-elected, violence will continue; and that such violence will only recede if the electorate repudiates Trump and elects a Democrat in his stead.

Aug 24 14:44

A Biden-Harris Administration Will Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse

It’s no secret that most in the legacy media do not support the Second Amendment; at least, not a proper interpretation of what that amendment actually protects. It’s also no secret that most of those same purveyors of “news” will do everything they can to attack President Trump, and defend the Biden-Harris ticket—now the official Democrat ticket for President in 2020—any chance they can get.

Aug 24 12:57

DEMS FOR MUTILATION: Democrat Sara Gideon of Maine shot down legislation to ban female genital mutilation, calling it “racist”

Sara Gideon, one of Joe Biden’s supporters who made an appearance at the recent virtual Democratic National Convention, is a far-left politician from Maine who many are unaware led the charge in her state to kill a legislative bill that would have outlawed a gruesome form of sexual abuse known as female genital mutilation.

According to Gideon, it is “racist” to tell Muslims and black people from Africa – these being the two groups that mutilate female genitals the most – that they cannot sever the clitorises of their infant girls while sewing their vaginas closed. The tolerant thing to do, in Gideon’s view, is to continue to allow the practice unabated.

Aug 24 12:22

Virginia 'Karen' tells her 17-year-old neighbor to 'go back to your own f*****g country' during row in suburban street

Woman was filmed abusing 17-year-old on suburban street in Gainesville, VA
'I was born here so this is my country,' the victim tells the older woman
The aggressive woman then replies: 'You wouldn't act that f***ing way'
A man eventually intervenes to prevent the woman from squaring up to the teen

Aug 24 12:13

Police arrest girl and three boys all aged 14 after 12-year-old boy is stabbed in the back near Essex primary school

One girl and three boys all aged 14 arrested by police and remain in custody
Child stabbed in an alleyway near Briscoe Primary School in Pitsea, Essex
Police and paramedics rushed to the scene and boy was airlifted to hospital
Witnesses claimed he was attacked by a gang who also hit him with hammer

Aug 24 12:10

TikTok sues the Trump administration for trying to ban it in the US and says it is NOT a national security threat despite being owned by a Chinese company because all senior staff are in America

TikTok announced on Monday that it was suing the Trump administration
It says Trump's executive order threatening to ban the app within 90 days unless ByteDance, its Chinese owners, sells it to an American entity
He says it poses a national security risk that gives Americans' information to the Chinese
Microsoft is among American companies considering buying it
TikTok claims the executive order is politically motivated and that it has gone to 'extraordinary lengths' to protect US users' data from the Chinese government
They say Trump is putting thousand 10,000 American jobs at risk
It is unclear which court TikTok is filing the lawsuit in

Aug 24 12:07

‘Famine of biblical proportions’ looms over humanity due to Covid-19, UN food chief warns

The Covid-19 pandemic may lead to a calamity of epic scale, with millions facing starvation worldwide, the head of the UN’s hunger-fighting body has warned.

“All the data we have, including WFP forecast that the number of people experiencing malnutrition will grow by 80 percent by the end of the year, … points to a real disaster,” David Beasley, Executive Director of the UN World Food Program (WFP), said.

"We are risking a famine of biblical proportions."

Aug 24 12:06

Melania's one-time friend and aide Stephanie Winston Wolkoff 'will reveal tapes of her disparaging Trump and making 'harsh comments' about Ivanka' in bombshell book about First Lady

Melania Trump latest member of Trump family to be recorded
She allegedly made disparaging remarks about President Trump and his adult children, a new book will reveal
Toughest comments were about Ivanka Trump
Details of what she said weren't reported but will be in Stephanie Winston Wolkoff book about her friendship with Melania Trump
Wolkoff recorded first lady without her knowledge
Wolkoff's book 'Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady' will be released on September 1

Aug 24 12:01

Mass Delusion In Ohio

Aug 24 12:01

Tributes are paid to 'kind, genuine and funny' homeowner, 47, who was killed when chimney smashed through roof into his bedroom at 5am in high winds

Mark Spence was a long-standing fan of the Bradford City football club
His 28-year-old partner survived the collapse but suffered serious injuries
West Yorkshire Police said they are investigating the Sunday morning incident

Aug 24 11:54


Bill Gates has built a global empire around his technologies and “philanthropic” endeavors, the magnitude of which is now becoming increasingly clear. His sheer wealth has allowed him to become a veritable superpower in his own right. He’s not only risen to become the largest funder of the World Health Organization and the unelected global COVID-19 health czar but he’s also a secret powerbroker of the global food system.

As revealed in the AGRA Watch report,1 “The Man Behind the Curtain: The Gates Foundation’s Influence on the UN Food Systems Summit,” published August 2020, Gates wields powerful influence over global food and agriculture policy through his funding of a large number of organizations involved in agricultural development and policy making.

Aug 24 11:49

2013 Medical Study Showed The Quickest Way They Could Find To Completely Dismantle America: Study Warned Authoritarian Governments Emerge From 'Parasite Prevalent' Societies

While we've written numerous stories on ANP about how Covid-19 is being used by many politicians, and even crazed individuals on US streets, to institute 'authoritarianism' and 'medical tyranny', the mainstream media would call such reports 'fake news' or 'conspiracy theories'. That despite a damning medical paper published in the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health back on May 1st of 2013 titled "Pathogens and Politics: Further Evidence That Parasite Prevalence Predicts Authoritarianism".

Aug 24 11:43

Shaun King On Kenosha Riots: ‘I’m Not Going To Call For Peace’

In response to the riots and mayhem in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following a police-involved incident that saw a white police officer shoot a black suspect several times in the back, racial justice activist Shaun King openly declared he would not be calling for peace.

Aug 24 11:40

COVID-19 first appeared in a group of Chinese miners in 2012, scientists say

The coronavirus may not have originated at a Wuhan wet market last year but 1,000 miles away in 2012 — deep in a Chinese mineshaft where workers came down with a mysterious, pneumonia-like illness after being exposed to bats.

Aug 24 11:37

Sharing is caring: Heart-warming moment pet dog brings a pork bun from its home to 'feed a stray cat'

The pet pooch 'Pudding' was filmed sharing its food with a stray moggie in China
The kind dog seemingly tried to feed its friend by bringing the feline a pork bun
Footage shows the cat remaining still before succumbing to the tasty temptation
Millions of web users were touched by the clip, praising Pudding 'a little angel'

Aug 24 11:36

Biden, Harris Attack Police After Shooting In Kenosha Leads To Violent Riots, Police Hit With Bricks

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, targeted the police in a statement on Monday in response to a shooting that transpired in Kenosha, Wisconsin, yesterday where police responded to a 911 call about a domestic incident.

Aug 24 11:32

Massive Zoom outage throws locked-down eastern United States for a loop??

As the coronavirus-induced social distancing measures have continued for five months, the United States has grown increasingly reliant on videoconferencing options to keep businesses moving. One such videoconferencing app, Zoom, has become especially popular due to its ease of use and ability to accommodate multiple participants, which has made it particularly useful for schools and businesses.

Aug 24 11:32

Donald Trump complains that cable news is not covering Republican convention's roll call of states which is taking place during day instead of in prime time (with MyPillow co-found Mike Lindell among the stars)

The president complained cable nets 'aren’t covering the Roll Call of States'
He also complained that Fox anchors who were covering it were talking over it
MyPillow founder spoke on behalf of Minnesota and called Trump 'the greatest president ever'
Montana chair touted 'at least five guns in every home' in his state
Maryland' David Bossie had to stop himself from accidentally calling Frederick Douglass a segregationist instead of an abolitionist
Corey Lewandowski touted his state's maple syrup and his own book
Trump later told delegates in Charlotte the roll call was a 'big deal'

Aug 24 11:30

Student is left 'disgusted' after her Uni BINNED 'everything she owns' including documents, a camera and 'irreplaceable' childhood keepsakes when she was forced to leave due to Covid-19

A student was left 'disgusted' after her university halls threw away 'everything she owns' when she wasn't allowed to return to her accomodation because of Covid-19.
Hannah Mullins, from London, who studies graphic design at the University of Brighton, had made an appointment to collect her belongings after she was forced to leave the accommodation at the start of the pandemic in March.

Aug 24 10:58

Gates and Big Tech “Reimagine” Post-Human Education: The “New Normal” is A.I. Data-Mining for “Social Credit”

By John Klyczek

In 1982, Special Advisor to the Department of Education’s Office of Research and Improvement, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, blew the whistle on Project BEST (Better Education Skills through Technology). A sub-project of President Ronald Reagan’s Private Sector Initiative, Project BEST was a plan to corporatize the American education system through public-private partnerships with Big Tech companies which replace human teachers with Skinnerian “teaching machines” programmed with psychological conditioning algorithms that train students for workforce placement in a planned economy.

Aug 24 10:54

Biden Says He Could Lock Down Country To Stop COVID, Doesn't Say Where He Gets That Authority

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told a reporter this week he would not hesitate to shut down the entire country upon advice from scientists to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Aug 24 10:54

Denver Rioters Shoot Fireworks at Cops, Ravage Family-Owned Business

An anti-police protest in Denver turned into a riot as demonstrators ran amok Saturday night.

Aug 24 10:51

Twitter Founder Dorsey Donates to BLM Prof Who Wants Totalitarianism To Eradicate 'Racist Ideas'

Ibram X. Kendi has become, if not a household name, something approximating it for an academic set not used to attention. Thus, when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey agreed to give Kendi’s Boston University Center for Antiracist Research a $10 million grant last week, just two months after the center was opened, that was a pretty big deal.

Aug 24 10:50

Study: 89% of Respondent Medical Professionals in Belgium Would Kill a Baby Born with Disabilities

The year is 2020, and the scientific community is in the process of normalizing the extermination of disabled and “unfit” newborns.

Aug 24 10:50

Newt Predicts Trump Win Will Be 'Dramatically Bigger' Than Anyone Expects

Newt Gingrich has never been one to back down from the mainstream media, and — with the final months ticking down to the November election — now is no exception.

Aug 24 10:39

Appeals Court Rules Migrant Child Rapist Will Not Be Deported

A Swedish appeals court has overruled the deportation of a migrant who was convicted of raping a child more than 100 times over a three-year period.

Aug 24 10:36

Beleaguered Education Secretary Gavin Williamson breaks cover to promise all schools will get Covid home tests before they reopen as he insists they will only close amid a local coronavirus outbreak as an 'absolute last resort'

Under-fire Gavin Williamson today broke cover to guarantee every school in England will be supplied with coronavirus home tests to hand out to parents when they reopen next week.
The Education Secretary used an interview to pledge that teachers would be able to sen

Aug 24 10:35

Harry Maguire's sister Daisy, 20, arrives back at family home after being 'stabbed in arm by Albanian gangster sparking drunken brawl' on holiday from hell with brother in Mykonos

Harry Maguire's sister Daisy has arrived back in UK from her holiday to Greece
Seen at her Mosborough, Sheffield home with brother Laurence before leaving
Siblings Harry and Joe were involved in a street brawl after she was allegedly 'stabbed by Albanian thug' in a Mykonos nightclub

Aug 24 10:35

Only ONE Covid-19 victim in English hospitals was under 40 last week and 90% were over the age of 60, data reveals as health chiefs post four more deaths

Only one Covid-19 victim whose death was announced by NHS England over the past week was under the age of 40, according to official data.
NHS figures show 90 per cent of the patients who died from the illness after testing positive were over 60 — including half who were at least 80 years old.

Aug 24 10:33

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