Oct 12 08:13

Joe Biden is sick - Parkinson’s Disease?

Oct 12 07:54

As Barrett Confirmation Begins, This Is The Dems Latest Sad Attempt To Delegitimize

Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Chris Coons said on Sunday that the Senate moving to confirm President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett "constitutes court-packing," and called the nominee's views "disqualifying."

Coons made the comments during an interview with "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace. Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., also spoke with Wallace Sunday.

Oct 12 07:18

You’re Next! If Biden/ Harris Win, A Crackdown On Whites Is Coming

Two recent events show us that a victory for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on November 3 will unleash a war on whites. First was the alleged “white supremacist” plot, inspired by President Trump’s “rhetoric,” to kidnap the tyrannical Leftist governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer. Second is Twitter’s suspension of Lauren Witzke, the anti-immigration, America First candidate who has already won the GOP Senate nomination in Delaware, merely for criticizing mass Third World immigration.

Consider Bloomberg’s blatantly false claim about the plot against Witch Whitmer:

Oct 12 07:17

EXC: Debate Commission Member Tied To Transition Integrity Project, Chinese Communist Party-Linked Berggruen Institute

Hernandez’s position on the Board of Directors of the commission, which has selected a slew of anti-Trump moderators and pushed a debate via Zoom, is curious in light of her ties to the Biden-backing Chinese Communist Party and the Soros-backed Transition Integrity Project which calls for “street fights” to secure a Biden victory.

The highly partisan Transition Integrity Project was first exposed by The National Pulse in early August, after repeatedly making the false claim of non-partisanship, unchallenged by establishment media.

Hernandez’s biography page on the Berggruen Institute site list her as part of the “Berggruen network,” a network which also lists five fellows at Chinese Communist Party-funded universities and two members of the pro-China lobby group and Confucius Institute-sponsoring Asia Society.

Oct 12 07:12

80s Rewind: Watch Joe Biden Call Court-Packing ‘Terrible, Terrible Mistake to Make’

The former vice president and his running mate Kamala Harris have repeatedly avoided commenting on the idea of ‘court-packing’, or increasing the number of Supreme Court justices from 9 to 15, in recent days. President Donald Trump has suggested that the idea would “permanently destroy the Court” if implemented.

Old footage has surfaced online of Joe Biden making an impassioned plea against packing the Supreme Court.

“President [Franklin] Roosevelt clearly had the right to send to the United States Senate and the United States Congress a proposal to pack the court. It was totally within his right to do that. He violated no law, he was legalistically absolutely correct. But it was a bonehead idea. It was a terrible, terrible mistake to make, and it put in question for an entire decade the independence of the most significant body (including the Congress in my view) – the Supreme Court of the United States of America,” Biden says in the video.

Oct 12 07:11

Schumer says Democrats won't give GOP quorum to advance Barrett nomination

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Sunday night promised that Democrats will not "supply quorum" for votes to advance Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation effort, essentially meaning that Democrats will boycott the votes in an attempt to stall the confirmation ahead of the election.

Oct 12 07:10

The Yugoslav Wars: Biden’s Belligerent Militarism Revisited

Ironically, while three US presidents have been accused of impeaching the Constitution for relatively minor offenses, including Bill Clinton for perjury and Donald Trump for using political influence to discredit opponents, no US president has ever been charged, let alone convicted, of waging devastating wars of aggression.

Unless impeachment proceedings are initiated against war criminals, including George Bush and Dick Cheney for invading Afghanistan and Iraq and Barack Obama and Joe Biden for waging proxy wars in Libya and Syria, the impeachment provisions in the US Constitution would serve as nothing more than a convenient tool for settling political scores.

Oct 12 07:06

Pompeo: "There Will Be More To See" Of Hillary Clinton's Emails Before 2020 Election, "Doing It As Fast As We Can"

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview with FOX News host Dana Perino on Friday that he has the Hillary Clinton emails and will release them publicly before the election.

"We've got the e-mails," Pompeo told Perino. "We're getting them out. We're going to get all this information out, so the American people can see it. You will remember, there was classified information on a private server. It should have never been there. Hillary Clinton should never have done that."

"I certainly think there will be more to see before the election," Pompeo said of the emails.

Oct 12 07:01

Trump’s Planned Sale of F35s to UAE Hits Snag in the Senate

Since Israel’s peace deal with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a sale of arms, including F35s, to the UAE seemed inevitable. Israel first bristled at this idea, but has recently seemed to tolerate the sale so long as they get free equipment from the US in return.

Nothing’s ever that easy, however, and Senators from both parties, Jim Risch (R-ID) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ), are now resisting the idea, saying they believe the sale doesn’t meet legal requirements to assure Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge.

Menendez argued that Israel couldn’t be said to retain its edge, in having F35s, if someone else got F35s. That was roughly the argument Israel was making as well, though the fact that the sales went to a nation that they are now friends with seemingly changes things, at least somewhat.

Oct 12 06:47

Russia Hoax Explained: Obama Aware his CIA Director John Brennan was Colluding with Hillary Clinton to Distract Voters from Email Scandal

An independent probe into the origins of the Russia witch hunt already yielded an initial criminal conviction. But the recent release of once-secret documents coveted by the Obama administration proves CIA Director John Brennan colluded with Hillary Clinton to perpetrate the Russia fraud on the American people.

“Cite alleged approval by Hillary Clinton (on 26 July) of a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisers to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security services,” recently disclosed hand-written Brennan notes state.

Oct 12 06:47

Americans deserve to see Durham report before voting: Fred Fleitz

Oct 12 06:44

Agitated Biden tells reporter, 'Americans don't deserve to know' if he will pack Supreme Court

Oct 12 06:32

Putin Trolls Biden: Communists & Dems Share 'Common Values' While Trump Record Hard On Russia

Like much of the American public, the Russian public is no doubt weary of the prior couple years of non-stop 'Russiagate' headlines and wild accusations out of Western press, which all are now pretty much in complete agreement came to absolutely nothing. This is also why the whole issue has been conspicuously dropped by the Biden campaign and as a talking point among the Democrats, though in some corners there's been meek attempts to revive it, especially related to claims of "expected" Kremlin interference in the impending presidential election.

Apparently seeing in this an opportunity for some epic trolling, Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with Rossiya 1 TV days ago said it was actually the Democratic Party and the Communist Party which have most in common.

Oct 12 06:30

Doug Casey On What Happens After The Election

Whenever a really radical group takes over—and the Democrats are serious radicals—they try to cement themselves in power. I’ve explained my reasons for believing the Democrats are going to win, and it only takes a small number of people working as a cadre to do it. I’d like to discuss what happens next.

Oct 12 06:29

Exclusive – ‘Mansion Maxine’: Joe Collins Launches Ad Ripping Maxine Waters for Not Living in Her District

Republican Joe Collins, a Navy veteran challenging Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters in California’s 43rd Congressional District, launched a campaign ad Saturday blasting the congresswoman for residing outside the district she represents while her constituents “suffer the consequences” of her policies.

“Maxine does not live in her district. But I do. I was born right here in South L.A., in a place Maxine refuses to live,” Collins says in the ad. “Maxine Waters does not drink our water. She does not breathe our air. And while she sits here in her mansion, our district is in ruins.”

Oct 12 06:22

US Senate Democratic Leader Urges Supreme Court Nominee to Recuse Herself in Election-Linked Cases

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett should recuse herself in any cases linked to the outcome of the November 3 presidential election as well as a challenge to the Obamacare health law, US Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said on Sunday.

According to Schumer, Barrett should step aside in any cases involving the presidential election because of Trump's earlier statements about his expectations that the court would rule in his favour if Barrett's nomination was confirmed.

Schumer's statement comes a day before Barrett will be facing her Senate confirmation hearing. The 48-year-old attorney will deliver her opening statement to the Republican Judiciary Committee and will face questions from senators on Tuesday and Wednesday before the hearing will be concluded on Thursday.

Oct 12 06:17

Let’s face it, US politics is just a showy soap opera laced with enough nepotism and corruption to make a banana republic blush

It’s four weeks to election day. Chaos reigns in the White House. The contagious president still doesn’t wanna wear a mask. Will Donald have to be dragged out by force? Find out in the season finale of... ‘The Banana Republic.’

There was an American show that ran on pretty much every TV set in the whole wide world in the 1980s called ‘Dynasty’ – pronounced ‘die-nasty’ by Americans, who like to mangle the English language.

The main images that immediately spring to mind are all teeth and hair. Perfect teeth, perfect hair. Male or female. Oh, and the theme tune. And money.

Money, money, money. I can’t remember a single plot line though, not one.

American politics in a nutshell.

Oct 12 06:13

Handmaid's Tale protesters descend on Capitol Hill ahead of Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing tomorrow where she will praise mentor Justice Scalia and say courts should not decide policy as Graham predicts she'll be confirmed by Oct 27

Amy Coney Barrett will praise her mentor, the late Justice Antonin Scalia, and tell senators courts 'should not try' to make policy during her opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

A transcript of the remarks Barrett intends to deliver the first day of her confirmation hearing on Monday was released to the media on Sunday.

Barrett, 48, will speak to the Republican-led panel about how Scalia, whom she clerked for after law school, shaped not only her philosophies about the law, but also about family.

Oct 12 06:01

Biden’s Niece CRIMINALLY CHARGED, what The judge did next says EVERYTHING

Oct 12 06:00

In 1985 Hearing Joe Biden Says N-Word Out Loud Twice

Oct 12 05:58

Trump gives Barr ultimatum: Arrest Obama, Biden and Clinton or find yourself in a ‘sad situation’

President Donald Trump issued Bill Barr an ultimatum during a live phone-in Thursday on Fox Business — either the attorney general indicts Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton for “the greatest political crime in the history of our country” or he will find himself in a “sad situation.”

(Article by Baxter Dmitry republished from NewsPunch.com)

“Unless Bill Barr indicts these people for crimes,” declared the president, “the greatest political crime in the history of our country, then we’re gonna get little satisfaction unless I win. Because I won’t forget it. But these people should be indicted, this was the greatest political crime in the history of our country. And that includes Obama, and that includes Biden; these are people that spied on my campaign, and we have everything.“

Oct 12 05:55

Biden Certain Of Victory, Uses 'Grandpa' Word To Describe 'Only Way' He Loses

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said on Saturday 'the only way' he could lose to President Donald Trump was through 'chicanery' at polling places.

At a campaign event in Erie, Pennsylvania on Saturday, Biden is quoted saying; 'Here's the deal guys, you've gotta make sure you go out and vote, because the only way we lose this is by the chicanery going on relative to polling places,'

Oct 12 05:42

Trump's 'October Surprise'? Why Brennan's Memo on Clinton's Alleged Trump-Russia Plan is a Bombshell

Former CIA Director John Brennan's memo on Hillary Clinton's alleged plan to frame her presidential contender Donald Trump came like a bolt from the blue at least partially confirming what has been long suspected about the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, say US independent journalist Max Parry and Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel.

Following the US president's announcement about authorising a massive declassification of materials related to the FBI's Trump-Russia investigation, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe revealed that he had recently provided almost 1,000 documents to DOJ investigator John Durham who is looking into the conduct of law enforcement and intelligence officials involved in the inquiry.

Oct 12 05:39

What Liberals Are REALLY SCARED Of And Why They SHOULDN'T Be | Huckabee

Oct 12 05:33

Cruz on Meet the Press: Regardless of Dem Delay Tactics, the Senate Will Confirm Judge Barrett

Oct 12 05:32

Why Senator Lindsey Graham Is Being TARGETED | Huckabee

Oct 12 05:30

Joe Biden feeling some 'real wobbles' in his campaign

Oct 12 05:29

Swamp Watch: The Clinton Foundation

Oct 12 05:28

Gov. DeWine predicts who will win the state of Ohio

Oct 12 05:28

SCOTUS Confirmation: Ted Cruz Tells Meet The Press He Expects Dems To 'Play Games'

Sen. Ted Cruz prophesies procedural "shenanigans" by Democrats this week directed at preventing the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

"The delay tactics of the Democrats aren't going to work," Cruz, R-Texas, said on NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday, referencing calls for necessary coronavirus testing for senators attending the hearings in person.

Oct 12 04:48

US 3rd parties to benefit from mainstream party failures

"...For over 150 years Democrats and Republicans have crafted a political system which many say makes the rise of a third party almost impossible.

US President Donald Trump is perhaps the most divisive president ever, the approval rating of Congress is just 17% and the world’s richest country has given the average voter a tiny amount of financial assistance despite an economic catastrophe that keeps getting worse..."

Oct 11 15:08

Military Vet Shot Dead At 'Patriot Rally' in Front Of His Son by Leftist Hired by 9News Denver As 'Security'

A hired gun for the station 9News shot and killed military veteran Lee Keltner at a "Patriot Rally" on Saturday afternoon in Denver.

Oct 11 10:45

Washington drops 2nd stimulus despite economic chaos

"...Long-running negotiations on a badly-needed second stimulus package have been called off in the United States.

Democrats and Republicans refused to find common ground even though the average American has not seen coronavirus lockdown-related economic assistance since extra unemployment insurance ran out on August first.

The sticking point continues to be the Republican's refusal to grant more funding for local and state governments. The primary economic pillar of far right neoliberal economic ideology is to slash the size of government at all levels, and Republicans indicate that coronavirus is not going to change anything..."

Oct 11 08:37


Oct 11 07:43

The 2020 Election, Right-Wing Militias, & The Transfer Of Power In America | MUST-SEE VIDEO (with transcript)

.... FORCE IS ON THE TABLE. Here you go: the attempted snatch of a governor to spark it, to get that show on the road. And there's a lot of people who think that's a good idea. Yeah. Okay. See. in the U.S., we've been insulated from it for so long — to a lot of people that's just something that happens in movies, or something that happens 'over there.' It's not real.

-Beau of the Fifth Column, excerpted from the video (with transcript) at the above link.

Oct 11 07:36


Ever since the crash of 2008, a trend has developed in U.S. election debate: the near complete avoidance of serious discussion about the economy. Ron Paul was the last candidate to attack the subject with any energy, and that was quite a while ago now. The economic decline of our nation is being aggressively ignored, even though it is the most important issue of the past century.

Oct 11 06:49

Michigan focus group voters say Biden won't 'make it four years' and Harris makes them want to vote for Trump

Michigan voters taking part in a focus group following Wednesday night’s vice presidential debate said they don’t believe Joe Biden will “make it four years” and that Kamala Harris being president makes them want to vote for Trump.

“Biden’s not going to make it four years, so Kamala Harris is going to be president. And I have zero trust she can be president, so I’m just picking the lesser of two evils at this point,” a woman identified as Shelley D. told an Axios focus group after the debate. “Everyone else in the group agreed,” according to the news outlet.

Former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway took notice of the focus group’s response, tweeting about it using all capital letters to emphasize that everyone agreed with Shelley’s point.

Oct 11 06:48

Burisma admits in court that it bribed Joe and Hunter Biden

A developing story about the case of Ukrainian gas holding company Burisma against People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andriy Derkach has revealed that Burisma did, in fact, bribe Joe and Hunter Biden with large cash payments. The only question is how much did these two crooks receive?

In its dismissal of the claim, the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv indicated that representatives from Burisma are only refuting the amount of money the company paid to Joe and Hunter Biden. Burisma is not, it is important to note, refuting that it did, in fact, pay these two some large sum of cash, which is still to be determined.

On his Facebook page, Derkach explained that Burisma has now admitted that it bribed Joe Biden, and “[a]s expected, Burisma lost.” Derkach says that Burisma bribed Joe Biden with a $900,000 lobbying lump sum, which the company is disputing solely due to the amount.

Oct 11 06:41

Joe Biden says voters 'don't deserve' to know his position on packing the Supreme Court with additional justices before the election as he refuses to answer questions on the subject

Joe Biden once again refused to reveal his stance on packing the Supreme Court, saying voters 'don't deserve' to know his position ahead of the November election.

The Democratic nominee reiterated his stance during an interview on Friday in Las Vegas, Nevada, while taking questions from the media.

Biden refused to reveal his thoughts the day prior while in Arizona, stating it would only grab headlines and take focus away from the Trump administration's effort to confirm nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

Oct 11 06:40

Voter Enthusiasm: Videos, Pictures Of Biden & Trump Events Show A Clear Winner

“It was mind-boggling,” said Charles Ryan. “I’m out on my boat, there’s thousands of people, and every one of them has this big smile. I’ve never seen such happiness. It was infectious.”

Four flags waved from the stern of Ryan’s runabout on Sept. 5 as he drove through New Jersey’s Barnegat Bay: the Stars and Stripes, a “Blue Lives Matter” banner, and a couple of banners praising President Donald J. Trump.

Oct 11 06:36

Why The Truth Behind Hunter Biden's Actions In Ukraine Matters To Us All

It is understandable that any father would be uncomfortable discussing his son’s personal problems and ethical transgressions. In that regard, Joe Biden is no different. But Joe Biden is not just any father – he is the Democratic Party’s candidate for President of the United States. And his son Hunter’s Ukraine issues are not just personal matters.

Oct 11 06:34

Jim Comey Ignored State Department Whistleblower On Hillary's Crimes With Classified Material

One year before Jim Comey was immersed in his plot to overthrow Donald Trump, the duly elected President of the United States, a brave Foreign Service Officer at the U.S. Department of State came forward with firsthand information of Hillary Clinton’s rampant abuse of Classified material. The man, a senior State Department diplomat who had served as the acting Ambassador (Chargé d’Affaires) in the Asia Pacific region under President Clinton, also was a veteran of the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War.

Oct 11 06:29

Biden Handlers BREAK SILENCE After Leaked Photos Catch Him with Teleprompter - NO ONE Believes Them

Oct 11 06:28

Civil War: The Left’s Election-Night War Game

What we have been seeing played out on the streets of America, particularly in large Blue State metropolitan areas and dense urban cities is classic planned chaos and the “Strategy of Tension.” Unable to dislodge Donald Trump by the Russiagate hoax or the malicious soft coup impeachment process, his sworn enemies, using COVID-19 as their pretext, have turned to the destruction of the economy by repressive lockdowns, creating mass unemployment and annihilation of small businesses, thus fracturing civil society. Thus the Democrats, seditious elements of the deep state, and their complacent, compliant regime media pawns, have turned to an age-old psy/war strategy to be wielded as an ax against the president, insidiously using the weaponized corpse of George Floyd as the new rationale for these riots and insurrections.

Oct 11 06:28

The Nine Most Terrifying Words

Oct 11 06:26

MORE BOMBSHELL Docs on Anti-Trump Spying, NEW Voter Roll Lawsuit in CO, & MORE!

Oct 11 06:24

Tucker: Dems want to completely change our government

Oct 11 06:04

I think we should impeach Pelosi | Doug Collins

Oct 11 06:02

Catholics Voting for Barabbas

Oct 11 06:01

Americans deserve to see Durham report before voting: Fred Fleitz

Oct 11 05:52

Now Biden Says Filling Ginsburg Seat 'Not Constitutional' - And Americans Don't 'Deserve To Know' If He'll Pack Court

In the latest round of malarkey over whether or not Biden will pack the Supreme Court (he will), the former Vice President confidently said on Saturday that filling the current vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court is unconstitutional.

"Look, the only court-packing is going on right now. It’s going on with the Republicans packing the court now. It’s not constitutional what they’re doing," said Biden while traveling to Pennsylvania for a campaign stop.

Oct 10 13:22

ATF reversal could turn millions of gun owners into felons

In a letter made public on Tuesday, the agency informed a New Hampshire gun company that its AR-15 pistol model equipped with a specialized brace is actually an illegal short-barreled rifle and anyone who owns one could be subject to up to 10 years in prison or $100,000 in fines. Industry insiders put the number of AR-15 pistols equipped with similar specialized braces at about 3 million.

Oct 10 13:12

The Diaper Report!

Whether Orange Man is good is beside the point. The deranged hatred of the man and its corollary – anything to get rid of him – is the relevant point. WuFlu hysteria serves exactly that purpose, or so it is hoped. Where Putin’s Poodle, Shady Ukrainians and Non-Impeachment failed, Diapering – and the attendant destruction of what had been a strong economy as well as a resurgence of what had been strong nationalism – might just succeed.

Oct 10 12:46

Thought Control American Style: The Social Justice Warriors Will Destroy Our Basic Freedoms

This type of “thought control” has been most evident in the media, but it is beginning to dominate in other areas where conversations about policy and rights take place. Universities in particular, which once were bastions of free speech and free thought, are now defining what is acceptable language and behavior even when the alleged perpetrators are neither threatening or abusive.

Oct 10 12:03

The One Assured Outcome After the Election

The outcome of all this is rather predictable: Small businesses are going to disappear and what’s left of the localized economy in the U.S. is going to be destroyed. International corporations, the only businesses enjoying reliable protection from the Fed, will remain as the only game left in town. It is almost as if the economy is being forcefully streamlined into a global centralized model with the major corporations at the helm…

Oct 10 11:46

Burisma admits in court that it bribed Joe and Hunter Biden

A developing story about the case of Ukrainian gas holding company Burisma against People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andriy Derkach has revealed that Burisma did, in fact, bribe Joe and Hunter Biden with large cash payments. The only question is how much did these two crooks receive?

In its dismissal of the claim, the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv indicated that representatives from Burisma are only refuting the amount of money the company paid to Joe and Hunter Biden. Burisma is not, it is important to note, refuting that it did, in fact, pay these two some large sum of cash, which is still to be determined.

On his Facebook page, Derkach explained that Burisma has now admitted that it bribed Joe Biden, and “[a]s expected, Burisma lost.” Derkach says that Burisma bribed Joe Biden with a $900,000 lobbying lump sum, which the company is disputing solely due to the amount.

Oct 10 11:38

What Will You Do If Kamala Is Able to Steal the Election?

Oct 10 11:35

Hillary’s emails posted by State Dept…

Oct 10 11:03

David Friedman is furthering the Kosher Nostra extremist Likudnik Israeli agenda: Scholar

"...US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman is an organized crime figure who is furthering the Kosher Nostra extremist Likudnik Israeli agenda, an American political analyst has said.

Kevin Barrett, an author, journalist and radio host with a Ph.D. in Islamic and Arabic Studies, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Thursday..."

Oct 10 09:32

Specter of election chaos raises questions on military role

It's a question Americans are unaccustomed to considering in a presidential election campaign: Could voting, vote-counting or the post-vote reaction become so chaotic that the U.S. military would intervene?

The answer is yes, but only in an extreme case. There is normally no need for the military to play any role in an election. The Constitution keeps the military in a narrow lane — defending the United States from external enemies. Civil order is left largely to civilian police. But there is an obscure law, the Insurrection Act, that theoretically could thrust the active-duty military into a police-like role. And governors have the ability to use the National Guard in state emergencies if needed.

Oct 10 09:30

Trump vs. the Establishment: Who Will Win?

We have known about, and have had abundant evidence of, the Obama regime’s criminality ever since a FISA Court judge resigned on the grounds that the Obama regime had intentionally misled the court and the court had not taken sufficient action against the regime for purposely deceiving the court. Little doubt, the rest of the court thought it more important to defend “America’s First Black President” than to defend the law and civil liberty. The politics of social engineering took precedence over justice. They could not allow the First Black President to be perceived as a criminal and a failure.

Despite the known facts and abundant evidence of the criminal actions by CIA, FBI, and Obama regime officials in the Russiagate hoax, President Trump’s Attorney General has failed to move forward with indictments and prosecutions. The reason is simple. Attorney General Barr is a member of the establishment, and the establishment protects establishment members and institutions.

Oct 10 08:22


Tensions escalated for a third night in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, as police used tear gas on demonstrators, who were protesting the fatal shooting of Alvin Cole by police.

Oct 10 08:12

Federal Judge Drops Massive Bomb On Clinton Foundation, Reveals IRS Cover Up — Judge Blows Roof Off Protection Racket In Moynihan & Doyle $2.5 BILLION Case Against Clintons

A bombshell report was dropped today on the Thomas Paine podcast: A federal judge revealed Internal Revenue Service cover up concerning the Clinton Foundation and blew the lid off a protection racket in the Moynihan & Doyle $2.5 billion case against the Clintons.

From True Pundit.

Just as we reported previously in scoop after scoop on the Thomas Paine Podcast, a federal judge today slapped the Internal Revenue Service for what amounts to a massive cover up to protect the Clinton Foundation from having to pay as much as $2.5 Billion in unpaid federal back taxes. In a rare overture, the judge sided with pro-se litigants and Clinton whistleblowers John Moynihan and Larry Doyle and allowed their case to proceed, smacking down the IRS’s attempts to derail the case and cover its own illicit activities. Listen Above.

Oct 10 08:08

Envoy Urges European Action against US Sanctions on Iranian Banks

"...Iran's permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna called on European countries to take action to defy the new sanctions the US has imposed on Iranian banks.

In a post on his Instagram page, Kazem Gharibabadi said Europe shoulders a heavy responsibility with regards to the United States’ fresh sanctions on a number of Iranian banks..."

Oct 10 07:53

Ohio lawmaker demands answers from FBI on Hunter Biden’s illicit foreign deals

An Ohio congressman has written to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regarding its response to Hunter Biden’s deals with various foreign nationals. In a Sept. 24 letter, Rep. Jim Jordan asked FBI Director Christopher Wray about the bureau’s response towards Biden’s illicit deals. The letter comes after Sens. Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley released a report on Sept. 23 detailing “misconduct and political criminal activity” during the term of former President Barack Obama.

Jordan’s letter to Wray outlined four questions: Three asking whether the younger Biden was investigated after receiving $3.5 million from the wife of a former Moscow mayor, as well as payments that Biden made to people involved in human trafficking and organized prostitution and transactions with Chinese nationals that had “potential criminal financial activity.”

Oct 10 07:31

FLASHBACK: Kamala Harris' WORST Moments on the Campaign Trail

Oct 10 07:17

‘Deep State’ much? Pelosi and Raskin’s 25th Amendment body would let unelected bureaucrats override the will of American people

In addition to paving the way for a Harris administration, the proposed commission to govern the usurpation of presidential powers would create a ‘Deep State’-like cabal, including former officials, to gate-keep the White House.

The pompously named Commission on Presidential Capacity to Discharge the Powers and Duties of Office, unveiled on Friday by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) is technically based on the provision in the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution, allowing for “such other body as Congress may by law provide” to govern the process of succession should a president become “incapacitated.”

With just weeks left till the November 3 election, and zero chance of the Republican-majority Senate or President Donald Trump endorsing the proposal, it’s unclear at first why the Democrats would unveil it now.

Oct 10 07:16

Only Trump Can Keep America Together

Nothing partisan today, sorry, and thank you very much, just an observation. Which is that Trump keeps an unparralledly (can I buy a vowel?) divided America together simply because the entire nation focuses on him.

One half out of support, the other out of “hatred”, but still.

Anyone who saw even part of yesterday’s VP debate knows exactly what I mean. Boring! And that’s one thing Trump is not.

There was this headline that said: “Joe Biden will be a president who brings our country together”, and I thought: does anyone believe that, anywhere on the political spectrum? The purpose of Biden is to give the Democrats the power, not to unite the nation, that’s just rubbish. But yeah, they dragged him all the way out to Gettysburg, to claim some sort of link to Abraham Lincoln. Hoping nobody remembers that Lincoln was a member of the Republican party.

Oct 10 07:15

Mike Pompeo Has Hillary Clinton's Deleted Emails and Will Begin Releasing Them.

Oct 10 07:15

Chris Wallace ‘jumped on every grenade’ Trump threw at Biden

Oct 10 07:14

Billy Crystal, Bill Kristol star in ad for Jews for Biden

As the US election approaches, a new ad campaign starring famous actor and comedian Billy Crystal and Republican commentator Bill Kristol attempts to rally Jewish voters in support of Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The purpose of the ad is to show why Jewish voters with different political perspectives should not vote for US President Donald Trump and vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Oct 10 07:13

Mark Levin: This Is the Dems TYRANNICAL Coronavirus Double Standard

Oct 10 07:07

Scalise blasts Pelosi over push to remove Trump with 25th Amendment

Oct 10 07:06

Catholic — Campaign 2020 — Son of Soros

Oct 10 07:06

Catholic — Campaign 2020 — Kamala Targets Catholics

Oct 10 07:05

ALERT: TRUMP is polling BETTER in battleground states in 2020 than he was in 2016!