Dec 06 16:57

'Have You Ever Had An STD?' AG Brnovich Schools Reporter Who Asks About His Vax Status

"Dennis, have you had an STD? No, I mean, no, seriously, if we're gonna start talking about people's personal health information..."

Dec 06 14:43

Poll: Only 2% Of Hispanics Use Term 'Latinx,' 40% Find It Offensive

"Latinx," the left's attempt to make a gender-neutral version of Latino/Latina, is a bust.

Dec 06 14:15

Jussie Smollett takes the stand in his own defense

Jussie Smollett testified Monday that he did drugs at a bathhouse and made out with one of the two brothers accusing him of staging a hate crime against himself.

The former “Empire” television star, 39, described meeting Abimbola Osundairo, when called to the stand by his defense at his trial on charges that he staged a hate crime against himself in January 2019 and lied to police about it.

“We were in a club, you go to the bathroom, go to a stall, do a bump, do a bump and then just kind of keep going in and then we went to the bathhouse,” Smollet said.

While at the bathhouse Steamworks in Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood, the pair went into a private room, where there was gay pornography on the screens, Smollett said.

Dec 06 14:12

9 Shocking Signs Of The Staggering Decline Of The Traditional American Family

How can anyone possibly be optimistic about the future of our society when our families just continue to get weaker and weaker? Traditional family units are at the foundation of any successful society, and that was certainly true for the United States during our formative years. But now a decline that has stretched on for decades has left the traditional American family in worse shape than ever before. Our entertainment is anti-family, our culture is anti-family and many of our politicians are openly anti-family. There is so much that is working against us, but if we don’t get our families fixed there is no way that we are ever going to have any hope of turning the entire nation around.

If you think that I am exaggerating, just keep reading. The following are 9 shocking signs of the staggering decline of the traditional American family…

Dec 06 13:04

mRNA Vaccine Anthem Goes Viral…

Dec 06 12:34

'Give them all to me!' This Morning viewers vow to adopt 'adorable' puppies from Welsh animal shelter which lost a dog to the cold after its roof was destroyed by Storm Arwen

This Morning viewers have become besotted with a set of puppies from a Welsh shelter which is looking for funds after being badly hit by Storm Arwen.

Appearing on the ITV show today, the tiny dogs were from the Many Tears animal shelter near Llanelli, in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

The rescue centre was appealing for donat

Dec 06 12:33

Stepchildren reveal the reasons they HATE their parents' partners - from missing out inheritance to being told off for being too outspoken

It can be difficult to adjust to a change in family dynamics, as proven by these confessions from people who've found themselves struggling to accept a step-parent.

People from around the world took to anonymous sharing app Whisper to reveal the reasons they've been unable to build a loving relationship with a step-parent.

Dec 06 12:31

Gas huh...

Dec 06 12:26

If you disagree you…

Dec 06 12:26

The royal painter and his VERY cheeky revenge: Former model reveals artist titled her nude portrait 'Aging Dancer' after failing to bed her

A former model has revealed that a royal artist who painted her nude portrait titled it Aging Dancer in revenge for her not sleeping with him.

Caroline Brown disrobed for Norman Hutchinson after they shared several bottles of champagne to mark her 50th birthday.

Dec 06 12:25

Moment woman is reunited with her stolen phone thanks to 'hero' street cleaner who 'opened every bin' after she tracked it to Covent Garden

An NHS psychologist has praised a hero street cleaner who opened every bin on a street in London to help find her phone after it was stolen and dumped there.

Morgan Daniel's phone was taken from her pocket near an Underground station on Saturday night before she tracked it online and saw it was in the Covent Garden area.

Dec 06 12:11

Wait a minute

Dec 06 12:10

'Smash & Grab' Crimes Grow This Much As White House Downplays Significance

A surge of robberies across the U.S. has jolted businesses, urging owners and leaders to take precautions to preserve brick-and-mortar shops amid a busy holiday shopping season.

Stores and malls in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and other metropolitan areas have been the targets of flash mob robberies, break-ins and vandalism.

Specialists who spoke with The Hill said that the uptick of online shopping during the pandemic has added to the increase in these kinds of wrongdoings.

Dec 06 12:10


Dec 06 11:51

This is just sad

Dec 06 11:48

INSANITY: Chicago Is Removing Gendered Bathrooms From All Its Public Schools

Dec 06 11:42

School officials could be charged in deadly Michigan shooting: prosecutor

Michigan school officials could still be charged for ignoring multiple red flags ahead of the deadly mass shooting at Oxford High School, the local prosecutor warned in a new interview.

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald had already lashed out at how “angry” she was at Ethan Crumbley, 15, being allowed to remain in class before he allegedly killed four classmates in the deadliest school shooting of the year.

Asked Monday on NBC’s “Today” show if it was “possible that school officials could face charges,” McDonald conceded, “It’s possible, yes.”

The prosecutor — who earlier confirmed that the investigation was ongoing — did not elaborate further, or give an expected timeline on a decision.

Dec 06 11:37

Rescuers dig out body of boy, 13, from the piles of ash left by Indonesian volcano that has killed at least 15 people and left 27 missing

Rescuers dug out the body of 13-year-old boy with their bare hands on Monday after the highest volcano on Indonesia's Java island erupted with fury, killing at least 15 people with searing gas and ash and leaving 27 others missing.

Mount Semeru in Lumajang district in East Java province spewed thick columns of ash as high as 40,000 feet into the sky in a sudden eruption Saturday triggered by heavy rain.

Dec 06 11:29

'At Least Alec Baldwin Did Not Blame Trump For Pulling The Trigger'

In a preview for an upcoming broadcast interview on Thursday night, Alec Baldwin claimed that he did not pull the trigger on the revolver that fired, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Baldwin will sit down for his first formal interview regarding the tragic shooting on the set of the independent Western film "Rust," it was announced on Wednesday. Baldwin addressed the fact that he was holding a gun that was apparently loaded with a live bullet that should not have been on the set at all, let alone in an actor's hand, in a trailer for the tell-all.

An emotional Baldwin asserts categorically that he did not pull the trigger during the preview, which is extensively edited for the purpose of promoting the longer interview that will run Thursday evening.

Dec 06 11:28

Shocking Truth About New Variant Brings Into Question Biden's Motives For New Rules

No one has died with the new super mutant Omicron Covid variant despite the variant being recognized in 38 countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported.

The US and Australia became the latest countries to establish locally transmitted cases of the variant, as Omicron infections pushed South Africa's total cases past three million.

And India affirmed its third Omicron infection today, with cases also now spotted in Sri Lanka, South Korea, and Malaysia.

Dec 06 11:24

IRS back at it (Video)

Dec 06 11:24

Books Depicting Graphic Sex Scenes Back in Virginia School Library

Books containing extremely graphic sex scenes and pictures were returned to a Virginia school library last week.

The books—”Gender Queer: A Memoir” by Maia Kobabe, and “Lawn Boy” by Jonathan Evison—are among many books containing sexual content that have been banned from school libraries in several states, including Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee, and Minnesota.

Dec 06 11:21

Congress’ vicious assault on your Liberty

A most vicious assault on your personal liberty was fomented unanimously by House Democrats with the help of 80 Republicans Tuesday in passing the “Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021.” The bill, if passed by the Senate, would fund an unprecedented nationwide citizen health information and tracking system by expanding CDC and Public Health Department electronic surveillance. This legislation empowers the Federal government in coordination with local health departments and health care providers to track your immunization records, your movements, and use your personal health decisions to force you to comply with government and worldwide edicts.

Dec 06 11:20

Critical Race Theory Serves to Usher in Communist Agenda in America, Says Philosophy Professor

Critical race theory has become the philosophic foundation supporting a Marxist communist agenda sweeping American society, according to philosophy professor Jason Hill.

Acting as racial managers or agents for African-Americans, practitioners of critical race theory (CRT) are after power and aim to “destroy all those foundational values, all those codified values, and principles that we use in times of crisis,” Hill said in a recent interview with Epoch TV’s “American Thought Leaders” program.

Critical race theorists “want to first erase personal identity, then erase history, erase those codified values to usher in a new, what I would call, Marxist communist agenda in our society,” he added.

Dec 06 11:14

The 1963 List “Current Communist Goals” Is Becoming A Reality Right Before Our Eyes

The document “Current Communist Goals” lists 45 objectives pursued by the Communists to overthrow America from within. Although this document is over 60 years old, it is more relevant than ever. In fact, everyone should read it right now. Here’s a look at this important list.

On January 10th, 1963, a document titled Current Communist Goals was presented to the US Congress and was added to the Congressional record “under unanimous consent”. It lists 45 goals pursued by the Communists to overthrow America by infiltrating and corrupting its key institutions.

That list is an excerpt from the 1958 book The Naked Communist written by FBI special agent Cleon Skousen. Reading it today is as mind-blowing as it is troubling. While some points are somewhat outdated – especially those concerning geopolitics – most of them are, today, more relevant than ever.

Dec 06 11:11

A coffin house in Hong Kong

Dec 06 11:03

The only total solar eclipse of 2021 is revealed in stunning photos as it appeared for a few lucky viewers over Antarctica on Saturday

A total solar eclipse which took place over Antarctica on Saturday morning has been revealed in stunning photos, taken by a few of the lucky viewers who witnessed it from the southernmost continent.

The rare spectacle of the moon blocking out the sun reached its greatest extent at around 07:33 GMT for spectators near the edge of Antarctica's Ronne Ice Shelf, which was plunged into darkness for two minutes.

Dec 06 10:56

Texas Toughens Ban on Medication-by-Mail Abortions With Jail Time and Hefty Fine

Texas already had the most restrictive abortion laws in the U.S. — and they just got tougher. On Wednesday, a new law took effect that adds penalties of jail time and a fine of up to $10,000 for anyone who prescribes pills for medication abortions through telehealth or the mail.

Texas bans all abortions after cardiac activity can be detected in the embryo, which typically occurs about six weeks into pregnancy — often before people realize they’re pregnant. Medication abortions via telehealth or mail were already illegal in Texas, and the new criminal penalties took effect on the day the Supreme Court heard arguments in a Mississippi case that ultimately could overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling that established a constitutional right to abortion.

Dec 06 10:51

Omicron wave could put as much pressure on hospitals as last winter even if it IS mild: Experts warn super-mutant variant is spreading faster than Delta and it will be dominant in a month as Boris refuses to rule out new curbs for Xmas

The incoming Omicron wave could be as bad or worse for the NHS than the second coronavirus peak last winter even if the super-mutant variant is weaker than its predecessors, scientists have warned.

Real-world data suggests the highly-evolved variant is three-and-a-half times more likely to infect people than Delta b

Dec 06 10:49

Ministers 'could use legislation to strike out judicial rulings they don't like' under reforms being pushed by Boris Johnson

Ministers could strike out judicial rulings they do not like under reforms being pushed by Boris Johnson, it was claimed today.

The government is said to be considering a system of annual legislation that would effectively overrule judicial reviews of policy.

Dec 06 10:33

Trump's Social Media Company Raises HUGE Sums

Former President Donald Trump's latest effort to build his own social media company will get $1 billion in new investments.

On Saturday, Trump's latest investment, the Trump Media & Technology Group, declared that it has achieved $1 billion in new investments as it makes efforts toward becoming traded through a blank check company.

"$1 billion sends an important message to Big Tech that censorship and political discrimination must end," Trump announced in a press statement. "America is ready for TRUTH Social, a platform that will not discriminate on the basis of political ideology. As our balance sheet expands, TMTG will be in a stronger position to fight back against the tyranny of Big Tech."

Dec 06 10:27

Vaccines, grades, tests, math: Equity becomes flashpoint in California schools


That’s one of the buzzwords that will likely dominate conversation in California’s capitol next month, when state lawmakers return to Sacramento to consider, among other things, possible legislation to remove the personal belief exemption from Gov. Gavin Newsom’s student COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Stressed school leaders have mixed feelings about that, with some warning it could push thousands of kids — disproportionately from underserved communities — out of the classroom and into remote learning, widening an educational achievement gap that only grew during the pandemic.