Dec 15 13:41

The History of Hybrids: How Breeding And Selection Led to Modern Marijuana

Cannabis growers are always searching for the next remarkable strain. The countless flavors and multitude of effects combine to create endless possibilities. In the last 60 years, breeders have capitalized on the diversity of cannabis more than ever before, crossing strains from around the globe.

Dec 15 10:29

NY Consumer Group Labels Nerf Guns 'Assault-Style Toy Weapons'

It’s something our Founding Fathers never could have imagined: a Nerf gun that shoots a foam dart every time the user pulls the trigger.

Dec 15 10:29

Wisconsin College Spent $100K Investigating Instructor For Allegedly Saying Police Department Was 'Full Of Racists'

The school is Western Technical College (WTC). The instructor is Nicole Miller, who teaches at the college's law enforcement academy; she is also a former La Crosse County sheriff's deputy and former correctional officer. Miller purportedly made the comment while warning a potential recruit against taking a job at the La Crosse department.

Dec 15 10:19

Video shows North Carolina deputy picking up, slamming child to floor

A North Carolina sheriff suspended a deputy who was caught on tape violently slamming a middle school student onto the floor, twice, officials said.

Dec 15 10:19

Prosecutors say a man stole $88,000 from a bank vault. The FBI caught him after he flashed stacks of bills on social media.

If you're systematically stealing money from a bank vault, it may not be a good idea to post the evidence on your social media pages.

Dec 15 10:16

Brave Photographers Captured Unforgettable Images of the Vietnam War

The brave photojournalists of the Associated Press' Saigon captured the harrowing face of the Vietnam war, sharing the bravery and drama of the conflict with those at home. As a result, the war left a deep and lasting impression not just on the soldiers at the frontline but the whole of America.

Dec 15 10:09

Vernepator Cur: A Tale Of Turnspit Dogs

There are hundreds of dog breeds and we know that many of dogs were bred to do specific jobs to help humans, like herd sheep or stand watch or rescue victims of avalanches. But did you know that some dogs in the United Kingdom were designed and bred to help with a very important kitchen duty…turning the spit? Large chunks of meat, like a whole hog or whole chicken, were threaded on a stick and left to roast over an open fire. The problem was, the meat had to be turned regularly or one side would burn. The clever Brits thought up a way to get the job done!

Dec 15 09:50

Hallmark Channel Pulls Zola Ads Featuring Brides Kissing

The Hallmark Channel pulled four TV ads featuring brides kissing each other on Thursday after a targeted campaign by a conservative group.

Dec 15 09:49

Mom Whose Baby Was Ripped From Her Arms By Officers In NYC To Get $625K Settlement

A woman whose 1-year-old child was wrenched from her arms by officers in New York City in a video that went viral is to receive a cash settlement from the city.

Dec 15 09:45

UNBELIEVABLE: Fusion GPS Founders Continue Their Lies – Claim AG Barr Twisted Mueller Report Beyond Recognition

Fusion GPS Founders and hacks, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, had the gall to place an oped in the UK’s far-left Guardian entitled Britain needs its own Mueller report on Russian ‘interference’. In their piece they share the unreal. It’s like they’re from another universe and the DOJ IG report never came out on Monday [emphasis and numbers added]:

Dec 15 09:45

Spice World Premieres, And Everyone Hates It, Making It A Cult Classic

December 15, 1997 is a day that will live in infamy forever. Theaters across the country were invaded by Spice World, a film that followed the madcap adventures of the Spice Girls on their quest for worldwide domination. More visual collage than film, this cockney fever dream sends up the larger-than-life celebrity of the Spice Girls without ever committing to a narrative. It gave fans of the girl group something to experience between albums and tours, but despite its success, the film wasn't a critical darling by any means. It was panned across the board as pop music fluff, but somehow, the film has persevered.

Dec 15 09:42

Former CIA Operations Officer: DOJ IG’s FISA Abuse Report Provides Concrete Evidence that Russia Hoax Was a “Deliberate Covert Attempt to Overthrow the Democratic Process”

A former CIA Operations Officer claims the FISA Abuse report provides ample evidence that the Russia Hoax was a covert operation planned and executed by Obama’s Deep State.

Dec 15 09:40

New York Giants Cut Player After He Calls Twitter Troll The ‘R-Word’, Refuses To Apologize, Report Says

The New York Giants waived cornerback Janoris Jenkins on Friday after he supposedly refused to apologize for calling someone who was trolling him on Twitter a “retard.”

Dec 15 09:39

Consumer Group Calls On Hasbro To Stop Selling ‘Assault-Style’ Nerf Guns

A consumer group in New York has asked toy maker Hasbro to stop selling “assault style” weapons — that fire foam Nerf darts.

Dec 15 09:39

SO LONG! Public Lands Bureaucrats Are Quitting Because Trump Wants to Move the Agency from DC to Colorado

The Trump administration is preparing to move the public lands management bureau out of Washington, DC to Colorado. It makes perfect sense because the vast majority of public lands are out west.

Dec 15 09:38

She Just Won’t Go Away: Hulu to Produce Documentary Series on Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

After three years of refusing to accept the fact that she lost the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton is now getting her own documentary series titled Hillary on the streaming service Hulu.

Dec 15 09:27

US Withholding Key Evidence to Be Used in Assange Extradition Case

Ongoing efforts by the Trump Administration to secure the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is facing more than a few questions, including Assange’s health after a long time in confinement.

What could be the most substantial legal challenge, however, is that the US case against Assange is built heavily around secret evidence. The legal argument they intend to use is being withheld in great measure from Assange and his legal team.

Providing a legal defense for Assange without access to the evidence is going to be a substantial challenge. The very fact that the US is withholding the evidence, which is not in keeping with US law, may well serve as a major line of defense in and of itself, however.

Dec 15 09:17

WHAT AN APPLAUSE! Army-Navy Crowd ERUPTS as President Trump Takes Field – Tosses Coin at Annual Game! (VIDEO)

President Trump flew in to Philadelphia to not only take in the traditional Army vs Navy football game, but to also do the honor of tossing the coin. Not a boo could be heard from the crowd as Trump was announced.

Dec 15 09:17

“You’ll Never be President!” – Trump Supporter Confronts Biden About Son Hunter’s Ukraine Pay-to-Play (VIDEO)

A patriotic Trump supporter heckled Joe Biden in San Antonio, Texas on Friday and confronted him about his drug addict son Hunter’s Ukraine pay-to-play.
Biden began his speech by falsely asserting that President Trump called Mexicans “rapists.”

Dec 15 08:49

Did You Know Schiff Won His 1st House Race Campaigning Against Impeachment?

The House Intelligence Committee chairman presided over the first committee to hear accusations against President Donald Trump and also set the tone of the hearings. He broke it, he bought it.

Dec 15 08:49

Watch Dem Congresswoman Skewered by Own Constituents Over Her Impeachment Support

In a sign of what’s likely to happen to other Democrats in the weeks ahead, freshman Virginia Rep. Abigail Spanberger, previously on the fence about the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump but now supportive of it, was shouted down by frustrated constituents at a town hall earlier this month.

Dec 15 08:41

COMEDY: Jill Biden Tells MSNBC That Trump is Afraid to Run Against Her Husband (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s wife Jill was interviewed on MSNBC this week and claimed that Trump is afraid to run against her husband Sleepy Joe. Talk about an inflated sense of confidence.

Dec 15 08:41

CNN Admits Polls of Independent Voters on Impeachment “Do Not Look Good For the Democrats” (VIDEO)

Even CNN is admitting impeachment is not helping the Democrats.
CNN’s Gloria Borger said this week that the polls on independent voters “do not look good for the Democrats.:

Dec 15 08:40

Melania Trump Explains Difference Between Criticizing Greta Thunberg, Barron Trump

First Lady Melania Trump fired back at critics who claimed the First Family was being hypocritical by defending Barron Trump, 13, from political attacks while President Donald Trump trolled far-left climate extremist Greta Thunberg, 16, on Twitter just several days later.

Dec 15 08:40

Media Smears Army, Navy Cadets, Accuses Them Of Flashing White Power Symbols

Left-wing media publications were quick to smear a group of Army and Navy cadets on Saturday as the two service academies squared off on the gridiron in what is an intense football rivalry, accusing a group of them of flashing “white power” signs.

Dec 15 08:29

EXCLUSIVE | We Build The Wall President Brian Kolfage: Corrupt International Organization Controls Southern Border, Not DHS Or Border Patrol (VIDEO)

Neither the Trump administration, Congress, US Customs & Border Protection or the Department of Homeland Security are currently in control of immigration along the southern border, triple amputee veteran and a founder of the nonprofit organization We Build The Wall Brian Kolfage warns.

Dec 15 08:29

New York’s ‘Green Light Law’ Going Into Effect – Allows Illegal Immigrants to Get Driver’s Licenses

New York passed a law to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses earlier this year but it was held up by challenges.

Dec 15 08:24

FBI Warns You Could Lose House and Life Savings in New Sophisticated Scam

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is ringing the alarm bell over a shocking new scam that has already cost innocent Americans their homes and life savings.

Dec 15 08:23

US Navy May Soon Have an Indestructible 'Aircraft Carrier' Right on China's Doorstep

China’s dreams of upsetting the United States as the dominant Pacific power could soon face a major stumbling block: an unsinkable “aircraft carrier” well within bombing range of the country’s coastline.

Dec 15 08:09

Video: Adam Schiff Booed By Anti-Impeachment Protesters at Armenian Genocide Meeting

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was booed by anti-impeachment protesters at a gathering to mark the Armenian genocide on Saturday in Los Angeles. Schiff has led the drive to impeach President Trump through his chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee.

Dec 15 08:08

WATCH: Trump-hating Anthem Kneeler Megan Rapinoe Endorses Elizabeth Warren In Cringe-worthy Video

Megan Rapinoe, the Trump-hating women’s soccer player and National Anthem kneeler, posted a very awkward and cringe-worthy video in which she endorsed Socialist Democrat Elizabeth Warren for President.

Dec 15 08:00

College faculty board blasts conservative student group despite documented examples of leftists assaulting, harassing conservatives on campus

Without calling out the group by name, the Faculty Association executive board for California State University, Chico, penned a scathing rebuke Tuesday of the campus' College Republicans.

Dec 15 08:00

Texas town mandates diversity training after bigoted comment on Facebook against a Muslim woman

The chamber of commerce in the town of Gilmer, Texas, has mandated diversity training after a former member posted a message on her Facebook page against a Muslim woman who had visited the town.

Dec 15 07:45

Cory Booker Wants Democrats To Change Their Debate Rules – Because He’s Not Making The Cut

Cory Booker isn’t qualifying for the next Democrat debates.
Therefore, he thinks the rules must be changed. He has managed to convince other Democrat candidates to support his position.

Dec 15 07:44

Greta Thunberg Apologizes For “Put World Leaders Against The Wall” Quip

The would-be fräulein Führer , Greta Thunberg, has now walked back her thinly veiled assertion that world leaders should be executed. She had previously said “World leaders are still trying to run away from their responsibilities but we have to make sure they cannot do that. We will make sure that we put them against the wall and they will have to do their job to protect our futures.”

Dec 15 07:36

Battered woman shoots father of her child in self-defense. He gets out on bond; she stays in jail for not having concealed carry license.

A 29-year-old woman told police in Decatur, Illinois, that the 33-year-old father of her child battered her while she was inside her vehicle Sunday evening, the Herald & Review reported.

Dec 15 07:36

Planned Parenthood to open 50 'well-being centers' in LA high schools. Students can visit them without parents' consent.

Planned Parenthood is moving forward with an initiative to open 50 reproductive health clinics servicing 75,000 teenagers in Los Angeles County high schools.

Dec 15 07:29

Oklahoma Democrat Slammed By Voters Over Impeachment: “We’re Mad As Hell” (VIDEO)

Democrats around the country are hearing from constituents who are angry about the impeachment proceedings.
In Oklahoma, Rep. Kendra Horn recently got an earful from voters at a public meeting.

Dec 15 07:29

BREAKING: Democrat Jeff Van Drew Dumps Democrat Party – Switches to Republican Over Sham Impeachment!

Moderate freshman Democrat Jeff Van Drew is expected to switch parties and become a Republican.
Rep. Van Drew (NJ) was one of only two Democrats to oppose impeaching President Trump in October over a perfect call to Ukraine.

Dec 15 06:30

Virginia Democrats Float Idea of Using National Guard to Enforce New Gun Control Laws

Democrats took control of Virginia about five minutes ago and they’re already kicking around ideas that smack of tyranny.

Dec 15 06:29

GREAT IDEA! Al Gore Wants 2020 Democrats To Run On The Green New Deal

Former vice president Al Gore believes he has a winning message for Democrats running for president in 2020. He wants them to embrace Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

Dec 15 06:24

Virginia National Guard responds after Dem threatens to use soldiers to enforce gun control agenda

The Virginia National Guard released a statement on Friday in response to questions about whether they could be deployed to enforce Democratic lawmakers' gun control agenda.

Dec 15 06:23

NBC and other media outlets describe a woman's forced abortion at gunpoint as a 'miscarriage'

NBC News is under fire after the news agency described a crime where a man forced a woman at gun point to take an abortion pill as "a miscarriage."

Dec 15 06:23

Wisconsin DOT pays tribute to 'A Christmas Story' in funny holiday season road safety sign

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation shared a classic Christmas movie line on a highway sign Wednesday.

Dec 15 06:23

Christian club blocked by school district officials who allegedly tell student leader she can't 'limit it to the Christian Faith'

Daniela Barca approached a teacher over the summer about her idea to start a Christian club at Roy C. Ketcham High School in Wappingers Falls, New York.

Dec 15 06:22

Drudge Report Has Lost 28% of Its Traffic in Last Four Months Alone As It Continues to Push Corrupt Anti-Trump News

On November 1oth we reported that since 2017 Matt Drudge and The Drudge Report has gone from staunch Trump supporter to Never-Trump. It’s obvious to everyone. Matt Drudge is pushing for President Trump to be removed from office in a Democrat coup. This makes no sense.

Dec 15 06:21

Democrat Calls For McConnell To Recuse Himself In Impeachment Hearing

The sham impeachment trials are reaching new levels of absurdity, as democrats are now calling for Mitch McConnell to recuse himself from the proceedings should the witch hunt reach the Senate. Fearing they won’t have complete control and people who actually support President Trump will have a say, Rep Val Demings has released a statement calling for the Senate Majority Leader to step aside:

Dec 15 05:56

Netflix posts blasphemous 'gay Jesus' Christmas film; Christians worldwide push petition demanding its removal

Netflix is facing backlash for streaming a Brazilian parody film that portrays Jesus Christ as a homosexual, with more than 1 million signing a petition for its removal.

Dec 15 05:55

Police officer sues Dunkin' Donuts after employee spit into his coffee. The employee insists it wasn't because he was a cop.

A Wisconsin police officer has filed a lawsuit against Dunkin' Donuts after an employee admitted to spitting into the officer's coffee.

Dec 15 05:45

Webster's Announces "They' As 'Word Of The Year,' More Liberal Indoctrination

One thing liberals love to do is to change things in society to make what is not normal appear to be normal.

Dec 15 05:44

Screaming Fans Shower President Trump With Love At Army / Navy Game

The media loves to use any opportunity to embarrass President Donald Trump and they will use anything in their power to do it.

Dec 15 04:51

Climate Alarmist Greta Thunberg Says We Will ‘Put World Leaders Against The Wall’

Little Greta Thunberg told a crowd in Italy that “we will make sure we put world leaders against the wall” if they don’t immediately do the things she demands they do.

Dec 15 04:51

MUST WATCH: Senator Josh Hawley Calls Out The FBI Over Their Collusion With The DNC

Wow, this exchange is truly unbelievable!

Dec 15 04:32

WATCH: Trump-hating Anthem Kneeler Megan Rapinoe Endorses Elizabeth Warren In Cringe-worthy Video

Megan Rapinoe, the Trump-hating women’s soccer player and National Anthem kneeler, posted a very awkward and cringe-worthy video in which she endorsed Socialist Democrat Elizabeth Warren for President.

Dec 15 04:31

Video: Adam Schiff Booed By Anti-Impeachment Protesters at Armenian Genocide Meeting

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was booed by anti-impeachment protesters at a gathering to mark the Armenian genocide on Saturday in Los Angeles. Schiff has led the drive to impeach President Trump through his chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee.

Dec 14 10:06

The Youtube Purge Has Begun

Dec 14 09:52

Conservative 'Squad' Forms To Take On Liberal Squad Headed By AOC

There is finally an answer for the wacko crew known as the Squad, led by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Dec 14 09:51

Michelle Obama To White People, You're Still Running From Black People

Michelle Obama, the wife of former President Obama, said it is her “life’s work” to help to remove the “scabs of discrimination.”

Dec 14 09:51

Hunter Biden to Be a Daddy AGAIN! Biden’s New Wife is Pregnant Amid Nasty Child Support Battle with Baby Mama Lunden Roberts

Oh boy! Hunter Biden is going to be a daddy for the fifth time.
Biden’s new South African wife Melissa Cohen, 32, is pregnant and in her second trimester, according to the Daily Mail.

Dec 14 09:50

BREAKING: Supreme Court to Hear Trump Tax Return Cases in Historic Legal Showdown

The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear three cases over President Trump’s financial records in 2020, setting up a historic legal showdown.

Dec 14 09:49

Democrat Lawmakers Vote to Impeach Trump in House Judiciary Committee in Party Line Political Vote

Democrat lawmakers voted for impeachment of President Trump on Friday morning in the House Judiciary Committee.

Dec 14 09:49

Democrat's Ridiculous Articles of Impeachment Summed Up By One Cartoon

By now most readers know that the House Judiciary Committee led by chief clown Jerry Nadler have approved, on strict party line votes, two ridiculous and incredibly weak Articles of Impeachment against President Trump.

Dec 14 09:21

Leftists Brawl in Race to Replace Disgraced former Lawmaker Katie Hill – Far Left Blowhard Cenk Uygur vs. Swamp Creature Christy Smith

The battle for the democrat nomination to replace disgraced ex-congressperson Katie Hill is heating up. The Young Turks blowhard Cenk Uygur represents the bats*** wing of the party, and swamp creature Christy Smith is carrying the water for the establishment democrats. Both are trying to rack up endorsements. And both have their wings of the democrat party sparring with one another! It’s great!

Dec 14 09:21

Democrat Lawmaker Caught Watching Golf on His Laptop During Impeachment Hearing (VIDEO)

Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) was caught watching a round of golf during the ongoing House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing on Tuesday night.

Dec 14 09:20

“Rent, Don’t Buy!” – EPIC! – Rep. Matt Gaetz Offers Sage Advice to the 31 “Moderate” Freshmen Democrats (Video)

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was brilliant from beginning to end of this latest coup attempt and impeachment sham by radical Democrats from October through December.

Dec 14 09:20

Oklahoma Democrat Slammed By Voters Over Impeachment: “We’re Mad As Hell” (VIDEO)

Democrats around the country are hearing from constituents who are angry about the impeachment proceedings.

Dec 14 09:18

Aftermath of the Horowitz IG Report on the FBI in 5 Brutal Cartoons

By now most readers know that earlier this week DOJ Inspector General Horowitz dropped his report on FISA abuses within the FBI.

Dec 14 09:18


Speaker Pelosi and Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff are both connected to a Ukrainian arms dealer. This is why they lie in front of the nation. They are afraid of their own deeds being uncovered!

Dec 14 09:15

Rudy Giuliani: There Is More Evidence of Joe Biden’s Bribery than Any Case I’ve Ever Prosecuted: 5 Witnesses, 30 Documents and Video

Last week Rudy Giuliani traveled to Ukraine and met with officials to discuss the misuse of US funds in Ukraine and the creation of a group to fight corruption in the country.

Dec 14 09:15

Violent Leftist Teacher Attacks High School Girl – Rips ‘Women for Trump’ Pin Off Her Shirt (VIDEO)

A Michigan high school teacher is on leave after he ripped a “Women for Trump” pin off of a student’s shirt.
The liberal teacher attacked the young girl and then pinned her pin on his shirt upside-down.
Another violent leftist.

Dec 14 08:55

(Video): Nadler Abruptly Postpones Judiciary Committee Impeachment Articles Vote Until Friday 10 AM–Fuming GOP Accuses DEMs of Seeking Better TV Coverage of Vote

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) blindsided Republicans late Thursday night, abruptly canceling a planned vote on the Democrats’ two articles of impeachment against President Trump after two days and nights of marathon sessions to markup the articles. Nadler rescheduled the vote for 10 a.m. Friday morning (EST), prompting Republican accusations that Nadler and the Democrats acted to get better TV coverage for the vote.

Dec 14 07:43

Republican Senators Need to Employ SMASHMOUTH POLITICS Against Democrats For Shredding Constitution, Violating Office and Abusing Power

On Friday Democrats will change the US political system and politics forever.
Democrat lawmakers will vote on Friday morning to impeach a duly elected president based on lies, smears, assumptions, non-crimes and innuendos.
The country will be forever tarnished and forever changed.

Dec 14 07:43

Wikileaks Document Shows John Podesta’s Emails Were Hacked in 2016 By the Ukraine, Not Russia – Creepy Podesta Brothers and Hillary Connected to Largest Russian Bank

Evidence shows that the Podesta emails were hacked by someone in the Ukraine, not Russia. This could be because the creepy Podesta Brothers represented and lobbied for Russia’s largest bank.

Dec 14 07:03


MGTOW - Men Going Their Own Way - is a statement of self-ownership, where the modern man preserves and protects his own sovereignty above all else. It is the manifestation of one word: "No". Ejecting silly preconceptions and cultural definitions of what a man is. Looking to no one else for social cues. Refusing to bow, serve and kneel for the opportunity to be treated like a disposable utility. And, living according to his own best interests in a world which would rather he didn't.

In other words . . . common sense for men.

Dec 14 07:02

11 YEARS AGO TODAY – Junk Scientist Al Gore Predicted North Pole Would Be COMPLETELY ICE FREE in Five Years

On December 13, 2008, junk scientist Al Gore predicted the North Polar Ice Cap would be completely ice free in five years.

Dec 14 07:02

Freshman Democrat and ISIS Enabler Rep. Elissa Slotkin Says She’s Not Sure How She Will Vote on Sham Impeachment (VIDEO)

Democrat lawmakers voted for impeachment of President Trump on Friday morning in the House Judiciary Committee.

Dec 14 07:02

Michelle Obama Goes Abroad, Bashes America — Again (VIDEO)

The former first lady complained yet again on Thursday, this time while in Malaysia at the Obama Foundation’s leadership conference in Kuala Lumpur, saying America is “still not where we need to be” on race.

Dec 14 07:01

Did Dems Deliberately Drag Out Impeachment Hearing Last Night to Prevent GOP Members From Attending White House Christmas Party?

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) gavels the end of a marathon impeachment meeting without a planned vote on the two articles proposed against President Trump, screen image.

Dec 14 06:56

Democrats, CNN OUTRAGED After Mitch McConnell Says He Will Work with Trump Admin on Sham Impeachment Trial

On Thursday Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told Sean Hannity he would coordinate with the Trump administration lawyers on what evidence to introduce during the Senate impeachment trial and whether or not witnesses will be called.

Dec 14 06:55

Pelosi Sounds Run Down as She Admits Democrats Have Been Trying to Impeach Trump For “Two and a Half Years” (VIDEO)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sounded ill and run down as she admitted that the Democrat party has been trying to impeach President Trump for “two and a half years.”
Pelosi admitted that the Mueller investigation was also about impeachment.

Dec 14 06:51

UK May Refuse to Extradite Wikileaks Founder to US Due to Spying Case - Assange's Lawyer

The case of regular spying in the interests of US authorities may encourage the United Kingdom to refuse to extradite Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to the United States, lawyer Aitor Martinez, who coordinates Assange's defence in Spain, said.

"The criminal investigation launched in Spain is very relevant because it shows that Mr. Assange and his lawyers were regularly spied on by the US authorities at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. This could lead to the United Kingdom's refusal to extradite him to a country where the minimum legal guarantees are not respected," the lawyer said.

Dec 14 06:38

Beautiful Vintage Suitcase Dollhouses

Marisa and David of Queanbeyan, Australia make dollhouses out of beautiful old suitcases they come across. They combined David’s skills in carpentry with Marisa’s love of miniatures to make their unique up-cycled suitcase dollhouses. Each piece is made from a sourced suitcase or wooden box and decorated to suit its individual personality. They can make custom pieces and even turn your old unused suitcases into dollhouses.

Dec 14 06:37

The Story Behind: Medic James E. Callahan Resuscitating a Dying Soldier

Photographer Henri Huet captured a young medic trying to save the lives of his buddies in the midst of machine gun fire on June 17, 1967.

Dec 14 06:36

Democrat Voter in Alabama Disgusted with “Impeachment Crap” – Says He’s Going to “Back Donald Trump All the Way” (VIDEO)

A Democrat voter in Alabama called in to a CSPAN program this week as Nadler and his lawless colleagues were in session debating impeachment articles and said he is so “disgusted” with Democrats that he will be voting for Trump in 2020.

Dec 14 06:35

“I’d Like to See the Whistleblower Who’s a Fraud” – PRESIDENT TRUMP Wants Anti-Trump CIA Leaker to Testify (VIDEO)

President Trump spoke to reporters today after the House Judiciary Democrats voted to impeach him.
President Trump told reporters he would like a long trial.