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"As a species we're fundamentally insane. Put more than two of us in a room, we pick sides and start dreaming up reasons to kill one another. Why do you think we invented politics and religion?" -- Stephen King



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READER: Have you seen HR 25? also, maybe have one of your listener's research Diversified Metal Products v. IRS?

i'ld put Art of the grid on this one or Layla?

hope jury duty is done?

WRH: It is. Radio show will be live today.

READER: I was right. NO pullout from Syria

Breaking News: U.S. service members killed in suicide bombing in Syria. I predicted a False Flag to prevent a pullout of U.S. troops in Syria. The War Hawks get their way again. Very sad. The U.S. can not break away from Endless wars of conquest; regime change, and the stealing of another country's wealth. The Pentagon warhawks, are the Deplorables.

READER: the thought of the day needs to have a tweet function, as you have some doozies, that hit the nail on the head and need to be spread far and wide, Love the work !!

READER: Regarding the Gillette ad against men, consider:

Robert Kraft owns Gillette. He owns the New England Patriots. They play in a stadium with his company's name on it.

And they hire scantily clad women to cheer his team on with pom poms.

READER: Businesses Help federal employees during shutdown

As if they would have any time on their hands. FREE bowling and shoe rental. ??? Discounted meals at restaurants. ??? Aren't they fat enough. Those zipper teeth are holding on for dear life, (holding back the bulge). Excepting food donations at the airport ticket counter. ????? I can see it now..... Boxes of food, and traveler bags piling up, narrow walking paths. How stupid is this. Rewarding the crotch gropers.

READER: Donating supplies to TSA employees during the government shutdown. ???? What fools they are.

READER: Trump Buys Mc Donalds and Burger King for his guests and Democratss go nuts. Just imagine if he had got them Chick-fil-a too.

And the Gillette add made me think of the Andy Griffith show when Ope had a friend and they were always fighting, so Andy offered them each a nickle if they stopped fighting and played nice. Then the friends stopped playing together because playing nice was no fun, even for a nickle.

READER: The United States needs to enslave Russia under a private central bank to afford brain washing another generation with prescription psychiatric drugs. That's never going to happen!!! There conventional military is much better than ours. If we plan on keeping psychiatrists around Trump will need to push the button just to get a stalemate.

READER: Drudge report is full of woeful headlines about government workers "suffering due to the shutdown" Want to know who I care about? The Forest service and maybe postal workers or the DOT. The rest of them can chomp on a BIG FAT SAUSAGE. Who's not getting paid? How about the FDA that sent everyone tainted vaccines and KNEW IT.

How about the EPA, that scams everyone over "fairy woodland snails" and other total BS? Think I care about that? ***L NO. They are letting Monsanto kill the Monarch and other treasures while they screw everyone over garbage that does not exist. They are a SUBVERSIVE HOAX. Let them starve.

What about the BATF? I bet they are still getting paid, they are at the forefront of destroying America. If they are still getting paid and I find out, I'll be PISSED.

Ditto for the FBI, CIA, NSA -

The armed forces can go without pay, they have housing and the chow hall. And when it is all over, they'll get back pay and party.

FACT: the VAST MAJORITY of people crying now deserve it. They are working jobs that make their subjects MISERABLE, if they work at all - most of them just sit there at efficiency levels so low they'd tank a business before that business could possibly react, all the while they receive awesome titles and pay and accolades for SELLING AMERICA OUT. That's the fashion when a nation has been subverted, They suck, they get GREAT PAY because they suck and have the conscience and moral depravity or outright ignorance to feel good about it, and if they FINALLY take a little heat, even if it is not an intentional punishment, GOOD.

FACT: If the nation did not have a disease that is about to kill it, 90+ percent of the government would not have jobs anyway. DEAR TRUMP: KEEP IT UP, I'M LOVIN IT.