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February 19, 2019

READER: The U.S. announces that they will be withdrawing troops from Syria, (ISIS defeated), No reason to stay. ISIS now decides to carry out attacks and have suicide bombers, so that the U.S. will have no choice but to stay in Syria. ??? It doesn't make any sense. It shouldn't make any sense. It's "NON-SENSE". These little attacks are being cooked up by the U.S. generals at the Pentagon. Let us not forget, ISIS was created by the United States/CIA. The neocons have no intention of giving up their Golden Goose,( war profits), and strategic positioning to continue being the policeman of the world. "Sometimes $$$$$ Trumps PEACE" Former President, George W. Bush, (War Criminal).

READER: Have you heard from Richie Allen? For the last couple of weeks, his shows have been repeats. I checked his website twice and didn't see any mention of reason for this (sickness, YouTube censors, etc).

I wonder if YouTube is screwing up things. I noticed now instead of just typing "Richie Allen Show" and the latest show appears up top, I have to type "Richie Allen Show Feb 2019" for recent shows to appear - just as I have to do with your show (have to type the full date, 2/14/19 for example).

Just curious. Thank you.

WRH: No, I have not heard from him.

READER: The U.S. is losing their super power influence over the world. That is why the Neocons at the Pentagon must kick off a war here soon. A shock and awe visual campaign. Their wrath for not obeying the U.S. That is exactly what is being planned right now. Venezuela, Syria, and Iran .ALWAYS picking the weak nation, for their show of strength example. Noah Chomsky, "Manufacturing Consent". Selling the American people on the need for a war. The same trick they used on the American people to invade Iraq, (claims that they had WMD's). Fear campaign. The mushroom cloud in the shape a nuclear bomb. All wars/victories benefiting the Greater Israel. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Wise us people. Same playbook. Same play. Don't be fooled again.

READER: Thank you Mike for 19 years! In 2001 at Christmas, I had a flu and covered my self with a blanket and put the key board and screen under there on the couch for a week, I was trying to make sense of 911. So I thought, let's put in what really happened. Your site is consistent and amazing and has answered way more than just 911. Just thought I'd post a thoughtful name for aoc, maybe send it to James Woods for me.
WRH: Thanks for the kind words. It's actually been longer than 19 years. This spring will mark a quarter of a century since I became a truth activist, and 12 years I have been doing talk radio.

READER: There are certain principles that never change over time. Examples are 1) Love one another 2) Honesty 3) Respect. Another principle that never changes over time is freedom of people from control of others including Government. That principle was defined by the United States Constitution and applied to the citizens of America. Americans should always be free from tyranny of Government even when Government bureaucrats think they know better. Some people who call themselves "Progressives" try to manipulate America's perception of the principle of freedom from Government tyranny by saying things like "that principle is outdated" or "time changes everything". False. Freedom from Government tyranny is never outdated. And the principle is NOT progressive. American's response should be to resist the manipulation by the Progressives, hold strong to the American principle of freedom and fight back aggressively to regain freedoms lost.

READER: local news says possible snow fall even down in vegas over next few days

what is going on with planet ?

wind has been strong and non stop here for last few days

WRH: The planet is doing what the planet does.

READER: February 1989 Bush signed an S&L bailout with a 30-year note.

the 30 years are up!

Does that mean we'll start getting interest in our bank accounts again?

READER: Comment on origines of Swedes

Both the article on the origins of Swedes and your comment are inaccurate. The original homeland of all Scandinavians was the North Caspian region of Russia, which the ancestors of modern day Scandinavians departed, going to present day Sweden and Norway. Denmark in those days was inhabited by Slavs, whom the Scandinavians conquered. Current Danes are a mixture of Scandinavians and Slavs (all the blonds are Scandinavian, while all the brunettes are Slavic). Viking runes confirm that Scandinavians came from the East.

Africans in ancient history NEVER came to Europe. That theory has been debunked years ago, when skeletal remains older than those found in Africa were discovered outside Africa. It also made no sense that Africans would go north, to Europe, which in those days was cold, covered with forests and had limited amounts of food. Also, how did Africans in those days know where they had to go ? Did they have maps ? GPS ?

That Swedish researcher was obviously applying some liberal mumbo jumbo for Swedes to accept a multicultural society. This multicultural society will be the ruin of Sweden.

READER: Who is behind the hate crimes that are being blamed on President Donald Trump?

Not surprising to find out the real truth, but having that information SUPPRESSED by the mainstream media clearly represents, "Fake News". The average American believing the CONTINUED false reporting that President Donald Trump fuels hatred. CNN, and MSNBC running neck and neck. It's a close race. FAKE NEWS. Gold and Silver.

READER: Re Jussie S

Wonder if it is proved that he staged the attack if all those celebrities who mourned with him and promoted his story will back track

Ellen Page on Stephen Colbert

Happened on her appearance on show by accident

It was as if she was looking for an award for emoting

And of course Ellen the font of all goodness

READER: It's time to dump Facebook. Zuckerberg's social media has determined that they will be the, "Gatekeepers" to information. The first step in brainwashing the masses, is to control what the people read. This is, "Web Fahrenheit 451" Dump FB. Dump them NOW. Read, educate yourself, and share what you have learned with others. Free thinkers are a threat to those who wish to channel our thinking to mimic theirs.

READER: The recent big bomb in Kashmir looks like another Israeli move to involve another Islamic country in some kind of war. With Bolton's warmongering on its heels, it looks well planned and is being executed with the usual neo-con US backing.

The only problem I see in all of this is that the US and Pakistan tend to support some terrorist groups in Pakistan. This would tend to throw the peace necessary for that support, out of whack in a hurry.