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September 25, 2018

READER: I had an old books on tape narrated by James Baker, Bush I's friend and Sec. of State.

He said that the UN security council was chaired by the US for the vote to go bomb Iraq for invading Kuwait. The next chair would have been Yemen. Yemen never did get on board for that invasion.

Funny how not being a sycophant can get a country in trouble down the line.

READER: Just wondering. There is irreparable damage done to Brett Kavanaugh s wife and children if those baseless accusations by those women get trashed around the US by the press.

Can this lady not litigate against those women one by one for slander?

50 Millon Dollars for each unprovable case would soon straighten out those found less and baseless accusations. I cannot believe how defenseless an honest man can be.

READER: The Democrats are desperate to derail Brett Kavanaugh NEW evidence

Now we hear of another victim, as they are losing ground with their first victim,(her history revealed/NOT credible). They want to finish him off with another lie. None of which would ever be true, but what sticks,(their goal). What is next? Rumors that he touched a little boy on his fanny, or even worse? Brett Kavanaugh pulled a Barney Frank on a young adolescent boy.??? Shacked up with him in a hotel room.??? "Anonymous" sources to the Accusations and Allegations are being protected??? They can not testify, or be questioned.??? Do they really exist? Anonymous ???? It's the ole poo diaper thrown against the wall trick. Doesn't have to be true, just stick. If they are successful they will be setting a NEW legal precedent,(outside the rule of law), in that Accusations, Allegations, and Rumors is now considered concrete proof of a wrongdoing. All men are now subject to prosecution, just by word of mouth. There will be some men who will not take it. Lashing out at their accusers. Violence is on the way if this doesn't stop. There will be blood spilled, which will fuel anger to all those battered women's groups. There is a war on MEN gaining momentum. An unjust war. My suggestion: Start filing character assassination/defamation of character lawsuits on those who falsely accuse. Let's have our day in court and hear all about the Accusations and Allegations, and NO proof offered to back up the said claims. It's easy to spot a lie, as the story continues to change, and NEW additions are added to help embellish the story. This has to stop immediately. These lies undermine real victims of sexual abuse. They are causing considerable harm to their own movement.

READER: This morning I read an article I'm 97% certain was on your site (although it might have been something I clicked on from inside one of your articles). I've searched in vain for it this evening without success, so I'll ask if this sounds familiar (pardon my vague information... i read it in a hurry and assumed i'd come back to read it more deeply later).

Essentially, it said that blasey Ford had apparently (on facebook or some other medium) implored women to come forward and file sex assault charges against someone the republicans wanted for SCOTUS... at the conclusion she wanted revenge for Merrick Garland or some such.

Needless to say it sure sounds like a bombshell and I'd love to ascertain its veracity.

If you can link it for me, that'd be great. If not... well, it isn't an easy google search as they all bring me back to the current mess and not something from months or so ago.

WRH: It was a post from her now deleted (and now denied) social media accounts in which she implored someone at accuse Neil Gorsuch of rape to derail his appointment to the Supreme Court.